Friday, January 25, 2013

a weekend away to catch my breath

Life has been so insane lately, busy with work and planning and everything in life. This weekend is a much needed retreat to get away with my Fiance. My sister and her husband were kind enough to get us a hotel stay and dinner voucher at the Hilton Falls view suites in Canada, exactly what we need is a wonderful night away just the 2 of us :) Tomorrow we will be doing some site seeing and things in Canada, and then meeting my friend and her boyfriend for dinner in Buffalo. She and I have not seen each other in almost a year and she also has not met J.. so this dinner and drinks is long overdue!

Now, a weekend away can put a damper on workouts, but I'll do my best to get things in (good thing official training doesn't start until Monday!! WOO HOO!) I packed my running shoes and indoor and outdoor running clothes and my swim stuff, the hotel has a gym and a pool, which will help make it easier to get a workout in. When going away for a few days it doesn't mean you need to put health and fitness on hold. If I get a workout in at the hotel gym, and watch my eating...this weekend doesn't have to be detrimental to my fitness level and goals for weight and training. Don't worry, I fully intend on enjoying myself all weekend I just wont let myself get completely off track, I have been doing so good lately with my workouts and my food intake that I don't want 2.5 days away to mess that up.

Have a great weekend, enjoy your workouts. If you are planning a trip away soon, plan ahead for fitness and health...workouts can be done anywhere and anytime. You don't always need equipment, you have a body, use it!

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