Sunday, June 29, 2014

ROC Week 4: Turning things up

I should probably set the mood for this post.....Sitting in Starbucks (yay AC!), headphones in for a jam sesh, sipping an iced coffee, and a goofy smirk on my face. Today was a good day, and this week has left me feeling in a really good spot with training.

Last week was my lowest mileage week since before Boston, and afterwards I knew that it was going to be a good thing. (It wasn't a planned cut back week, but it worked out really well that way with travel and all). This week takes 2 highest things... highest mileage week in over a year, and longest run since Boston (I have had a 20 mile day, but not all in one run). 

So the miles went up this week, as did the temperature. I was feeling really tired this week, maybe some residual travel gunk combined with the heat. I knew it was time to start putting in more miles but also knew I couldn't be pushing paces. So this week was definitely on the easier side as far as paces were concerned, no workouts to be done. I'll go back to workouts this coming week, but I honestly needed to hold back a little this week and let my mind and body do some unwinding.

Sunday's long run will take the win for best run of the week. It wasn't about paces or anything other than time on my feet with one of my best friends. We had a fabulous time catching up on each others lives and getting some hot and hilly miles in. The rest of the day was spent unwinding in the sun on the lake- so much winning to be had. 

7.03 miles after work (7:42 pace)
Morning: 35 Minute Core/Upper Body workout
5.16 miles with a friend after work (7:46 pace)
9.5 miles after work (7:44 pace)
5.11 miles after both jobs (7:49 pace)
6.44 miles between jobs (7:28 pace) 
8 miles before night shift at work (7:50 pace)
18 mile morning run with Heather (8:58 pace)

Total running miles: 59.2 miles
Running ROC Training miles: 206.2 miles

This week finished so much better than it started, luckily with much more energy. I feel refreshed, happy, and ready to keep turning things up. I had some good pep talks this week, and I have a LOT of things to look forward to in the coming weeks (and some big things this fall!). Focusing on the little things makes me so much happier. I'm human and I have certainly questioned things lately, particularly my training and whether I am good enough to reach the goals I have. While I'm not there right now, I know that come race day I will be. I just need to keep putting in the work, doing everything I can to get to where I want/need to be. At the end of the day I know I have been working my ass off, and the consistency is already paying off. No one else can tell me otherwise. 

As for this coming week, I have my workouts that I will do but when they are happening is still being shuffled around. I am not sure what my work schedule is going to be with the Holiday (nothing like last minute planning...drives me BATTY). Should be another solid week of training though, time to really start working :)

Plans for the 4th of July?

Best run last week?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Stringing the little things together

It's funny, as I look back on this year so far I can't help but laugh. Roller coaster would be an understatement, let's just say I have been climbing mountains and jumping off cliffs. Adventure begins when comfort has left you. I've spent more time 'uncomfortable' this year than I have in a long time, and it's amazing to see the changes it has brought and the adventures it has taken me on.

Something I have been really doing lately is appreciating the little things. Don't get me wrong, I have always been a sucker for the little moments way more than grand gestures. But lately that's what really gets me through each day. I've stopped worrying about 'the big picture' and just taking the time to focus on "stringing together all the little things". The smiles when no one is around, the perfectly timed message, planning things to look forward to, those things that get you from one day to the next.

Planning things to look forward to has been high in my priorities lately. Whether it be time with friends, races, future trips...or even just planning a workout for later that I know I'll love. Looking at the little day to day things to get you to the next big thing.

After some long talks, my best friends reminded me that this is the year of me. The summer of taking chances, and the summer I'll look back on and laugh at the crazy things I have done. This year has been about chances and changes, both little and big. Stepping outside my comfort zone, finding what is best for me, and really deciding where I want to be....and more or less, who I want to be.

Who I am at this moment, is someone I respect a lot more than past versions of myself. So while I am not where I want to be, I'm a heck of a lot closer than I was yesterday and the day before.

I may not be a super-high mileage runner but I'm a lot stronger and more consistent than I have ever been (my experience, and now consistency is going to do wonders..I have to believe that).

I may not be the fastest or most experienced, but I feel like the experience I do have is more valuable than I give it credit for (and others give me credit for).

I may not be settled in with my life, but I've got a much better grip on what "settled" means to me.

I may not have the biggest circle, but I have the best friends a girl could ask for. I wouldn't trade the people in my life for anything (and not just because human trafficking is illegal....)!

