Friday, November 29, 2013

Proper Taper Technique: Thanksgiving Style

Back before Wineglass Marathon I did a post about going to an NFL game during taper. Now training for CIM, Thanksgiving happened to fall during taper- so much winning to be had.

This year wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving for me, John and I made the executive decision Wednesday night that we were going to cancel our travel plans. 15+ hours in a car over 2 days didn't sound appealing, and that is if the weather is good. So this meant last minute meal planning and things like that, but it worked out to be a very productive and happy Thanksgiving for the 2 of us at home.

Anyways-- I was really excited a few weeks ago when I realized that Thanksgiving fell during taper time for CIM, here's a few reasons why it's awesome.

1. All.The.Food- I mean, seriously. If you want to drool a little(okay, a lot) do an Instagram search for #thanksgiving, believe me--amazing looking food.

2. Time with loved ones- this always helps keep your mood up when your taper emotions are running high.

3. The liquid carbs, maybe not the same liquid carbs as an NFL game, but come on. Beer, wine, whatever- it's all the same right?

4. Football- Thanksgiving is also a football day, see said NFL post for many of the reasons why football can be great taper time(even if you are only watching it on TV).

5. Blame it on the Turkey. We get tired and lazy during taper without all those endorphins from running- instead of blaming it on the taper (and then your friends and family roll their eyes at you) just blame it on the Turkey and the tryptophan.

6. Birds of a feather. Everyone else sits around and relaxes after dinner so you blend right in. So long as you remember to hide your compression sleeves under your pants.

7. Did I mention that food? Consider it pre-carb-loading depending on when the race is. The timing was damn near perfect for me. Load up now before carb-depleting early next week and then re-loading before the race.

8. Since you pretty much spend the day eating all day, it's good endurance and pacing training. You remind yourself not to start off too fast or you'll fade later (and miss the pies and desserts). So may not be negative split running but in your head it can be (and in your belly).

9. It's a distraction. For the days leading up to Thanksgiving, all you are thinking about is what you need to make, what you are going to eat, where you need to travel to, perhaps what you wanna buy on black Friday(not me thanks). With your mind on all that, it's really easy to not dwell on the fact that you are tapering to run a marathon soon.

10. Never underestimate the power of gratitude. You should try and be thankful each and every day for the blessings in your life, but especially on Thanksgiving. Spending time appreciating all that you have (instead of focusing on what you don't have, or things that could be different) will really help you get into the mindset you need before the big day (marathon day). We are blessed with the gift to run, the ability to put one foot in front of the other, the power and strength it takes to push our limits and reach for our goals and dreams- never forget that.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pittsford Turkey Classic 5 Mile Recap

This past Sunday, I ran the Southeast YMCA Pittsford Turkey Classic 5 Mile (yeah, long enough name). I have ran this race for the last 4 years now and have really grown attached to it. Its small town, family feel with a good course and great amenities. By great amenities I mean they have AWESOME food after, homemade hot soups, pizza, and all your normal post race foods (fruit, bagels etc). Don't judge me, come on- post race food is important! Another perk of this race is that is starts and finishes at the YMCA (a really nice one too) which has locker rooms to store stuff and warm place to change and relax afterwards. Okay, the actual race itself is great too- there aren't many 5 mile races around here so I like to jump at them when I can.

In 2010 I ran this race in 35:10 (7:02 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 6th Female], I remember feeling so happy that I ran this time for my first 5 mile race.

In 2011 I ran this race in 34:30 (6:54 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 3rd Female] Exactly 7 days after running the Harrisburg Marathon (the one I ran 8 weeks after Rochester).

In 2012 I ran this race in 34:26 (6:53 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 4th Female] Exactly 7 days after Marshall University Marathon where I earned my first BQ (and 16 minute PR).

This year I ran this race in 33:10(6:38 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 2nd Female] Exactly 2 weeks before CIM. Apparently you can go a little faster when you don't run it a week after a marathon, novel idea.

