Friday, November 8, 2013

Thoughts on NYCM

As many of you know, this past weekend I traveled down to NYC with Heather to spectate at the New York City Marathon. We knew we had to be there for Hollie as she ran her first marathon, as well as cheering on the MANY other people running the race. The weekend itself was amazing, and I have so many thoughts and emotions regarding it all.

You can check out the scenes here--->Pictures from NYC
[Yes you are allowed to laugh at us]

Other things....
- It was one of the most inspiring things I have witnessed. EVER.

- Heather and I were like kids on Christmas when we saw the lights of the lead cars signalling to us that the elites were about to come through. We were literally giggling and jumping up and down. I kind of wish there was a gif image of this for you.
  But since there isn't, pretend this is us. mmkaay.

- The crowds, the people from all walks of life--can't even process the amount of people. 

- Cheering for people you know, and don't can't help but smile. I'm pretty sure I had a perma-smile on my face all day.

- It was such an emotional experience. Knowing how hard these athletes worked to get where they are, how much they pushed through. I found myself holding back tears multiple times.

- Being there for my best friend as she ran her first marathon- nothing beat it.... Hollie has always been incredibly supportive of me and it was great to be able to pay it forward. She is a talented athlete and an even better friend, which is saying a lot. 

- This was a life experience. You can't witness something as big as the New York City Marathon and NOT be affected by it. I've watched marathons before, but this was unlike any other.

- NYCM has always been on my running bucket list, but I'm not jumping into it anytime soon. Boston will be my first 'major', maybe NYC in 2015?

- Because of our hotel location in relation to our cheering spot, Heather and I were able to stay in hotel for a while in the morning and watch TV coverage. This was awesome seeing the start, and watching the runner stories they were spotlighting. But we also stood cheering at our spot wishing we could watch the TV coverage at the same time as being out on the course cheering... like the dudes who wear headphones of football coverage...while they are at the NFL game. We wanted to know every detail of what was going on.

- I love the marathon, and am pretty convinced that after Wineglass, it became my official favorite distance. Watching this race really confirmed that for me- everything about it amazes me and inspires me. The power, the pain, the privilege of being able to run the distance--never ceases to bring me to that special place.

-One of the stories that we watched on TV prior to the race was about 24-year-old Tatyana McFadden. You can read her bio here. The short of it: Her life has never been easy- starting off as an 'unwanted disabled child' who was then adopted here in America (born in Russia). She has overcame so many obstacles, and has excelled beyond anything anyone could imagine. Not only does she have a handful of Olympic medals- but by winning NYCM wheelchair division this weekend, she became the first person ever to win 4 majors in one year (Boston, London, Chicago and NYC)--a 'grand slam' if you will.

-Logistically it is not an easy race- for runners or spectators. But I guess that's to be expected with 26 miles with bridges and ferries and a bajillion people roaming around the city.

-Seeing the added security was nice, NYRR did a great job making sure runners and their families and the folks in NYC were safe. It's sad that it has come to the point where you have to block off a huge area so no one can get near the finish, or that in general any of these added security measures had to happen. 

Okay, I'm done babbling even though I'm pretty sure I could discuss my thoughts on this forever. 

All in all it was an amazing weekend with friends, supporting the running community as a whole- and in Heather's words "geeking out on running things for 48+ hours".

Have you ever watched a race or sporting event that just made you very emotional?

Have you heard about Tatyana McFadden before, what do you think of her story?

Anyone else have thoughts on NYCM?


  1. Just one persons opinion, that's participated in all. The Chicago marathon ranks highest "all around" experience. Each and every marathon has special qualities. I rank: Chicago, Boston, MCM, NYC in that order. Just one persons thoughts.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I haven't ran any of them yet so I am excited to see! Boston in April and I'll tackle some more of the majors over the years!

  2. I think you should reenact that GIF. As much as I loved running this marathon next year is all about triathlons for me. My dad and I were talking about just going to spectate next year because it is such an awesome race.

  3. I think I would like to do NYCM someday but MCM is my #1. I would be so emotional there...same with the Army 10 Miler.

    I got emotional watching the IMWI 2012. Had some friends complete it which was awesome to watch. But what got to me was one man doing it in his firefighting gear. And another man doing the run portion with his ruck on his back. I know the pain of a ruck march and I can't fathom 26 miles of it after all the hours swimming/biking.
    The talk before the Tough Mudder got me good once too. I know alot of people think they're too expensive but the WWP is an outstanding organization. Worth every cent in my book :)

  4. I so wish i could have met up with to cheer for a bit. The city was so alive!!

  5. I love that you were there to cheer for Hollie! I wish I could say the marathon was my favorite- I'm just not sure my body is up for it... I've been thinking I need to shift my focus back to shorter distances again, we'll see!

  6. Watching the NYCM coverage on TV is an emotional journey. I can't imagine what it's like in real life! It's the same when I watch Ironman Kona. I bawl like a baby and want to do any and all races.

  7. I always watch the Boston coverage and watched NYCM coverage this year. It's so inspiring. I'm hoping to run it one year.

  8. I'm so jealous! I wanted NYCM to be my first marathon and thought they were still doing te 3x's not winning lottery is guaranteed type thing so I figured i would do that but now they aren't so... I just hope SOME time I get in. I doubt I'll ever time qualify (pretty positive actually) but maybe some day! I was so inspired watching I can only imagine how you two felt.

  9. I want to do NYCM eventually too. I'll shoot for 2015 as well, Id also like to do Chicago again. That's awesome that the Marathon is becoming your favorite distance - also sounds like you've gone crazy! You are definitely very talented at them - as well as all other distances! :)

  10. Wow watching the NYCM would very inspirational, I hope one day I can achieve a run like this!


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