I may not be perfect but I am always looking for ways to improve myself in all aspects of my life.

I may not have it all figured out, but you don't need to in order to move forward (this was a good reminder from a friend recently).

I may not be rich but I work hard, and I am able to support myself.

I could go on and's called progress and not perfection.

Some 'little things' stringing my running together right now....
Seeing my natural 'easy' paces be quite a bit faster than they used to be....

Hitting paces in workouts even on 'bad days', and hitting even better paces on 'good days'

Having friends training for similar goals within same time frame, nice when others are going through the same things you are :)

Seeing my rolling totals for mileage lately be numbers I've never seen consistently before(or at all).

Planning more runs with other people- sometimes the company is nice to have!

Having "bad race times" be times that I used to only dream of on GREAT days.

Being able to help others meet there goals as well, running karma.

'Visions' of some big PR's to way to get lost in a run, keeping eyes on the prize!

Finishing a run or workout, covered in sweat and that 'never felt better' mentality.

What are some little things stringing you together right now?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

MedVed ALS 5k 2014

On Father's Day, I ran the MedVed to Cure ALS 5k right here in Rochester. Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been keeping my draft list cozy for a while.

This is definitely a favorite race of mine, one that I have a hard time saying no to. This year was my 4th year running it, last year was a course PR for me and this year brought my second fastest time on the course.

It's easy enough for me to get over to Frontier Field where the race is held, which makes morning logistics a breeze. Parked, packet pickup, warm-up run and soon enough it was time to get to the start.

I got as close to the front as I could (no starting timing mat), but stayed off to the side. I wasn't sure how I was feeling, and it was apparently very visible on my face.

I tried to settle into my normal first mile 5k pace- basically fast enough but not all out. My first mile came in faster than planned (I had 6:09 but it went off a little before the marker) and I kind of went "Ok, I can do this" and actually felt good.

The second mile, I slowly started feeling 'off' and knew I was slowing down but I also held on as long as I could. I started getting passed, which mentally started to eat away at me.

Mile three was a death march, my legs just didn't want to move off of the ground. As we entered the baseball stadium, my friend Mary and her son Ben were standing on the walkway overhead cheering. This definitely helped me pick it up to kick it in until the finish.

I finished in 19:46, which was good enough for 5th female and 2nd in my age group. I definitely didn't feel great and was frustrated after having back to back rough races(the 10k the weekend before). But at the end of it all, I was able to see some great friends and spend time with those who I don't see often. This was just one of those days I had to remind myself that there was a time I would kill to be under 20 on a GREAT day. So this is a bad day? Suck it up and stop complaining Anderson.

Later that night I went out for a great solo medium long run at sunset, physically and mentally I felt a million times better. 17 miles for the day, and finished feeling beyond ready to focus on my long term goals and not just a 5k that in the grand scheme of things- won't change anything.

It will be at the very least, a few weeks before I race again. I want to focus on my marathon training, and also be ready to race next time...and not just because I like the race. I have my eye on a potential half in July, maybe it will happen and maybe it won't. The next race I know FOR SURE I am doing is in August (Bergen!). There's a chance that could be the only race between now and ROC, all I can say is that my eye is on the big prize.

Do you race a lot while training? 
I used to a lot more, but now that my goals are different and I am training differently I feel like I need to play things by ear more.

What does your summer racing schedule look like?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Weeks Randomness

It's hard to put last week into a bunch of words, because it wouldn't make sense to anyone but me. Hell, I think I'm still processing the 7 day stretch that it was. You're welcome for this completely random post.

Here are some facts from last week..

1 Celeb-Runner met (pre-vacation) 
4 Flights

5 Weather Delays, 1 Mechanical Delay
1 Mechanical Cancellation, 1 Weather Cancellation

23502937240592345 Times I said Damnit or *F* while dealing with United (give or take a few)

~16 hours spent in airports...I survived...with Jame-O, Goose Island, and Lemon Drops.

4 States Slept in (NY,IL, WI, MN)

3 States ran in (NY, and  2 new...MN, WI)

2 Books Read (thanks for the recommendations!)

4 Movies watched

1 Wedding attended
1 NFL mini-camp practice attended

457923 Laughs (give or take a few)

21-0 the score of the one bean bag toss game I played. (Managed to get out of streaking for being shut out)

234450 times I slapped my own forehead on account of my own epic failures and stupid things said.