Okay, a little more about it this year.

10 things that will sum it all up for you....

1. It was 17° and about 10-14 mph winds with snow/ice covered roads

2. I slipped and fell while warming up, in front of a large group of people. It was kind of like this, only not as cute.

3. I contemplated not running the race because I was afraid of getting hurt after that, CIM 2 weeks away-- last thing I needed was injury from being a clutz.

4. I started about 5th female and made my way to second by mile 2 and that is what I finished in. (1st place was pretty good amount of time ahead)

5. First mile was my fastest, miles 2/3 were slowest last mile was 2nd fastest.

6. I slowed down a ton around 2.5 because we were in residential neighborhood that the road wasn't cleared. I felt myself slipping every step so I pretty much played the balancing act waving my arms around praying not to fall(again).

7. Race outfit/Gear: Saucony Omni Tights, Gap Long sleeve base layer, Saucony Neon Pink long sleeve, Saucony Curve Crusader Sports Bra, Saucony Kinvara socks, Saucony Kinvara 4 GTX, Cheapo Knit gloves, Cheapo headband, Garmin 405 (somehow this thing is still kicking).

8. This was 12 seconds away from my PR- Can't wait to demolish that in the spring. I ran this at the same pace I did that hilly 10k in September, so obviously I have more in me for a 5 mile race that didn't come out this time. 

9. I felt strong for this, considering I went in with no time goal I was pleased. I think I have taken the last few weeks of training smart and hopefully that pays off for CIM. 

10. I ate my weight in homemade chicken noodle soup and pizza afterwards while waiting for my award (which was a $25 gift card to local running store!). 
Only picture you get. Because well... I don't have any others. 

Next year I am either going to win this thing or take 7th, because I have locked down places 2-6 already since running this last 4 years. 

Do you like the 5 mile race distance?
I love it and wish there were more of them ( I have only ever run 5 of them- 2 different races, this one 4 times)
Anyone have any slipping/falling stories for me?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Final 'training week' for CIM done- Let the taper begin!

Quick Run-Down
Wednesday: Easy 4.74 mile treadmill run, 60 minutes Barre Fitness
Thursday: 15 mile progression treadmill run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 13.65 mile run (10 with Jen)
Sunday: 1.5 mile warmup/cooldown run, 5 mile race

Total Running Miles: 48.9 Miles
Total Cross Training Time: 177 minutes

The Good
-Solid week of training, miles and time spent- not a bad way to finish out last 'training' week.
-Actually was good about taking some easy paces on some of my runs
-2nd Fastest 5 mile race- recap tomorrow or Wednesday
-Getting to run with Jen while she was visiting, loved being able to run and catch up on each others lives! 
-Didn't lose my mind even with 2 runs (including the 15 miler) on the treadmill. I don't mind treadmill really, it can be a great training tool- but it's just a big reminder that winter is coming.
15 miles on the treadmill at home, followed by treadmill roadkill after. 

The Bad
-My first barre class didn't go as well as I would have hoped, I will give it another try but I'm thinking it might just not be for me (or at least at this particular studio).

-Slipped and fell while warming up for Sunday's race. My entire left side is a little upset about this. This is also the same leg I ran into corner of filing cabinet with earlier this week- OUCH. 

-I'm tired, like really tired. Between work, training and studying- I am definitely struggling to keep up with logging the zzzz's.
Cute, isn't it? This was from the filing cabinet incident alone- can't wait to see what the fall on ice adds to this....
Up next...
This week, well CIM is 2 weeks away....meaning....bring on the taper. I'm actually excited for taper- yes you heard me right. As I said, I am definitely ready for some added sleep and rest- as well as excited for the fact that this taper is going to FLY by. Throw in a holiday, traveling, my PT test, on top of the normal work and such....I'm going to be en route to Sacramento before I know it.

