Monday, October 21, 2013

Recovering back into training mode

Last week was a blend of 'marathon recovery' and 'get your ass back in gear Anderson'...

As I said on Friday, I will be doing one more marathon this year in attempt to meet my goal of 3:15. I'm filing this under "you only live once"--so why not fly to California with a friend and run a marathon (and then take a red eye home)...if I don't hit 3:15 I can at least say I had a kick ass trip and took a chance.

So last week was really all about just getting back into 'training mode', getting nutrition back under control and working on that base. Not that I lost a ton of fitness since Wineglass, but from taper and recovery I know I've got some work to do!
Monday: 45 minutes elliptical
Tuesday: 6.2 mile run
Wednesday: 6.2 mile run, 30 minutes bike
Thursday: 8.1 mile run, 30 minutes bike
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 45 minutes elliptical
Sunday: Ran Empire State Half Marathon with my sister [13.1]

Total miles run: 33.6
Total Cross training time: 150 minutes

Early on in the week I could tell I was really still in recovery mode, I was sluggish and just not feeling motivated. I questioned whether I was making the right choice. As the week went on my workouts begin to get a little better, and I was feeling a little more like myself. I'm not there yet but I am closer than I was a week ago, that much I know for sure. I did manage to meet my goals for the week, and my new Kinvara's are on the way- as I said though these were a want AND need kind of reward since all my other pairs have so many miles on them.

This week my mini goals are...
1) At least 2 morning workouts during the week
2) Eat breakfast every day (sometimes I am bad about this)
3) Run 35-40 miles with 3 non-running workouts as well.
Reward if I meet my goals is a massage, something I know my body needs right now so you bet I'm going to make a damn good effort at all of my goals.

I'm excited for this week because I know that the more I put into this the more I will feel like myself, and I'm ready to feel like myself again :) Okay, so I am addicted to exercise endorphins, sue me :)

From the weekend: Friday we went to a haunted hayride with 2 friends which was fun, although I am pretty sure I left some bruises on the people because when they grabbed my feet I kicked like crazy. Saturday was time for a new 'do' and at night we had a date at Espada Brazilian Steak house, a place we have wanted to try for a while and finally gave in- I have not eaten that much amazing food in a very long time. We decided to follow it up with some 'Get Caked' cupcakes for the house since we were already right there. Sunday was the Empire State Half marathon that I was running with my sister, cold but great way to start the day....which ended with football and relaxing afterwards.

P.S. I know cupcakes don't fall under getting nutrition under control- I'm well aware, but you gotta live a little and enjoy some treats :) Pretty sure that's a fact.

What did you do this weekend?

Ever feel like you just need 'one of those runs'
 to feel like yourself again?


  1. Goal #4 - get the the morning coffee IN THE MORNING

    Always nice to end a weekend with a road win over the dirty fish!

    I'm trying to incorporate more cross-training into my plans now too, hard to not run every chance I get though.

    Sounds like a good race too...are you planning to do a recap?

    1. Amen to goal number 4, I'm working on it!

      More cross training can be hard because you want to run more but I know it will help keep me healthier on the way to another start line!

  2. Those cupcakes look SO good. Now I want one.

  3. I definitely needed a good run and I got one yesterday, as you commented on DailyMile. It does take a few weeks after a marathon to get the kick back, as I just discovered, but it felt good and gave me some confidence going into this week (which I needed that confidence badly!). You are doing great with your goals and I love how you ran the race with your sis. Cupcakes are delicious and one of my weaknesses too, hehe.

    Good luck with the goals this week and hopefully you will earn that massage!

  4. Yum those cupcakes look amazing! Great job on reaching your goals. I worked all weekend once again. Not sure why I schedule so much.... Then play catch up all week after work getting the house put back together..
    I really need to work on getting up early and eating breakfast more frequently

  5. Cupcakes do not count as "bad foods". They are happy foods because, I mean, just looking at the picture makes you smile! :D And I would definitely do a week of "goals" if a massage was your reward. Most important week ;)

    I've definitely had one of those runs where you realize you're getting back into your groove and feeling more "in shape" for running. I felt SO out of it when I started running again but two weeks later it felt refreshing to see progress.

    1. Progress is huge...seeing it and feeling it is one of the most amazing things. Reminds you that all the work is worth it!

  6. YOLO girl, YOLO ;)

    This weekend I ran my last long run and just vegged out with the family. I'm wrapping my head around the fact that I am getting ready to run my very first marathon!!!!!

  7. Sounds and looks like a fun weekend! My weekend was very low-key. Hit up our amazing farmers market for last time this year and did a lot of couch slumming/napping. But I'm ready to tackle the week now!

    Tyler keeps telling me to treat myself to a massage somewhere to reduce my stress. I think that's the best advice he's ever given me ;)

  8. I love that you're going after it again! And yes, I hear you on the endorphin addiction. :)

  9. I just found your blog and I have a question for you...when did you do you last marathon or in other words how long are you giving yourself in-between these 2 marathons? I ask because I just did a marathon Sat and bonked. My pr is 3:36 but thta is with no speed or tempo training and only going 16 miles that was last year. I worked my butt off ...followed a plan...and did speed and tempo this time and got 3:45, I just bonked and it didn't help the course was all hills. I was on 3:20 pace till mile 19 then faded and ended up walking about 3 miles. I did a half in June in 1:32. I think I am capable of a 3:15 but I would have been happy with a 3:20 or even 3:25. There is another flat course in 2 weeks that I almost want to go for....I would love your thoughts

    1. This is 8 weeks between marathons which I have done before. I'm no expert so I'm just going to say my general thoughts.... it's possible (I did consider a closer one...3 weeks between races) but decided to wait until CIM. Most of the books I have read recommend 4 weeks between HARD races... i.e. going for PR effort etc. But obviously that might not be the case for everyone. I know that we are all different :)

      How have you been recovering from the first one?

  10. Brazillian steak houses are so good. I went to one with Tim and I've seriously never ate that much in my life. I was def wadling out of there.

    I'm really excited to see how CIM goes for you. I agree, it will be a fun trip no matter what.

  11. I was sick again this weekend so I am really looking forward to a run tonight after work.
    Good luck at CIM I've always wanted to do that one. I've done a few marathon trips where I ran the race and then drove home that same day and went to work on Monday. Not ideal but definitely doable.

    1. Glad you are feeling better, sorry you were sick over the weekend!

      I'm definitely excited for CIM, not so much the red eye...but it will be worth it!

  12. Way to get back out there Laura!!! And your weekend sounds great! Especially the steak house..yum!

  13. I also ate cupcakes this weekend. I think they are perfect "treat" food.

    Excited about your Cali race!

    1. I need to make cupcakes now..and try and recreate each and every one of those we bought last weekend... wanna help?

  14. Ok so it's starting to become very obvious that I am doing mega-catchup on blogs tonight (sorry for bombarding you with comments) but I just had to say, whomever this friend is who is flying out to CIM with you sounds awesome ;)


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