6 new bruises found after return flight home.
 (this might be a new record, even for me!)

(42) My lowest mileage week since before Boston. 

All in all it was a true adventure, much needed breathing time. Everything didn't go as planned, not in the least but made the best out of it. Grateful for some awesome friends/family members who kept me sane, tried to help with all of the travel issues, and generally just support me in everything that I do. I was incredibly glad to have this chance to spend time getting to know someone who due to distance, cannot see often.  I saw new places, met new faces, and was left with so much to ponder: I'm pretty sure we can call that a successful trip :)

As for training last week, I think the lower mileage wasn't the worst thing.  I have a really strong base from the last 9 weeks, I have NEVER ever been this consistent with my training. I feel like last week was a great time to step back a bit both mentally and physically as I prepare to start taking leaps in the future. I've been really doing things differently this time around and now it's time to stop letting fear and comfort zones hold me back from trying even MORE. You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward, I'm currently relating this to life AND training. Here goes everything. 

Messy Travel Stories?

3 Random facts from last week?

Monday, June 16, 2014

ROC Week 2

Physically and mentally this week felt so much better than last week, that is by far the most important thing I could say. While I haven't been injured, in pain, or anything like that; I simply struggled to relax on my runs. Finally turned the corner on that this week, A-freaking-men.

3.3 miles between jobs (7:25 pace)

6.86 miles after work with a friend (7:43 pace)

Morning Track Workout 8 miles total (8:26 average for 3.75 miles of W/U, Recoveries & C/D)
(6:16 Average for 4.25 miles of intervals)
30 Minutes Strength Training (Upper Body & Core)
5.5 rainy night miles with a friend (8:42 pace)

6.37 miles between jobs (7:31 pace)
15 Minutes Core Training

4 miles between jobs (7:28 pace)

3.2 miles after work (7:32 pace)

6.1 miles in morning (3 miles w/u & c/d, 3.1 mile race)
11.08 miles at Sunset (7:22 pace)

Total Running Miles: 54.4
Running ROC Training Miles: 104.7

I shared that I was struggling to relax on my runs, and was told to just 'let it happen'. Something that is easier said than done, but definitely a fair statement. Maybe it's been the humidity leaving me gasping for air that makes it feel so forced, or that I'm just adjusting to mileage and working. The good news is, mentally I've been more 'there' this week which allowed me to stay on point and get things done.

Wednesday's track workout was hard, mentally I wanted it so bad but my body just wasn't having it; I got it done anyways (albeit not as fast as I would have liked). Finally Wednesday night I found some relaxing miles in the rain with a friend. Slow and easy miles to unwind after a solid training day, just what the doctor ordered....guess who was finally able to just 'let it happen'. I questioned if it was only because I was running slower and with someone else. Thursday's solo run between jobs was less forced though, so I assume I'm getting back to where I want to be.

I definitely had a fun weekend. Saturday started with some 'me time' at the salon, NO I didn't chop my mop off (but I did have some of you convinced for a while that I did!). Then spent the day at work, and had a ton of fun chatting with people slinging drinks around and enjoying the nice weather. I ran after I got out of work at 5 and couldn't wipe the cheesy smile off my face the whole time. The rest of the evening included baseball, beer, friends and fun- not a shabby Saturday night :) It felt wonderful to have a night off, I can't even imagine how smiley I will be next week on vacation.
Baseball, Friends, Great weather, and Junk food (no shame)
Sunday morning was one of my favorite races,it didn't go quite as I wanted but still happy to spend the morning running and enjoying time with some good friends. I didn't get to see my dad on Father's Day as he was at their cabin (I did get some good dad/daughter time with him earlier in the week!), so I spent the day being productive and getting things ready at work and home for being gone.

Sunday night I did another sunset run (third week in a row, I'm enjoying this routine) with 75% of those miles being on the marathon course for the fall. I'm truly ingraining every step of those miles into my brain. You can see some of the mile markers still spray painted from the previous years, others are gone or covered from construction on the trail. Even if it is just hitting certain sections (however long or short) over and over, it will make me feel more prepared come race day.
Training the course.

This coming week is going to be so different as I won't be working 70+ hours, and I won't even be home most of it. I don't know what to say other than.... Travel + 5 days of no work + Spending time with an awesome person + a wedding (thanks Britt for helping me find a dress!) + running with an insanely fast runner (same as said awesome person)= KICK.ASS.WEEK.