I will not be doing a Turkey trot this year due to Holiday travel plans. Did you know Thanksgiving is the busiest race day of the year? It makes sense, run a little and eat a lot- my kind of day.

A few non-running things...
Was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time with my nephew Alden this weekend--- so stinkin' cute! He already has me wrapped around his little finger!
We also had a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's side of the family this weekend. John, Alden and I took a wee nap yesterday after dinner. Darn Turkey making us tired!
Oh and my mini goals for the week:
1. 10 Sun Salutations every night before bed ( I did this a few times last week and LOVED it)
2. Hit proper pace ranges for my runs. I.E. Easy paces (7:50-8:45), etc. Most of my runs this week will be easy except the one tempo run I have planned....Ahhhh taper!
3.  2 classes, and at least 1 run with another person. This has really helped my motivation making some of my workouts a little more sociable.
Reward--Shopping next week for new outfit to go to California! 

How was your week?

Do you have more than one Thanksgiving dinner to attend?

Who is racing a Turkey Trot?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

TBT: Motivations behind 'multiple marathons'

Special Edition of Throwback Thursday for you. As I wind down training for CIM, the quote "remember why you started" has come up a lot. This is something that is important when training for anything, for me it is important when training for a marathon.

2 years ago I also made the decision to run "back to back" marathons. I'm not talking same weekend, or even a week or few weeks apart. I'm talking 8 weeks apart. To some, that isn't back to back but for me- that was a big leap.

Here I sit 2 years later in the same position of running marathons relatively close together- but this time everything feels different.

I'm a much different runner than I was 2 years ago. I'd like to think I've gotten smarter and stronger over the course of the last 24 months. Something along the lines of "I may not be where I want to be, but I am closer than I was yesterday".

In 2011 the Rochester Marathon was my second marathon (you can read about marathons 1-5 here). The race did not go as I'd have hoped, in fact I considered it a huge failure (it really wasn't, but that was how I saw it at the time). When analyzing my race that day, I played the victim. I blamed the canal path for my painful quad, I blamed my boyfriend for making me cry before the race, I blamed the heat at the end for my demise. Fact of the matter- I wasn't trained enough for the race, my boyfriend issues ran far deeper than a pre-race fight that morning, and perhaps most importantly-I didn't go in with realistic goals. That night I signed up for another marathon 8 weeks away because I thought I could prove something. I thought I could prove that those things were what held me back instead of my own mistakes and shortcomings (or the fact that sometimes it just isn't your day).

I ran Harrisburg Marathon 8 weeks after Rochester, I ran a 4 minute PR and felt much stronger than I did before. In hindsight, it was because I went into it more trained, more prepared and more mentally stable (sheesh I'm making it sound like I was a mental patient).

Clearly running "back to back" races worked out for me before, but looking back there is part of me that says I wish I did it for different reasons. I was so focused on the negative, I was so focused on proving something (I don't even know to who) instead of focusing on enjoying myself and bettering myself as a person and a runner. I ran the race to prove something that had NOTHING to do with running.

This time is so much different. I had a great race at Wineglass, I won't try and say otherwise. It was a PR and a well executed run. I missed my "A" goal of 3:15 though and that left me wondering, can I do more? I analyzed the race but this time I focused on what I did well, and where I could improve instead of focusing on things that I couldn't control (i.e. weather, course, outside influences). I am running CIM to see if I can push myself a little more this year, to really put all the pieces together and get that time. I am running CIM, not because I am disappointed with Wineglass- but because I have faith in my abilities and know I am capable of more.

So picking another marathon 9 weeks away didn't seem crazy to me, and still doesn't. I've been smart through the training, backing off when needed and pushing when the time was right. I am well aware of the 'risks' associated with running 2 GOAL marathons close together like this, but I have accepted those and feel it's still the right thing for me. 3:15 is still in my sights, and I have not let go of that- but if it doesn't happen at least I can say I tried. No more wondering "what if".

