Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fast & Furriest 10k

This past weekend I ran the Fast and Furriest 10k, this race benefits the local Animal society (hence the name). It's a really well run race (pun intended), they offer a 5k as well as a 10k and a dog walk. They have a party in a nearby park after with food trucks, vendors and awards. I ran this race in 2010 as one of my first 10k races ever, that year was my first year of running distance/road races and it's cool to see how I have changed since then. But I digress. 

A few weeks ago I registered for this after debating. 10k races are hard to come by around here, and I knew I could use it as a good workout but still possibly throw down a decent time. Full disclosure- I also knew that the field is not usually super stacked, but offers good prizes. Hey, I like money/running store gift cards as much as the next person. So $20 to a good cause (the VS Animal society does so much for the city), a hard workout and potential for some  

Little did I know, the week leading up to this race was going to kick my ass. I mentally and physically felt blah but knew that I was still going to run- sometimes all it takes is one good day to turn things around. (spoiler: this was NOT that day.) I promise this won't be an all negative post, but if you don't want to listen to me moan and groan you might wanna skip towards the end.

The start is just over the river from my place, so it was easy to get to and easy to park (gotta love easy logistics for morning races). It wasn't crazy warm yet, but it was humid (typical summer morning) therefore I decided to run shirtless. I was bloated and felt like the Michelin man, but my desire to be comfortable temperature wise won out over my self consciousness. I got ready, warmed-up and changed my shoes, responded to my good luck texts and headed to the start line.

Apparently I wasn't as enthused as the man next to me for the start. 

I felt okay for a while, but then knew I was going to be in trouble when I was groaning before I even hit the first mile marker. Then came the "Okay Anderson, just another tempo run" in my head. I picked a pace and pretty much stuck with it most of the time. Right after the first mile marker I noticed I had a shadow, one that was a little too tall to be mine. A man, who was definitely over 6' tall decided to tuck behind me. Not only was he grunting, trying to draft off of someone who is a full foot shorter, but also running so close to me that he stepped on my heels. 3 kicks to the back of my feet later and out came an F-bomb. I mumbled some things under my breath and jetted to the other side of the path.

Once we crossed over the river we were on the section of the river trail that coincides with part of the marathon course. Since I am really focused on that damn marathon, I chose to push here and practice digging a little deeper even though I was tired and struggling breathing a bit(damn humidity!). I generally felt sluggish and far from relaxed through here but I was still holding my tempo pace so I couldn't complain too much. We continued on the trail past Ford St. and got off at Court street to finish on city streets. When we turned on Plymouth we met up with the end of the 5k (same finish line), so I was weaving in and out of runners (and dogs) which wasn't horrible but not ideal for the 10k runners.

I finished in 41:57 which is 6:46 average pace (only a hair faster than my recent half marathon pace, no bueno.), not my best but not my worst. That time doesn't reflect how 'off' it felt, so there's that.

Here is where I look at the positives...
1. I took 2nd female (10th overall), which earned me $75 to Fleet Feet

2. I was able to practice pushing on 2 different sections that coincide with the fall marathon course. Seeing as I am really putting all of my efforts into that race, this is important for me. One of those sections that coincides is going down Plymouth and turning onto Morrie Silver way which is the marathon finish (basically a really important spot to be ready to push).

3. I ran this race in 2010 with a time of 45:09, so this was over a 3 minute course PR.

4. I reaffirmed my love of marathons, because so many times during this I caught myself thinking "I wish I could slow down a bit and be running a marathon, I hate 10k's".

5. Related to number 4, I really don't like this distance but I did it anyways and that's a positive. We can't live in our comfort zones.

6. This is just a sign of the progress I have made. Sub-42 is a time I would previously kill for, and now that's a "bad day".

7. I got a hard workout in with 6.2 miles at Tempo pace, solid day.

This race does also remind me of that REALLY bad race I had this past winter. Both that race and this race were my body's way of waving the white flag. I spent that night sick (and fell down the stairs, injuring my tailbone), and this time I spent the night leaving work early and spending the night in bed from being overtired and under-hydrated. I've never been a fan of the "listen to your body" thing, my body just demands it sometimes. I.e. shitty race followed by a crash physically and mentally to force me to rest and unwind.

Are you able to find good things even in bad races?
(I've gotten a lot better about this! At least I'm trying to!)

Ever picked a race because you knew you might win something?


  1. True story I just laughed for like 2 minutes a that guy next to you in the starting race photo. I don't even know why I found it so humerus. I know how stressful last week was but nice job doing this race. A tempo run with a prize? Those are the best.

    1. If only it were a gift cert to the running store you work at, reason to come visit sooner!

  2. Sorry, it wasn't a great race for you. Your speed still amazing me and I think you are AWESOME!

    1. Awe thanks Abby, you are awesome yourself!!! :)

  3. I love the positives you took away from this race. Still a killer time!! Congrats.

  4. It may not have been the time or experience that you were looking for, but good jobs nonetheless! It will definitely make you stronger for future races and the $75 is a nice perk! It's awesome to say that a time like that is slower than what you wanted. You're going to kill summer races :)

  5. Ok that start line photo is straight up hilarious. Those two guys next to you are SO SERIOUS!

    I am definitely guilty of looking for races that I think I can place well at ... it's a little harder for me than it is for you ;) but sometimes, especially when you know a PR probably won't happen for whatever reason, getting an OA or AG place makes it all feel worthwhile. Even more so when you get a sweet prize!

    Hope you're still rocking the cape, because you're killin' it, super woman :D

  6. I've definitely picked races because I might win something :). I usually pick races due to location and cost, but most things are small enough here (and we don't really have a TON of fast ladies here) that I can usually place in my age group. I'm nowhere near fast enough to place overall unless the field is really, really, small.

    Congratulations on placing 2nd overall female AND breaking your previous course record (who cares if it was years ago?). $75 to Fleet Feet isn't bad either, you can look at it that you technically "made" $50 in less than 42 minutes which is a pretty good pay rate, right?

    Sucks for that guy trying to draft off of you and that guy in the first photo who looks like he's gonna false-start the race.

  7. As a chronically negative person, I've really been trying to come away from each race (or workout, for that matter) with something positive. Thanks for the reminder! (And hey, $75 is pretty freaking positive!)


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