When was the last time you took a vacation?

How is training going for you?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fast & Furriest 10k

This past weekend I ran the Fast and Furriest 10k, this race benefits the local Animal society (hence the name). It's a really well run race (pun intended), they offer a 5k as well as a 10k and a dog walk. They have a party in a nearby park after with food trucks, vendors and awards. I ran this race in 2010 as one of my first 10k races ever, that year was my first year of running distance/road races and it's cool to see how I have changed since then. But I digress. 

A few weeks ago I registered for this after debating. 10k races are hard to come by around here, and I knew I could use it as a good workout but still possibly throw down a decent time. Full disclosure- I also knew that the field is not usually super stacked, but offers good prizes. Hey, I like money/running store gift cards as much as the next person. So $20 to a good cause (the VS Animal society does so much for the city), a hard workout and potential for some  

Little did I know, the week leading up to this race was going to kick my ass. I mentally and physically felt blah but knew that I was still going to run- sometimes all it takes is one good day to turn things around. (spoiler: this was NOT that day.) I promise this won't be an all negative post, but if you don't want to listen to me moan and groan you might wanna skip towards the end.

The start is just over the river from my place, so it was easy to get to and easy to park (gotta love easy logistics for morning races). It wasn't crazy warm yet, but it was humid (typical summer morning) therefore I decided to run shirtless. I was bloated and felt like the Michelin man, but my desire to be comfortable temperature wise won out over my self consciousness. I got ready, warmed-up and changed my shoes, responded to my good luck texts and headed to the start line.

Apparently I wasn't as enthused as the man next to me for the start. 

I felt okay for a while, but then knew I was going to be in trouble when I was groaning before I even hit the first mile marker. Then came the "Okay Anderson, just another tempo run" in my head. I picked a pace and pretty much stuck with it most of the time. Right after the first mile marker I noticed I had a shadow, one that was a little too tall to be mine. A man, who was definitely over 6' tall decided to tuck behind me. Not only was he grunting, trying to draft off of someone who is a full foot shorter, but also running so close to me that he stepped on my heels. 3 kicks to the back of my feet later and out came an F-bomb. I mumbled some things under my breath and jetted to the other side of the path.

Once we crossed over the river we were on the section of the river trail that coincides with part of the marathon course. Since I am really focused on that damn marathon, I chose to push here and practice digging a little deeper even though I was tired and struggling breathing a bit(damn humidity!). I generally felt sluggish and far from relaxed through here but I was still holding my tempo pace so I couldn't complain too much. We continued on the trail past Ford St. and got off at Court street to finish on city streets. When we turned on Plymouth we met up with the end of the 5k (same finish line), so I was weaving in and out of runners (and dogs) which wasn't horrible but not ideal for the 10k runners.

I finished in 41:57 which is 6:46 average pace (only a hair faster than my recent half marathon pace, no bueno.), not my best but not my worst. That time doesn't reflect how 'off' it felt, so there's that.

Here is where I look at the positives...
1. I took 2nd female (10th overall), which earned me $75 to Fleet Feet

2. I was able to practice pushing on 2 different sections that coincide with the fall marathon course. Seeing as I am really putting all of my efforts into that race, this is important for me. One of those sections that coincides is going down Plymouth and turning onto Morrie Silver way which is the marathon finish (basically a really important spot to be ready to push).

3. I ran this race in 2010 with a time of 45:09, so this was over a 3 minute course PR.

4. I reaffirmed my love of marathons, because so many times during this I caught myself thinking "I wish I could slow down a bit and be running a marathon, I hate 10k's".

5. Related to number 4, I really don't like this distance but I did it anyways and that's a positive. We can't live in our comfort zones.

6. This is just a sign of the progress I have made. Sub-42 is a time I would previously kill for, and now that's a "bad day".

7. I got a hard workout in with 6.2 miles at Tempo pace, solid day.

This race does also remind me of that REALLY bad race I had this past winter. Both that race and this race were my body's way of waving the white flag. I spent that night sick (and fell down the stairs, injuring my tailbone), and this time I spent the night leaving work early and spending the night in bed from being overtired and under-hydrated. I've never been a fan of the "listen to your body" thing, my body just demands it sometimes. I.e. shitty race followed by a crash physically and mentally to force me to rest and unwind.

