Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm All In.

Since Boston I have ran 282 miles, most of which for one purpose... BUILD.THAT.BASE.

As I mentioned before, I'd known for a while that Rochester was going to be my goal for the fall. But now that I have really cut out distractions and races which don't suit my current goal (i.e. Tri's) I'm beyond ready and focused. Timehop reminded me that a year ago today I did my first triathlon. Funny to see how drastic my goals and focus have changed in a year. One day I'll go back to my triathlon goals but for now I am thoroughly enjoying my first love, running.

I feel like I have a strong base and an even stronger drive right now. Does it hurt that I had my fastest half marathon last weekend? Not one bit. Does it hurt that I ran 200+ miles this past month, which is a big deal for me(the typically inconsistent runner)? Not one bit. Both of those things only enhanced the already high motivation to push this summer. Also a good feeling that my legs are holding up really well, they're ready for more miles. Focusing on consistency has been huge for me, the improvements have been seen in little and big ways.

I have big goals for this summer, a lot of which are training specific for Rochester. Which leads to VERY big goals come September 21. It's pretty much the biggest thing I think about right now, it's the first time I am putting this much into my training. It's not that I didn't want it before, it's not that I couldn't before- it's simply that I can, I want to, and I am ready to do this now. I have the right attitude, the right base, and the right support from those around me.

Not a whole lot is going to change from the last few weeks, at least not right away. Yes my miles will go up, but in a SMART manner. Lord knows I don't have time for injury and burnout, and doing too much too soon is a one way ticket to the running netherworld.  My plan is simple- to build up my mileage, get more 'workouts' in, and train for the course. I know this course, I have run it before and I have run parts of it MANY times. But you bet your bottom I'll know every bump and curve of that thing by the time September rolls around.

Today is day 1 of official training.
111 days.

To make sure I started training on the right foot, I officially registered today. The race is smaller and doesn't sell out, but I knew that registering would put that added 'accountability factor' in there. I also put the countdown on my phone, as well as some post-it reminders of goals scattered around. I'm a visual person, constantly seeing and reminding myself of what I want to do is incredibly helpful. That, and the obvious fact that I am a NERD.

Last night I did a long run in the evening, finishing along the river at sunset. I ran quite a few miles along the marathon course and felt nothing but READY for the next 16 weeks. BRING.IT.ON.

"Give me back my hometown'Cause this is my hometown.
All the colors of my youth. The red, the green, the hope, the truth"

Fall Marathon Runners- have you started training yet?

Anyone else feel like registering or having visual reminders of goals to be helpful?


  1. Admittedly I tweeted to you before reading the post (it rhymed and sounded good) but honestly I can tell you are ready to go. Your recovery from Boston, your half marathon Pr and attitude has proven you are ready to train for this race. I cannot wait to see what September brings you and be your number 1 fan along the way!

  2. yay! Exciting stuff Laura! Building a base is SO critical, and sounds like you have it all set up ready for you! I definitely think it helps having constant reminders, it helps you stay on top of the little things to be the best you can be! I am a little behind you in that I am taking a week off now, but then I begin my marathon training, wooooohoooo!

  3. Way to jump in w/both feet!! 200+ miles of running IS something to be proud of.

  4. You're so awesome, Laura. I know you'll rock that race!!
    I haven't started training for Chicago yet. My head isn't in the game yet. I need some of your good juju :)

    I also need to figure out how to balance it all this year.

  5. Hmmm....I might need a marathon in the Fall ;) But it's not like I'd ever see you from the start to finish ;)
    In my head during this post the song that kept playing was "I dare you to MOVE...."
    Good for you!!

  6. How awesome. You will be amazing.

  7. Good luck with your training!!!! My Chicago Marathon training officially starts next Monday. I need to cut out some races like you've done, but I'm still holding on to 2 sprint triathlons and I may just do them for fun and keep the training focus on running. Can't wait to see what you do in Sept. xoxo

  8. I do feel like I need to register for something to make it real, but with races I try to not register in advance to avoid losing my entry fee if I decided not to run it for whatever reason. But I keep the races I want to run in mind and train for them even without the official registration.

  9. Again congrats on your PR last week. We missed you this past weekend in Niagara Falls...maybe next year...

  10. I really should register for something so I have a reason to keep going.. I tend to get very lax when I don't have a goal on the agenda.

  11. That's awesome your running Rochester again! I was contemplating running the half or full.... but might have trail plans for that weekend. We will see! Im starting to do evening runs too. If you ever want a running partner after 8pm during the week, let me know!

  12. It sounds like you're in an awesome place! I'm so happy for you and cannot wait to follow your journey! I always like to register for races that I know I'll run because it keeps me focused and forces my goals to stay on track. I'm registered for my first marathon in October and I'll start training this weekend! :)

  13. Well crap. This means there's only 111 days (actually less, now) to figure out how to get my spectating/course support game up to A+++ levels. The pressure is ON!

    I can't wait to see how this training cycle goes for you and see all your hard work pay off in September. You rock and I know we are both going to have kickass races this fall!


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