It's cool to look back and see how different things are from a few years ago. Sure, I am still a stubborn pain in the ass running another race chasing that adrenaline rush. But at least this time I am more positive, focusing on things within my control, and this time- I'm just a much happier person than I was. Changing the way you think and feel about things can make a huge difference, changing the people and things in your life can also make a difference. Don't be afraid of change- it really isn't the enemy. You can't move forward without making changes, no matter how big or small they are.

Is there a race that taught you more than others?

Are you good about not dwelling on things you can't control?

Monday, November 18, 2013

I can see clearly now...

A week of clarity. Definitely the best way for me to describe this week.

Deleting my training plan for the week, taking things day by day, and giving myself a mental break was just what I needed. I honestly had no idea how this week was going to go. Obviously I still worked out, obviously I still got solid miles and time in- but I also got the stress relief, happiness and physical boost that I needed. This may not look like a week of stepping back- but it was, more than I can explain. Not being tied to a calendar with workouts or set paces and distances, and giving myself the freedom was not only smart, but necessary.

How do I know it helped? Mentally I am in a lot better place than I was after last week. I'm happier, less stressed and actually accomplished more things this week. Being productive outside of training is important- I mean... I don't get paid to run so obviously I gotta spend some time taking care of other things.

Scenes from an AWESOME long run.
60 Degrees in Upstate NY!!
Another way I know it helped? I had the BEST long training run I have EVER had. The distance was there, the paces were there and more than anything the happy thoughts and smooth strides were there.

I did have 2 complete rest days this week, which I think was a really good thing. Friday was busy all day with J's surgery and taking care of him when we got home. I definitely was down for a Friday night of relaxing in bed with munchies and movies with him. Sunday also was a rest day, which allowed me to get a lot of things accomplished with errands and things around the house.

Oh, and by the way I am quitting my job and changing my name. I went to watch roller derby with J's sister on Saturday night, my mind was blown. It was so awesome and those girls are seriously tough. His sister has played for a long time and is hoping to join one of the local teams (she played in Philly, but now lives here) now that she is getting back into shape after having kiddo #2. I am not even kidding, I went home and was like "J, I need a name, what can my name be?!?!". So if I fall off the face of the earth it's probably because I am out skating back and forth practicing falling on my rear. I might legit consider it some cross training.

Quick Run-Down
Wednesday: 6.22 mile run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 23 mile run
Sunday: Rest

Total Running Miles: 39.1 miles
Total Cross training time: 155 minutes

Goal 1.Take a new class...I tried Pilates-Yoga Fusion class and really really liked it. I like pilates and yoga but don't always have the patience to just go with it. That, combined with the fact that I'm seriously awkward at it- has kept me doing it at home and not taking classes. Since I am having a fun unplanned out week- this was a great way to try something new. Definitely going to be making this a regular thing!

Goal 2. Do a run with a group or friend. Thursday night Saucony was doing a group run testing reflective gear at one of the local running stores. Obviously I had to go since Saucony rep was going to be there. I ended up running into a few people I knew, and made for a great social outing and some easy miles.

Goal 3. I did log everything this week to see where I am at nutrition wise- and I am happy to say that I feel comfortable with it all. I have my sweets but I also have much less junk than I used to. I had a realization tonight while I was cooking for the week....this really is the healthiest I have probably ever been. Between nutrition, physical well being, mental well being and just general happiness- it's great to see the changes. If you had told me 5 years ago what my life is like today, I would have thought you were looking at someone else future and not my own.

What is in store for this week? This is my last real training week for CIM, which means some solid miles and workouts. It will be a good mix of workouts to keep me busy. I have a decent gauge where I am at in terms of capabilities for CIM right now, but I will wait until after this week to make some more concrete goal decisions for the race.

