Friday, October 18, 2013

Something I am really bad at...

We all have things we are good at, but also things we clearly need to improve on. There is something I am REALLY bad at that I want to talk about.

I don't do well (at all) without goals.

I am a very goal-oriented person. Without goals I get lost, lose motivation, and struggle with even minor things. I get moody, depressed, and just not the person I want to be. Over the years I have recognized this more and more and have found ways to help myself- sometimes it means always having a long term goal but I'm also working on short term ones as well.
Currently you could call it post-marathon blues, or whatever you want- but setting some new goals really needs to happen, like NOW. Not just new goals, but different goals.

I had some big goals this year, two in particular were Musselman and Wineglass. MM was more of a "train and finish" kind of goal (I did have a time goal but wasn't tied to it), and as you know I had more time specific goals for Wineglass. What I was missing this year was some more of those smaller goals, to get me from one big one to the next.

I'm in a little bit of a different spot right now, because I have some time goals but I also need some smaller different goals to keep my motivated and focused along the way. Time to get creative! :)

I mentioned the other day that I'm getting back on track with some things: logging my foods (not to the T, but still holding myself accountable), incorporating more variety in my workouts, and in general taking better care of myself. The other thing I need to work on--sleep. Maybe someday.

One thing I am going back to is my old workout log

I have used this many times its a great way to see everything in writing (which I really like)- I even got my mom to start using one a few years ago, I think she still does. It's good for 13 weeks which is actually perfect for me right now.

I started this past Monday(10/14) and it will take me through middle of January which is about when i'll start training for Boston. So when I say perfect-- I mean really perfect to keep me motivated and focused from now until it's time to train for the trek from Hopkinton to Boylston Street.

So right now I am working on setting a goal for each week; some fun goals, some fitness goals, some nutrition goals, some personal ones as well. Not all of them will be big or seem important to you- but they are some things I feel will help me in some way or another. You can't have goals without rewards, so that will also be part of this.

 Let's focus on the goals first though... I already have some set up for the next few weeks, and I am really excited to get working!

Week 1:
1) Log all food and exercise
2) Eliminate some 'unnecessary' things (i.E. frequent Starbucks latte's or cinnamon rolls, instead some regular Starbucks or other coffee and some oatmeal--yes I will still get the others sometimes but not as much as I was, my weight & my wallet will thank me for this).
3) Work on getting my base back: run ~30 aerobic miles, as well as 3 non-running workouts
Reward: New pair of Kinvara's, I'm way overdue. This is a want and need kind of reward- I can't do the miles without the tires.

Week 2:
1) At least 2 Morning workouts (During the week!)
2) Eat a REAL breakfast EVERY day (not just a coffee and a bar).
3) ~ 35-40 miles running + 3 non running workouts
Reward: Massage

Week 3:
1) Meal Plan and prep all of my food (this is a busy week for me so it will be important!)
2) Sugar Free Week (Splenda in coffee is allowed, but no candy or desserts etc.)
3) 3 Double digit runs + 2 non-running workouts
Reward: Night to myself (No work, no studying, no cleaning) with a book and glass of wine.

I know that there are certain things I can do that will help my nutrition and fitness level as well as my happiness and general well being, so that is what I want to work on. In order to become the runner and person that I know I can be, I've gotta find more of what works for me and what doesn't.

I have some of my goals set for future weeks but I am also trying not to get too far ahead of myself- I want to take this as it comes and that will mean adjusting goals along the way. 13 weeks is really going to be broken up into 2 sections....first 8 weeks being more running dominant, and 5 weeks of finding a good balance between running and the other 2 tri-disciplines (swim/bike) with an emphasis on strength training.

As you can tell, I decided NOT to do Niagara Falls marathon (3 weeks post Wineglass). As bad as I wanted the 'instant' second chance at 3:15, I knew that I wouldn't be recovered properly and that it wasn't the best option for me right now. This isn't a decision that left me with a "what if", I know that saying 'no' was the best option. My time goal of 3:15 is not off the table, but trying another PR effort so quick didn't seem feasible, smart or fun.

Something I am also really bad at (besides not having goals) is using that sneaky little "but" word.

As I said, I didn't end up signing up for Niagara Falls International Marathon, BUT....

Obviously another thing I'm really bad at....
being stubborn and not giving up on certain goals;)
C.I.M. 8 weeks instead of 3 ;)
This was the feasible, smarter and much more fun option ;)

What little goals do you set for yourself each week?
(if you want some awesome ideas, every Monday Mindy does a 'weekly goal chase'!)

Do you reward yourself from time to time? How?