Are you able to find good things even in bad races?
(I've gotten a lot better about this! At least I'm trying to!)

Ever picked a race because you knew you might win something?

Monday, June 9, 2014

ROC Training week 1 (with a side of unwinding)

Remember that time I started training for another marathon, yeah like that shocked anyone. While this may not be my first, it feels very different this time around. Maybe it's because I'm diving in head first, maybe it's because I have a big goal and maybe it's simply because I am a different person. Whatever the case, I don't hate it.

So, this training thing. Not much was different this week than the last few(besides an official title, we all know that changes things). Rounded the week with 2 workouts (1 track workout, 1 race), and some steady miles.  My 'long' run Sunday was chopped down to 10, after spending Saturday night/Sunday morning sick I knew cutting some miles was the smart play.

 5.76 miles after work (7:35 pace)
7.08 miles after work (7:35 pace)
Sunrise Track workout 7.08 miles total (8:41 avg. pace for w/u,c/d,recoveries) 
(5:53 average pace for the interval ladder)
7.16 miles between jobs (7:24 pace)
5 miles between jobs (7:41 pace)
2 miles w/u&c/d, 10k race
10.01 progression miles (7:31 pace)

Total Running Miles for the Week: 50.3 miles
Running ROC Training Miles: 50.3 miles

Mileage wise I am happy with the week even though it was a few short(~5). I feel like the base I have is really helping me keep up with things, and will allow me to push more once the time comes. I'm also happy to feel like my 'off' days are still faster and easier than they used to be. Unfortunately the extent of my strength and cross training was a few small workouts here and there. I won't blame this on my hectic schedule, because I could have fit it in if I was better about it.  My goal for next week is to be better about making time for some more core work and possibly some cross training. 

Yes, 70+ hours a week makes things challenging but it's still certainly doable (read: I should probably start getting up when my alarm goes off, or not just playing roadkill on my bedroom floor before bed each night). I think it's going to take a few weeks for me to find the right schedule for training and what works when. I haven't been doing the best of jobs finding balance with it all, this is now high priority.

This weekend I was reminded that I don't wear a cape. My efficiency in getting things done has been related to making myself productive as possible- instead of being productive AND taking care of myself. Saturday night I left work early and was in bed before 8PM and got out of bed twice until 10AM. I'd been working a ton, running, NOT sleeping (3 hrs a night on average according to my fitbit), and not hydrating/refueling properly. The biggest 2 things are the sleep and hydration. While I know that they are necessary, doesn't mean I am good about doing it. But I also can't spend my Saturday nights getting sick and sleeping, so obviously I will be better about this. Good news, Heather told me I am still allowed to wear a cape even if I can't be superwoman. SO THERE!

Sunday was a day of "unwinding": So hitting that 'wall' forced me to catch up on some sleep, and really unwind physically and mentally. I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time, I even laid in bed for about an hour reading after I woke up(which used to be an all the time thing). Sometimes it's as simple as sleep and 'unplugging' and allowing yourself to have 'you time'. I then caught up on some things around my apartment before getting myself ready for the day. In the afternoon I got coffee and chatted with a good friend, grateful to have her to talk to! We then saw 'The Fault in our Stars'. It was an incredibly powerful movie and I laughed just as much as I cried. One of those movies that REALLY makes you think. One of my favorite quotes of the movie was this...
Sometimes we try and escape feelings, or things that might make us uncomfortable. But those feelings will come no matter what, and they help make or break us. Every single one of us has a story, things that made us who we are today. All of those stories include some sort of struggle, pain, and obstacles that we have overcome. That pain and struggle, it reminds you that you are still here though. Life isn't easy, but sometimes we forget to look at how far we have come because we are so focused on where we want to be. Just a sentimental tangent for this post, sue me. I did get my miles in after that, and finished with a shower beer (does that make me a little more BA than the sappy emotional girl from a few hours prior? Probably not, but it sure tasted good).

I do think I have some more 'unwinding' that needs to happen soon (Let's be honest, it's been a crazy few months). Luckily I have some time off coming up, I'll probably have a bloody-Mary on that 10 AM flight of mine just to celebrate. I'm getting ahead of myself though, there are still plenty of things to be done between now and escaping the eastern time zone for 5 days. A little more than a week, so bring on the working/running/living thing...but also the sleeping/hydrating thing. :) 

What is a bad habit you need to work on? 