Goals for this week:
1. 2 Medium long runs (90-120 minutes)
2. 2 speed workouts ( 1 track workout, and 1 race [5 mile race Sunday])
3. At least 15 minutes of Stretching/Rolling/Core each day.

All 3 of my goals for the week are physical- because this is technically peak week. This past week I babied myself so to speak by going with the flow- now it's time to push myself. Being diligent with my workouts will pay off, but that is why I NEED to make sure I stretch and roll so I can push myself without pushing my body over the edge.

How was your week?

When was the last time you tried a new class?

Roller Derby, any fans? What could my name be?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flying by the seat of my sassy pants...

So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the whole 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of training week I am having. Definitely reinforces the fact that I did the right thing by deleting my training plan for the week and just taking things day to day. 

At first I was a little freaked out deleting everything from my RunningAHEAD training plan, as well as my Google Calendar (yes I am a nerd.). I worried- will doing this mean I don't work out? Am I going to be too lazy? Will I lose progress for CIM? I asked myself lots of things...and then I realized the answer--- IT DOESN'T MATTER.

What does matter? 
Being happy, enjoying my workouts, being healthy, and doing what I NEED to do.

One of my favorite lyrics to relate to running "faith is moving without knowing"

So this week I have been letting go....
of my training plan
the need to plan each day out a few days in advance
stressing over things I can't control
the notion that pain or bad runs now mean I can't go for my PR in 24 days

What have I been doing?
Getting some serious studying done-- I do after all take my ACE Personal Trainer exam in 17 days. No big deal. (*okay, is).

Having fun with workouts
Tried a new class
Running however fast (or slow) and as long (or short) as I want
Deciding whenever I want to work out without worrying about what workout comes next

Taking care of myself. I haven't been paying enough attention to stretching, rolling, and strengthening which has left me with an angry Achilles and other parts. No fault but my own, so it's on me to fix this. Some days it bothers me and some days it doesn't- which is why playing it by year this week is incredibly important. If it bothers me during a workout- I stop and stretch and ice and that's it for the day.

Forgetting about the numbers & statistics. It's too easy to get wrapped up in numbers, so I have stayed out of my RunningAHEAD account all week (I'll log everything at the end). I love logging in and seeing my charts and graphs and goal progress, but this week I needed to ignore all of that. 

Tomorrow will still be playing it by year- as John's surgery is some time tomorrow but we don't know when yet. I'd like to say I'll work out while I am home with him afterwards, but I can't deny that there is a possibility I wont. This is his third this year so we have it down pat what to do afterwards. It involves errr "less healthy" foods, a big comfy bed, lots of blankets and pillows, and a movie marathon. Maybe I'll do both, maybe.

This weekend will be a little more planned than the rest of the week- I have an idea of what I want to get done but I'm not chained to it. I WILL be doing a long run this weekend, that is one thing I KNEW I had to stick to plan on--but I am happy with that! I'll go into it with a fresh mind and happy body from a good week!

How is your week going?

Any good Achilles stretches or workouts for me?

Weekend plans?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thoughts on NYCM

As many of you know, this past weekend I traveled down to NYC with Heather to spectate at the New York City Marathon. We knew we had to be there for Hollie as she ran her first marathon, as well as cheering on the MANY other people running the race. The weekend itself was amazing, and I have so many thoughts and emotions regarding it all.

You can check out the scenes here--->Pictures from NYC
[Yes you are allowed to laugh at us]

Other things....
- It was one of the most inspiring things I have witnessed. EVER.

- Heather and I were like kids on Christmas when we saw the lights of the lead cars signalling to us that the elites were about to come through. We were literally giggling and jumping up and down. I kind of wish there was a gif image of this for you.
  But since there isn't, pretend this is us. mmkaay.

- The crowds, the people from all walks of life--can't even process the amount of people. 

- Cheering for people you know, and don't can't help but smile. I'm pretty sure I had a perma-smile on my face all day.