  1. I love goals. Whether I meet them or not it's nice to have something to work towards. I am awful at food logs though. I'll keep track for months and then I just can't take it anymore and stop tracking.

    1. Definitely love goals- I'm not GREAT with logging food- I usually do it for a few weeks until I get back on track and then stop for a while. I don't think I could do it ALL the time.

  2. I'm doing the 10K at Niagara! I wish I could have met you, but I think you made a great decision. I love the idea of setting mini goals and giving yourself rewards. I always set goals, but I don't always reward myself.

    1. You're going to do great at Niagara this weekend! I know it hasnt been the running year you wanted but you have pushed through and I think you are going to do awesome! I don't always reward myself for goals but I think its going to help me stay motivated and focused for a while

  3. I like your idea of setting weekly goals along with a weekly reward if those goals are met...I might just have to steal your idea!

  4. I like how you set weekly goals with rewards... so that way the goals are short term but lead to long term things and hopefully at the end of the week, you meet them, get rewarded, and the positive energy takes you into the next week :). I'm also working to eliminate some "treats" myself like Starbucks, etc. Once a week at the most (at least for a fancy coffee drink!).

  5. Ya probably the right call on Niagara...CIM will be fun though! Will that be a new state on your 50+1 as well? And are you thinking about going for a PR there??

    1. CIM will give me a new state (it will be 7th marathon and 6th state) so it will help...At this point I want to shoot for 3:15 still... but if I don't get it I at least get another state down

  6. yay, you made it public knowledge! I love the weekly goals...Ty and I discussed on Wednesday how I need to sit and make short, medium & long term goals instead of just trudging through the mud like I am now.
    Rewards are even better. Maybe I can sweettalk him into some rewards :) lol

  7. I have to have goals for else I feel lost. Your goals seem really good and also achievable.

    I decided to take a mini vacay after MCM. I'm heading down to Ft. Lauderdale to run the Allstate half, woot! It'll be very nice.

    1. That's so awesome you will be going to Florida, I think that will be a great treat- especially now that its getting colder!

  8. I like your idea of weekly goals. I also work best when I have goals to work toward. Truth be told, I'm a little nervous for the NYC marathon to be over. What will I do next?!

    1. You will find something, AFTER you kick ass at NYC! :)

  9. I'm playing mega catch up on your blog. I'm sorry about your loss. (((Hugs)))

    I am really bad at setting small goals. I usually just set big ones. I like the idea of logging food & I try but I really suck at sticking to it. I eat a real breakfast every morning, it's sometimes the best part of my day! Lol! (Scrambled or fried eggs are super quick!) Maybe I'll try some smaller weekly goals. Hm....

  10. LOVE your goals.. I follow Mindy and did the weekly chase for awhile then when my grandpa was sick I fell out of it....
    I really need to find some small goals that are atainable and keep me going. Also need to find a way to get my butt up early and get a workout video or miles on treadmill done before my crazy days start.

  11. I've been setting goals for the past 3 1/2 years. For the past 4 months, I've set none other than to live. And do as I please. In life and in all things. It's definitely a change of pace and one I am adjusting to, but I'm liking it more and more. I'm not yet ready to set any concrete goals like races and such.

  12. I really like your goal planning with it broken up into weeks and rewards. A massage would definitely top my list as a reward. Speaking of, I really need to get one soon!

  13. Awww thanks for the shout out Laura! I definitely believe in setting goals! I know you will do great with yours!!!

  14. I love goals too and they definitely are a great way to make sure we stay on track. I started logging my food too but non judgmentally so no calories etc, just general log of what I eat and it helps.

    1. I like the idea of a general log- it holds you accountable without counting EVERY single calorie which can definitely get to be too much

  15. I am SO bad at setting goals for myself because I tend to get myself too overwhelmed. Then, I shut down mentally. It's almost like I just go away from all of the stress of actually making my goals which counteracts the reason for making them in the first place. It's really weird. Sometimes I make more "mental" goals so if I'm in the moment, I'll try to do one of them. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of mental notes without anything set in stone. Lately, I've been wanting to start looking towards expanding my education but I seem lost and it gets me frazzled when I don't know the steps to take... I wish I was better with it (like you)!

  16. I set goals (mini and maxi) ALL the time but never reward myself! What a great idea to plan it out like this. May have to steal your idea. I really admire your knowledge of self & what works for you.

  17. I'm pretty bad at not having a goal too. They keep me grounded, I like to work towards something. I think setting goals is great, as long as they're reasonable and you're flexible with meeting them. You need to be flexible!

  18. I ran CIM, definitely a PR course!

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