Monday, November 18, 2013

I can see clearly now...

A week of clarity. Definitely the best way for me to describe this week.

Deleting my training plan for the week, taking things day by day, and giving myself a mental break was just what I needed. I honestly had no idea how this week was going to go. Obviously I still worked out, obviously I still got solid miles and time in- but I also got the stress relief, happiness and physical boost that I needed. This may not look like a week of stepping back- but it was, more than I can explain. Not being tied to a calendar with workouts or set paces and distances, and giving myself the freedom was not only smart, but necessary.

How do I know it helped? Mentally I am in a lot better place than I was after last week. I'm happier, less stressed and actually accomplished more things this week. Being productive outside of training is important- I mean... I don't get paid to run so obviously I gotta spend some time taking care of other things.

Scenes from an AWESOME long run.
60 Degrees in Upstate NY!!
Another way I know it helped? I had the BEST long training run I have EVER had. The distance was there, the paces were there and more than anything the happy thoughts and smooth strides were there.

I did have 2 complete rest days this week, which I think was a really good thing. Friday was busy all day with J's surgery and taking care of him when we got home. I definitely was down for a Friday night of relaxing in bed with munchies and movies with him. Sunday also was a rest day, which allowed me to get a lot of things accomplished with errands and things around the house.

Oh, and by the way I am quitting my job and changing my name. I went to watch roller derby with J's sister on Saturday night, my mind was blown. It was so awesome and those girls are seriously tough. His sister has played for a long time and is hoping to join one of the local teams (she played in Philly, but now lives here) now that she is getting back into shape after having kiddo #2. I am not even kidding, I went home and was like "J, I need a name, what can my name be?!?!". So if I fall off the face of the earth it's probably because I am out skating back and forth practicing falling on my rear. I might legit consider it some cross training.

Quick Run-Down
Wednesday: 6.22 mile run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 23 mile run
Sunday: Rest

Total Running Miles: 39.1 miles
Total Cross training time: 155 minutes

Goal 1.Take a new class...I tried Pilates-Yoga Fusion class and really really liked it. I like pilates and yoga but don't always have the patience to just go with it. That, combined with the fact that I'm seriously awkward at it- has kept me doing it at home and not taking classes. Since I am having a fun unplanned out week- this was a great way to try something new. Definitely going to be making this a regular thing!

Goal 2. Do a run with a group or friend. Thursday night Saucony was doing a group run testing reflective gear at one of the local running stores. Obviously I had to go since Saucony rep was going to be there. I ended up running into a few people I knew, and made for a great social outing and some easy miles.

Goal 3. I did log everything this week to see where I am at nutrition wise- and I am happy to say that I feel comfortable with it all. I have my sweets but I also have much less junk than I used to. I had a realization tonight while I was cooking for the week....this really is the healthiest I have probably ever been. Between nutrition, physical well being, mental well being and just general happiness- it's great to see the changes. If you had told me 5 years ago what my life is like today, I would have thought you were looking at someone else future and not my own.

What is in store for this week? This is my last real training week for CIM, which means some solid miles and workouts. It will be a good mix of workouts to keep me busy. I have a decent gauge where I am at in terms of capabilities for CIM right now, but I will wait until after this week to make some more concrete goal decisions for the race.

Goals for this week:
1. 2 Medium long runs (90-120 minutes)
2. 2 speed workouts ( 1 track workout, and 1 race [5 mile race Sunday])
3. At least 15 minutes of Stretching/Rolling/Core each day.

All 3 of my goals for the week are physical- because this is technically peak week. This past week I babied myself so to speak by going with the flow- now it's time to push myself. Being diligent with my workouts will pay off, but that is why I NEED to make sure I stretch and roll so I can push myself without pushing my body over the edge.

How was your week?

When was the last time you tried a new class?

Roller Derby, any fans? What could my name be?

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  1. Geeting time for yourself has much strong impact on a person's mind any one can think of. Its great that you took a break and canelled out the trianing plan. Best of luck for upcoming days.


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