- It was such an emotional experience. Knowing how hard these athletes worked to get where they are, how much they pushed through. I found myself holding back tears multiple times.

- Being there for my best friend as she ran her first marathon- nothing beat it.... Hollie has always been incredibly supportive of me and it was great to be able to pay it forward. She is a talented athlete and an even better friend, which is saying a lot. 

- This was a life experience. You can't witness something as big as the New York City Marathon and NOT be affected by it. I've watched marathons before, but this was unlike any other.

- NYCM has always been on my running bucket list, but I'm not jumping into it anytime soon. Boston will be my first 'major', maybe NYC in 2015?

- Because of our hotel location in relation to our cheering spot, Heather and I were able to stay in hotel for a while in the morning and watch TV coverage. This was awesome seeing the start, and watching the runner stories they were spotlighting. But we also stood cheering at our spot wishing we could watch the TV coverage at the same time as being out on the course cheering... like the dudes who wear headphones of football coverage...while they are at the NFL game. We wanted to know every detail of what was going on.

- I love the marathon, and am pretty convinced that after Wineglass, it became my official favorite distance. Watching this race really confirmed that for me- everything about it amazes me and inspires me. The power, the pain, the privilege of being able to run the distance--never ceases to bring me to that special place.

-One of the stories that we watched on TV prior to the race was about 24-year-old Tatyana McFadden. You can read her bio here. The short of it: Her life has never been easy- starting off as an 'unwanted disabled child' who was then adopted here in America (born in Russia). She has overcame so many obstacles, and has excelled beyond anything anyone could imagine. Not only does she have a handful of Olympic medals- but by winning NYCM wheelchair division this weekend, she became the first person ever to win 4 majors in one year (Boston, London, Chicago and NYC)--a 'grand slam' if you will.

-Logistically it is not an easy race- for runners or spectators. But I guess that's to be expected with 26 miles with bridges and ferries and a bajillion people roaming around the city.

-Seeing the added security was nice, NYRR did a great job making sure runners and their families and the folks in NYC were safe. It's sad that it has come to the point where you have to block off a huge area so no one can get near the finish, or that in general any of these added security measures had to happen. 

Okay, I'm done babbling even though I'm pretty sure I could discuss my thoughts on this forever. 

All in all it was an amazing weekend with friends, supporting the running community as a whole- and in Heather's words "geeking out on running things for 48+ hours".

Have you ever watched a race or sporting event that just made you very emotional?

Have you heard about Tatyana McFadden before, what do you think of her story?

Anyone else have thoughts on NYCM?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo proof of NYC weekend Shenanagins

 After being in NYC with Heather for the weekend- there are obviously a few photo's for, you know... #proof. I tried to cut the number down but...yeah...there's still a lot! Enjoy!
I stole this graphic (^) from Heather's blog....
I'm super grateful she enhanced some of my assets for me.
Either way, here is the photo essay of upstate girls going downstate for a weekend.
After getting to our hotel around 8pm we decided to be young and cool and take the train into Times Square. 
Friday night fabulous beer and company at a rooftop pub in Times Square...So much winning. I put this in black and white because green lights (being in an irish pub) made us look a wee bit like Leprechauns and I'd like to think my only Leprechaun quality is my height. 
Even more winning. "Lets go down this side street and see if we can find something"--"They have a giant Guinness pint outside- that's where we need to go"....Rooftop bar (because it was an unseasonably warm night)...Amazing.
We passed Bloomies on our Saturday morning run, love the old school signs.

Central Park view on our run... this is also where we stopped and talked to a couple who came all the way from Ireland to run the marathon! We wanted to talk to them longer because their accents were fabulous....

Words can't describe how amazing the weather was, absolutely amazing for the run.

This looks WAY better larger, but I'm assuming y'all don't have computer monitors as wide as central park.

 Success! We got pictures on the giant rocks in Central Park! Tourist Alert!

