Friday, May 16, 2014

The Best Laid Race Plans....

This year was planned, to a T. Schedule was laid out far in advance in prep for some big things. Then I threw a gigantic wrench into the mix, then a whole bunch of little ones followed. Slowly more and more started to change, it's funny how this year is already everything I never imagined it would be. My focus, my sources of motivation, my goals, my plans, all of it- so different than before. I don't fear the unexpected, I'm embracing the changes and possibilities while moving forward. Building new plans and goals for the year has been fun, it gives me something to work towards and something to look forward to!

My race schedule has changed quite a bit for this year already. Part of this is my own doing and part is due to advice from those who know better than I (Learning to trust others, I know that my own judgement is not always the best). I'm going to take a few races out, but that will allow me to really pour my heart into the ones that stay.

Here we go....

11th- BCCR Pink Ribbon Run 5k
18th- Lilac 5k/10k (Not recommended due to wanting a PR at Buffalo)
25th-Buffalo Half Marathon

1st- Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon (tentative...if I blow up at Buffalo...haha, half kidding)
5th- McMullen Mile (I now work Thursday nights at my second job)
8th- Keuka Lake Triathlon  (Decided to cut triathlons for the year--FOCUS on running)
15th- MedVed ALS 5k
21st- Airport 5k (Will be in Wisconsin :) )

[This month needs some work, still figuring out what I want]
13th- Musselman 70.3 (Not conducive to my goals right now)
20th- Jungle Jog 5k (tentative) [Danielle, are you still coming up for this?]
27th- Women Run the Roc 5k (tentative)

9th- Bergen Road Race/USATF Niagara 5k Champs
31st- Oak Tree Half Marathon OR 18.12 Challenge (Undecided on which)

21st-Rochester Marathon***
Everything after Rochester is up in the air. My focus needs to stay on ROC 26.2, everything else after that can wait to be decided on. BUT, here are some potentials.

19th-Empire State Half Marathon (tentative)
25th-Pumpkins in the Park Costume 5k [because I always do this! This year will be # 6!]

22nd- Pittsford Turkey Classic 5 Mile [This will be my 5th year doing it]

6th- St. Jude Memphis Marathon or Half (tentative)
20th- Reindeer Run 5k


Okay, so some of that is probably REALLY surprising. Particularly Musselman. I loved it last year, no doubt about it. At this point there are far more reasons for me NOT to race is this year than there were to do it. The biggest being:  To properly train for the time I wanted for it, it would require me to sacrifice some of my training for Rochester which is not something I am willing to compromise on.

I love racing, I will say again and again that it is my happy place. I thrive off of that adrenaline, but I am not always the smartest with my planning and execution. "Well I want to run this race while training for something else... so I'll just run it slower." You know... like that time I said I'd run Lake effect half but at marathon pace since I was training for Boston...and went on to PR? Yeah. THAT.

If I could I would run ALL of the races in the world, but I can't do that and be as successful as I want to be. So I'm learning to say no to races and things that could compromise the bigger goals. Let's file that under self-improvement. It's actually a good concept in life as well, let go of things that no longer suit you or things that do not contribute to your present and future happiness.

Do you have trouble saying no to races?

Anyone else made some big changes to the calendar this year?


  1. I've hurt my ankle and my goal race was Saturday, so far that's my big change, unfortunately. Now I'm just biking a lot for the next 2 weeks, but anyway. I too have trouble saying no to races, mostly because that's my social time to be with friends and well.. I love running and supporting good causes. Plus it's just fun to push yourself. I don't think I could ever use a race as a tempo run or a pace run though, once I put on the number it's on :).

  2. Schedules like this are just a reminder of why pencils have erasers (you did use a pencil, didn't you?). You've gotta make it work for you and you are being smart making the adjustments...because life has a way of going all Teresa Giudice and flipping the table on you.

    I'll miss racing with you at Musselman, but I get it...tough fitting a 70.3 into the middle of serious 26.2 training. We'll race together some other time!

    1. I used an erasable pen, lets just put it that way... i.e. losing some $$ but could be worse.

      We will definitely get our chance to race together sometime!

  3. I've had those races that felt I couldn't say no for no apparent reason except the fact that they were a race, but I'm slowly learning to chose wisely for the sake of good training. I think a happy medium would be to run some of those races as training, but that hasn't worked up until now.

  4. I have a problem not racing.

    So I was reading this on my phone and it didn't show the crossed out lines and I got more confused. Then I took it out of mobile and realized you had crossed things off. I think taking out muscle man is a much better fit for you this year.

  5. I am injured right now, crazy calf drama. (However, doc says it is improving.) So I have been ordered no racing right now. Plans change and it stinks.

    1. Im sorry you are dealing with injury Abby! Sending positive healing vibes your way!

  6. All I really have to say here is that I do not hate the idea of Niagara Falls if a Buffalo blow-up were to occur ... not that I'm trying to be an enabler or anything.

    1. I hope it doesn't come to it, but well.... the thought is there! Another road trip?

  7. That socrates quote is one of my all-time favorites. Excited for you this year and your racing. Definitely gotta be smart though :) I can totally relate to the adrenaline you feel from a race!

  8. WISCONSIN?! What for... and for how long and where?! That was the most exciting part of this post for me...
    Anyways, I think it's awesome that you're focusing on just running and honing in on those goals. I always struggle to find one thing I want to focus on (lately balancing crossfit and strict strength/oly lifting) and am trying to do it all.

    1. AHHAHA! I was waiting for you to notice that. ( I specifically remember thinking...Karla is gonna freak when she sees that as I was typing it). I'm visiting from 18-22... Ill be in GB most of it.

      You are doing such a kick ass job with your lifting lately, you make me so proud love! Glad to see you so happy!

    2. That's the one weekend I'm out of town for the entire summer =( But GB is nice... you should try to go visit Door County for a day, it's beautiful and they have amazing wine <3

      thanks for the thoughts, every horrible day this past winter was all worth it =)

  9. I am feeling a little in the same boat as you when it comes to triathlon this year. I started the year excited about them (especially coming off a very successful 70.3 last year), even though I decided to do shorter distance tris, and now all I really want to focus on is running. I'm not getting excited at all when it is time to swim or bike. I think that is a sign. Good luck with your season. You have an exciting race schedule ahead and I look forward to following you on it :)

    1. Funny how when we try and plan everything it just changes, life! What plans do you have for racing this fall?

  10. huge! once i pay the money, its hard for me to not give it the old college try :)
    do they let you defer IM?

    1. Luckily I hadn't paid for IM yet (Coz never sells out). The only race I am losing $$ on is Musselman. But I think it will be worth it.

  11. I hate to say no to races but sometimes it has to be done. I think it's great that you are reevaluating and doing what you know is best for you!


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