Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Proper Taper Technique: NFL style

A little not-so-secret thing about me is that I LOVE football. I have always been interested in it, I even wanted to play when I was in 3rd/4th grade, but lets be honest wasn't going to let that happen. Although, I'm pretty sure I would have made a pretty damn good running back- but that's besides the point.

My family has been going to at least one Bills game a year together for the last 10-15 years. It's one of those family traditions that I look forward to more than anything. A day full of food, fun, family time and just generally a great way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon in the fall.

What you may not know is that going to an NFL game the weekend before your goal marathon has some serious perks. I'll be nice and share the secrets of the trade. You can pay me back later.

1. Lots of food, you know...for marathon fuel.
I'm a really crappy blogger and forgot to take a photo of everything I ate, let's see here...potato salad, burger, cookies, pretzels and crab dip, some veggies and dip, I don't even know what else.

2. Tons of people cheering, having fun and holding up funny signs- much like a marathon...kind of.
3. Carbohydrates, in the easiest form----> BEER

4. You focus on the game and not the fact that you are tapering, very good distraction. Especially when every second counts- and there is a turnover every few minutes keeping your eyes glued to the field.

5. You get a workout in without killing your muscles (steps in the stadium, jump squats every time something good happens, etc.)
[Side note: I'm pretty sure yelling at the refs burns mega-calories because your heart rate will skyrocket]

6. You are guaranteed to sleep extremely well that night (or for a few nights), and we all know sleep is important for running. Early wake-up, tailgating and going to the game, on top of heading home- make for an early bedtime. 

7. If you have a particularly good team, a win can definitely boost your mood and well....a good mood during the final week of taper can really go a long way.

8. If you have a team like mine, you know...the Bills. After years of roller coaster games, you learn to not expect anything. So if they win you are over the moon happy, but if they lose you are no worse off than before the game. Either way, you get to spend a day at Ralph Wilson Stadium which is a fun and exciting place to be.
Quality time with my sister
9. Spending time with your family and friends (and 60,000 people wearing the same shirt as you) is a really good way to keep your mood up, distract you from taper madness, and generally make you smile. And your family will appreciate seeing you in a better mood, after all- taper can bring out the less than happy qualities in runners (hanger, taper tantrums, random crying bouts, etc.). So showing them that you aren't in fact 2 seconds away from hopping on the train to the loony bin can be a really good thing.

10. Did I mention those carbs? Yeah, they help.

{Note: after going to an NFL game for tapering... I highly recommend lots of sleep, water, ginger ale and crackers...I totally felt like a champ Monday morning} 

Okay, you get the point--distract yourself, surround yourself with awesome people and fuel yourself right. Get it, got it, good!

Who is your NFL team?

What unconventional taper trick do you have for me?


  1. I love this! I am a college football fan, as I live in the South and this is SEC country. There really aren't as many NFL teams down here, and the ones we have like the Panthers and Falcons are relatively new franchises- so most people are more into college. You have a lot of really great points though.

    Also... it takes your mind off the marathon so much. I think sometimes we get really engrossed in our running world and going to a game or somewhere that you see tons of people and can people watch, is kind of therapeutic.

  2. You are too funny! And it's all so true.. anything that helps distract you is a plus. Just a few days to go, eek! So excited for you!!

  3. Ha! I think this is the best taper idea I've seen to date. And now you have me incredibly excited for when I go to my PACKERS game (Aaron Rodgers....swooooon) on Nov 10th. Hopefully they get their act together by then but either way it'll be a fun time.

    Hope you're feeling better now and ready to dominate your race. I have good feelings for you :)

  4. Awesome taper plan! We are all about Da Bears here!

  5. Mike is a Bill's fan as well...and now that you have given him the idea...I think he will always enjoy "liquid" carb loading!

  6. I love this!! We are Bears fans in this house!

  7. You would make a much better running back than half the NFL and college running backs to begin with. I don't apologize for saying that.

    Anywho-I'm really glad you had a great time and Guinness Beers are always for the win. Always. My team is the reason just to be obnoxious.

  8. okay, you win for the most fun taper!! Love the guinness pic. my husband would be proud

  9. this post makes me wish I liked football! I blame it on being canadian but let's be honest, we're so close to Buffalo I really have no excuse...the food alone makes me want to become a fan ;)

  10. This post is awesome!!! I'm more of a college football my Auburn Tigers! War Eagle!

  11. It looks like you had a super fun day and I am totally jealous! We are going to a Giants game in November and I'm quite excited for that. Actually, I'd be more excited if the Giants actually started playing like a professional football team instead of a small schools modified football squad.

    BUT ANYWAY! We are just a few short days away from Wineglass and I am so unbelievably excited to see you. !!!

  12. Totally the way to do it! Looks like a blast!

  13. So I am really not into football BUT the festivities behind it (e.g. beer and carbs) are something I can totally get into.

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

  14. Love football, too, girl! My team is the Saints. I am a Louisiana girl, born and raised, but since I am a SOUTH Louisiana girl, I'd have to say I prefer college football to NFL, and my team is LSU. I am determined to make it to a game this season. Football games are the best things ever, and I agree that they are an AWESOME distraction from pretty much anything!

  15. Super helpful post. I will def take your lead on the liquid carbs. ;)

  16. haha I love this post. Liquid carbs are a must!

  17. I'm also a Bills fan and I have something to correct you say after years of roller coaster games not to expect anything. Wrong. Expect heartbreaking ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    No taper tricks yet, almost halfway through my first real taper (no crying! Yet...). I'm trying a Disney getaway this weekend for a fun, easy race...was intentionally planned as a way to force taper relaxation goodness.

    And yay to liquid carbs!!!

  18. I'm a huuuge football fan and I couldn't think of a better way to taper!! So awesome.

  19. I am a die hard Colts fan.

    I love naps, but don't get many so during taper the run time I am not doing turns into nap time.

  20. I've never been to an NFL game because Utah doesn't have an NFL team. However, that doesn't mean I don't have a favorite football team. My favorite football team is the San Francisco 49ers & I root for then loud & proud!

  21. I'm sorry for the loss yesterday...but I'm a browns fan so I'm not that sorry!!!!!
    I believe you tweeted that you had to put "go browns" on your calf or something if they won. Don't forget to take a pic ;)

  22. I have never been to an NFL game and I'm dying to. But I grew up in Florida so college football was ever present and I'm still into that. Not living in FL anymore, however, kinda makes it impossible to still enjoy...and the Eagles...well...that's a little scary to think about seeing in person!!


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