Some more scenes from our long run Saturday through Central park, we even crashed through mile 2 of the 5k course!
In all, we got 16 miles in--full of hills, bridges, good chunk of CP, and enjoyed the company and sites!

After our run we did what any good runners would do. We cracked open a beer at noon, kicked our feet up, enjoyed some cookies--and iced our bodies down.

After a few brews we got out butts in gear and hopped on a train into the city, we were on a mission...caffeine, a street vendor hot dog, and the statue of Liberty.

Well we nailed 2 of the 3. 
Starbucks actually goes pretty well with a hot dog.

We were VERY bummed to get to Battery park to find that the Statue of Liberty Ferry was sold out...WHAT? Yeah, we didn't know it was possible either. I tweeted my face off about it, and someone responded saying they heard it was going to be sold out for a few days due to all the people! LAME
This was as close as we got to the Statue...I'm pretty sure we both looked like grumpy cat for a few minutes. Guess we will HAVE to do another girls weekend in NYC, damnit!
View from Battery Park, blue skies for days:)
Having fun in the city... being goofy... I'm ok with it. Life's too short.
Had to be a nerd and get a picture of this... I mean... it is my job!:)
After walking around the city, we met up with 2 of Heather's high school/college friends (small world they were in NYC too, and not for the marathon!) and then went to hotel. We legit ate pizza, drank Guinness and made posters all night while making our plan of attack for spectating the next day.

Race day!!!

We may have had a few cups of coffee...but we were SO FREAKING EXCITED to spectate and cheer! I bought the cheesy headbands at Target figuring we could make some runners laugh and we ended up wearing them all day, no shame
Our signs, well some of them!
We did Oiselle and LOLZ for Hollie (obviously), I had to do a Saucony one (we know I am obsessed), and we laughed at the "stopping, ain't nobody got time for that" one.
Heather's sign was the biggest hit of all of them. She got so many cheers and side eyes for it, and the best was a guy running by who yelled "YES I AM".
I made this one for Shannon, I have really enjoyed following her training and we always joke that she needs to share her swim speed with me and I will share my run speed with her. Seems like a fair trade right?
Elite women passing by us (around mile 14.5ish)
Again, my addiction to all things Saucony was perfect because I was able to spot the Saucony athetes! This was Danna at around 14.5ish, seriously amazing!
Lead men coming though, so awesome to be there--incredibly inspiring! GO MEB!
After spending the morning around mile 14.5 we hopped a train into central park and were able to catch runners around mile 25. I was so excited watching people come through, and so surpised to look up and pick Danielle out of the crowd, I cheered as loud as I could! Then we got to see Hollie come through, I was so happy for her- she was almost done and so close to being a marathoner!
Danielle, view from mile 25ish, and Hollie!

After Hollie passed us we started making our way through the park to try and get to Family meeting area... I won't even discuss those shenanagins right now (that's for tomorrow).
Athletes after the finish
After a lot of walking (on her part..and ours...) we FINALLY got to the family meetup area and got to give Hollie a celebratory hug. She blew her first marathon out of the water, 3:17...freaking incredible! It took me 6 to get to that time! I'm so incredibly proud of her and I know this is just the beginning!

Can we discuss the serious twinners going on here. Love these girls- couldn't ask for better friends!

After a great weekend in NYC, Heather and I made our way out of the city and back to upstate... 

Definitely a weekend I will never forget. I have thoughts on the weekend and spectating that will be in tomorrow's post :)

Did you spectate or run NYC?

What is your favorite sign you have seen during a race?

Monday, November 4, 2013

A week of CIM training & NYC

Quick Run-down
Monday: 4 mile run, 17 minute circuit, 30 minutes bike
Tuesday: 10.15 mile run, 20 minute circuit, 25 minutes bike
Wednesday:10.15 mile run
Thursday: Unplanned rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 16 mile run through Manhattan/Central Park
Sunday: Rest/Cheering at NYCM 

Total Running Miles: 40.3 miles
Total Cross training time: 92 minutes

So many awesome things this week....

