Thursday, October 31, 2013

Running affects us...

I have mentioned a few times that I haven't really felt myself since Wineglass. I couldn't pin point what it was- but whatever it was, affected me physically and mentally. My long run this past weekend really helped, and I feel like a whole new version of myself.

This is a really good thing, because when running isn't going well- typically it affects other things.

Last Thursday John and I went to one of the local college libraries (open later than public libraries) to study for the night. We fully planned on staying late and getting a ton done. That worked...for him.

I think I read the same sentence a million times in a row. So I switched and started studying for the other exam (yep, 2 big exams to study for) thinking a change of pace would help me focus. No dice. I got so frustrated (and awkwardly emotional) and finally told John I had to go home and just lay down.

This is just one of the many times I noticed that I was lacking focus and ability to really concentrate lately. I haven't been as productive at work or home and that only frustrates me more.

My post-Wineglass rut has definitely been something I have been trying to work through. I had yet to have a good run, struggled with sore body, slow mental recovery and potential ankle issues. Do I think this was a big reason I have struggled in other areas of my life lately? Absolutely.

This is something I don't think non-runners understand (well, one of the many things). Running affects us, and when things are good in running it usually shows in other aspects of our lives and vice versa. So lets add this to --> This List.

I ended up having a great weekend, and a fabulous long run. This week I have been a new person. My runs feel better and stronger, my mood is much happier, my productivity is up and in general my focus is sharper than it has been in weeks. Can I say a good run caused all of this? Maybe, maybe not- but it sure as heck didn't make things worse!

All I know is, it feels REALLY good to not be in a rut anymore. I know it happens- it's part of training and life. But I am ready to ride out the next 38 days until CIM on the happy-go-lucky-push-myself-315orbust-train.

Have you noticed you running changing your work habits or home life?

How has becoming a runner affected you?

And lastly- because it's Halloween and I have a super cute nephew.....

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