When was the last time you took a day to just 'unwind'?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day & Donate to Team Boomer!

Hey all, just popping in for a quickie to say happy NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!

I started the day with a sunrise track workout, sometimes you just need to push back on life twice as hard as it's pushing you. Remember, Life's Hard Run Harder! Some days I feel like I take this simple thing of putting one foot in front of the other for granted. Running has changed my life in more ways than I could ever describe. So to all my runner friends, thanks for being a part of this fabulous community. I wish I could send you all a NRD Valentine or something (think Hallmark has one?).

What I really wanna let everyone know about though, is the awesome thing that Timex sports (@timexsports) is doing for today. I'm sure you have all seen the hashtag #IMARUNNER, I've used it and millions of others have as well.

Today Timex will donate $5 EVERY.SINGLE.TIME that hastag is used (up to $20k). The money will be going to the Boomer Esiason Foundation’s Team Boomer program. Team Boomer is all about fighting Cystic Fibrosis. I have mentioned it a few times on here, but Cystic Fibrosis is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart as my brother in law lives with CF. This disease will affect him as well as many others for the rest of their lives. A 'side effect' of the disease is fertility issues. You know my adorable nephew I love to brag about? He's our miracle baby. They had to go through genetic testing, and 4 rounds of IVF before they finally got this precious little man...

 My brother in law took up cycling a few years ago, because it was a way for him to get active, which essentially helps keep him healthier and the disease easier to manage. I love seeing companies like Timex (who specialize in living active lifestyles) contributing to causes that are related in ways that most people don't even realize.

So let's help them out, let's give Timex a reason to max out that donation to Team Boomer!

Get your butts in gear, log some miles and use #IMARUNNER! In case you need some added incentive (besides supporting a kick ass cause), using the hashtag also enters you to win free swag from Timex! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm All In.

Since Boston I have ran 282 miles, most of which for one purpose... BUILD.THAT.BASE.

As I mentioned before, I'd known for a while that Rochester was going to be my goal for the fall. But now that I have really cut out distractions and races which don't suit my current goal (i.e. Tri's) I'm beyond ready and focused. Timehop reminded me that a year ago today I did my first triathlon. Funny to see how drastic my goals and focus have changed in a year. One day I'll go back to my triathlon goals but for now I am thoroughly enjoying my first love, running.

I feel like I have a strong base and an even stronger drive right now. Does it hurt that I had my fastest half marathon last weekend? Not one bit. Does it hurt that I ran 200+ miles this past month, which is a big deal for me(the typically inconsistent runner)? Not one bit. Both of those things only enhanced the already high motivation to push this summer. Also a good feeling that my legs are holding up really well, they're ready for more miles. Focusing on consistency has been huge for me, the improvements have been seen in little and big ways.

I have big goals for this summer, a lot of which are training specific for Rochester. Which leads to VERY big goals come September 21. It's pretty much the biggest thing I think about right now, it's the first time I am putting this much into my training. It's not that I didn't want it before, it's not that I couldn't before- it's simply that I can, I want to, and I am ready to do this now. I have the right attitude, the right base, and the right support from those around me.

Not a whole lot is going to change from the last few weeks, at least not right away. Yes my miles will go up, but in a SMART manner. Lord knows I don't have time for injury and burnout, and doing too much too soon is a one way ticket to the running netherworld.  My plan is simple- to build up my mileage, get more 'workouts' in, and train for the course. I know this course, I have run it before and I have run parts of it MANY times. But you bet your bottom I'll know every bump and curve of that thing by the time September rolls around.

Today is day 1 of official training.
111 days.

To make sure I started training on the right foot, I officially registered today. The race is smaller and doesn't sell out, but I knew that registering would put that added 'accountability factor' in there. I also put the countdown on my phone, as well as some post-it reminders of goals scattered around. I'm a visual person, constantly seeing and reminding myself of what I want to do is incredibly helpful. That, and the obvious fact that I am a NERD.

Last night I did a long run in the evening, finishing along the river at sunset. I ran quite a few miles along the marathon course and felt nothing but READY for the next 16 weeks. BRING.IT.ON.

"Give me back my hometown'Cause this is my hometown.
All the colors of my youth. The red, the green, the hope, the truth"
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