I really felt strong most of the week and was pretty diligent about getting things done. My ankle didn't feel amazing on long run Saturday (oddly enough, it feels better on hills than on flat surface) but I'm trying not to worry too much. Extra icing and stretching will help.

So much fabulous fall weather this week- Autumn around here never ceases to amaze me.

All.the.freaking.motivation- I can't even tell you how awesome it feels right now. To feel that drive and passion for my training and how I want things to go the next few weeks until CIM. Feels so good to be out of that rut!

My whole 'goals' thing right now is really working well. Helps that I have a big goal (CIM) smack dab in the middle of this whole thing. California, I'm coming for you.

Spending a weekend in NYC, long run with Heather...and of course, cheering on my best friend Hollie in her first marathon! Plan on 2 posts about all of this...NYC Shenanagins and my thoughts on spectating at NYCM. 
I mentioned before I had a 'friend' going to run CIM with me. Well, Heather finally made it public that she was going...with an awesome post- check it out, because the graphics make me laugh every.single.time. Not only did I get to spend time with her in NYC, we will officially be hitting both coasts together in a matter of a month. Hell to the yes. 

1. Meal prep for the week 
2. Sugar-free week----->#EPICFAIL (you have NO idea.)
3. 3 Double digit runs and 2 non-running workouts

Next weeks goals:
1. Core Circuit (at least one round) each day!
2. Sugar-free week (splenda in coffee ok)--let's try this again!
3. 50 running miles

How was your weekend?

Do you meal prep EVERY week?

Friday, November 1, 2013

In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering: It's finally Friday!

In case you were wondering what I am doing this weekend...Heading out this afternoon to NYC with Heather to have a kick ass weekend in NYC cheering for Hollie (& Kristin[who is a running guide with Denise], Shannon, Jenna, Lora, Danielle, Laura [her 100th!] and so many others!). 

In case you were wondering what a YEARS SUPPLY of Designer Whey Protein looks like all boxed up.....
and out of said boxes....(this doesn't even begin to do it justice!)
[HUGE thanks to Lindsay C. for this opportunity- she's been a huge inspiration of mine and I was beyond excited when she told me I would be receiving this from one of her giveaways!]

In case you were wondering a good way to get yourself all emotional on a Friday morning while drinking your coffee at work..... The 37 Happiest things you see while running a marathon. I have truly fallen more and more in love with the marathon distance with each one that I have done, and this explains many of the reasons.

In case you were wondering about my workout yesterday...I skipped it (*GASP*). I had a busy day at work, and came home with only a little free time before going trick or treating with John's nephew. Could I have skipped T-O-T'ing so I could get things done, sure...but is it worth it to miss Halloween with my nephew? The kids are only little once, and I'd much rather walk from house to house holding a 4 year old's hand than sit at home kicking myself for not going. It was a recovery workout anyways, and my legs definitely appreciated the rest day. Trick-or-treating and then packing for NYC made for a pretty darn good night :)

In case you were wondering how long it takes Rock N' Roll to send you an Age- group award...The answer is roughly 2 months. My AG award for RNR Virginia Beach half marathon finally came in the mail this week! 

In case you were wondering, there are 37 days until CIM- in other words 37 days until I hit my goal of 3:15 right? Gotta stay positive and focus!

In case you were wondering about my October training- it was my lowest total mileage of the year so far (between running/biking/etc.), but for my running mileage it was middle of the pack for the year. Granted this month included a week of taper and a week of marathon recovery. Either way though, I am super pumped for November- I have a feeling it's going to be a great one!

In case you were wondering if this was going to end... 

Who else is going to be in NYC this weekend 
(running or spectating!)?

Have you tried Designer Whey?

What did you do last night for Halloween?

How was your October, & Anything planned for November?

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