Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkins in the Park 5k

This is one of those races that I just can't miss. This was my 5th year running it- and the 5th year of the race itself. The first year I ran it, was one of my first few 5k's and ran it with my sister and we said we would always come back because we loved the costumes! I have ran it every year since, but she has missed 3/5 due to A. Trying to get pregnant B. Being pregnant and C. Moving/Baby stuff(this year). So that epic costume I mentioned we were going to run in together this year, obviously didn't happen as she couldn't be there.

But lets back up for a second....
take a trip down pumpkins in the park lane....
Yep,  wigs are really itchy to run in, and running in long johns a million sizes to big is challenging.

This remains one of my favorites, I had fun with it... Daily Mile Ballerina...
Why? Because I wanted to. 

Synchronized swimmers was fun.....

I got the most stares from last years 'risky business'. Yes I wore actual tighty whities, but yes I wore black booty shorts underneath. The shirt flew all over the place while running, basically I felt like I was only running in underwear, kind like the Kona underwear run....only a hell of a lot colder. 

Okay, back to this year...

I found out Thursday night that Meg wasn't going to be running with me-- so I was immediately on the thinking train trying to figure out what to be. Somehow I got little red riding hood in my head and...well...it stuck. I really liked a peacock costume but...I prefer not to spend a million dollars on a costume and didn't have time to make one. 

I was not extremely excited going into the race, since my ankle had been acting up during the week and in general it was an off week for me. The good news is... I don't run this race for a PR. Yes I have some decent times on the course but I have never full out raced it, it's a fun costume race....and the first 2 miles are uphill- not exactly race time material. 

By not excited I mean... I laid in bed until 8ish (race at 9), mosied around the house got ready and made the quarter mile walk to the race (yep, basically in my backyard). 

The cape was almost immediately tripping me and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it the whole time, so....I did what any good runner would do. I tucked the ends of that thing into my leggings. YUP, that must have been a sight to see (I did so while running).  But hey whatever at least I had pants on this year.  I don't have any photos of me running the actual race, thank goodness- y'all don't need to see me running with a cape tucked into my tights swinging a basket around. 

Mile 1 was 7:09, not too shabby I thought. Mile 2 (which has a steep hill in it) was 7:18 and then I cruised the last 1.1 miles in 6:51 (6:14 pace). 

Crossed finish in 21:19, over 2 minutes slower than my 5k PR, but actually the fastest I have ran this race. So course PR, and 1st place AG...sure sweet...great way to start the weekend. 

This is my "non-race" race each year, maybe one day I'll actually try to see what I can bust out on this course...but for now I'm going to enjoy my string of silly costumes and some quality semi-fast hilly miles. 

I love this race, it's for a great cause (Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and the Rochester Youth Sports Foundation) and I will continue to come back each year. Over the last 5 years I have watched this race grow from a 300 runners to almost 1000. I love the costumes, the fun atmosphere and the Rochester running community in general.

Fleet Feet does a wonderful job with it, and they also announced they will be moving their local store into the Armory...which is conveniently located in my back yard pretty much. Running store/running community center less than 1/4 mile from my house. This spells awesome amounts of trouble to me!

Have you ever done a costume race?
Any must-do races that you have?


  1. Sounds like an awesome, fun race! Congrats on placing in your age group. There is only 1 race i have that i make sure i do every year, & that's the very first triathlon i ever did. It just holds a special place in my heart.

  2. I can't decide which costume is my favorite, love both the daily mile ballerina and the synchronized swimmers. I think it's great you go out and do this race for fun and not go for a PR.
    We have a couple costume races here but I never dress up because I'm lame. j/k I'm too lazy to dress up most of the time and have a hard time finding a costume that I can run in.

  3. I love the costumes!! So creative! I kind of ran in costume for my first race (I think I had a pink boa), but I love dressing up so I'd definitely do a real costumed run in the future!

  4. Look at those costumes! I love the ballerina one!! What a great tradition to have a fun race, costumes and all. Congrats on a speedy time, too!

  5. I love that you can nail that time in a costume like that! Well done. And it sounds like a race worth returning to every year.

  6. I LOVE all your costumes that you've run in! So cute! Congrats on the AG award!!!

  7. Haha, how fun! I hate dressing up...but maybe for a 5k it would be fun...you sure make it look fun! :)

  8. I ran in a banana costume...in a non-costume race lol it was tons of fun :)

  9. I have not done a costume race. All of your costumes are so cute! I do want to know, what would you have been if your sister was with you?

  10. How fun! I've only run one race in a semi St. Patty's Day costume. It was so freakin' cold that I couldn't fathom wearing all of my costume!


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