Monday, November 25, 2013

Final 'training week' for CIM done- Let the taper begin!

Quick Run-Down
Wednesday: Easy 4.74 mile treadmill run, 60 minutes Barre Fitness
Thursday: 15 mile progression treadmill run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 13.65 mile run (10 with Jen)
Sunday: 1.5 mile warmup/cooldown run, 5 mile race

Total Running Miles: 48.9 Miles
Total Cross Training Time: 177 minutes

The Good
-Solid week of training, miles and time spent- not a bad way to finish out last 'training' week.
-Actually was good about taking some easy paces on some of my runs
-2nd Fastest 5 mile race- recap tomorrow or Wednesday
-Getting to run with Jen while she was visiting, loved being able to run and catch up on each others lives! 
-Didn't lose my mind even with 2 runs (including the 15 miler) on the treadmill. I don't mind treadmill really, it can be a great training tool- but it's just a big reminder that winter is coming.
15 miles on the treadmill at home, followed by treadmill roadkill after. 

The Bad
-My first barre class didn't go as well as I would have hoped, I will give it another try but I'm thinking it might just not be for me (or at least at this particular studio).

-Slipped and fell while warming up for Sunday's race. My entire left side is a little upset about this. This is also the same leg I ran into corner of filing cabinet with earlier this week- OUCH. 

-I'm tired, like really tired. Between work, training and studying- I am definitely struggling to keep up with logging the zzzz's.
Cute, isn't it? This was from the filing cabinet incident alone- can't wait to see what the fall on ice adds to this....
Up next...
This week, well CIM is 2 weeks away....meaning....bring on the taper. I'm actually excited for taper- yes you heard me right. As I said, I am definitely ready for some added sleep and rest- as well as excited for the fact that this taper is going to FLY by. Throw in a holiday, traveling, my PT test, on top of the normal work and such....I'm going to be en route to Sacramento before I know it.

I will not be doing a Turkey trot this year due to Holiday travel plans. Did you know Thanksgiving is the busiest race day of the year? It makes sense, run a little and eat a lot- my kind of day.

A few non-running things...
Was lucky enough to spend a good amount of time with my nephew Alden this weekend--- so stinkin' cute! He already has me wrapped around his little finger!
We also had a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's side of the family this weekend. John, Alden and I took a wee nap yesterday after dinner. Darn Turkey making us tired!
Oh and my mini goals for the week:
1. 10 Sun Salutations every night before bed ( I did this a few times last week and LOVED it)
2. Hit proper pace ranges for my runs. I.E. Easy paces (7:50-8:45), etc. Most of my runs this week will be easy except the one tempo run I have planned....Ahhhh taper!
3.  2 classes, and at least 1 run with another person. This has really helped my motivation making some of my workouts a little more sociable.
Reward--Shopping next week for new outfit to go to California! 

How was your week?

Do you have more than one Thanksgiving dinner to attend?

Who is racing a Turkey Trot?


  1. I was wondering this morning when CIM is. That bruise looks so painful! No more falling or anything before your race!

    1. Finally on the home stretch, then race day (and then some serious relaxing for the holidays!)

      Bruise luckily isn't too painful unless I hit it on something (which I do occasionally), life of a clutz.

  2. ahhh - Turkey Coma :) No thanksgiving for us this week (ours was early last month) - just a regular 'ol week for us.

    PS. So happy I can finally comment again! (the other one wouldn't work for me)

    1. Regular ol' week for you in the snow globe you're living in!

  3. I think the winter weather have really made me more tired then usual. It's not like I'm being anymore or less active. Who knows. Anyways I'm really jealous of you and Jen getting to run together. I want to join the party.

    I'm sorry about the fall. That looks pretty painful and hopefully it goes away shortly. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  4. No Turkey Trot here. The one in Charleston is over 6,000 people (I can definitely see how it's the busiest race day of the year bc of Turkey Trots since almost every town has one). That is a really big race to me and I just don't feel like messing with downtown just to run a 5K. I'm lazy like that. I'll probably run a nice little 5 miler around my hood instead.

    For a taper you are really busy! Good luck with your PT test and Thanksgiving, travelling, work, etc. Sun salutations and yoga in general are pretty awesome, I should try doing that before bed and hopefully I will sleep even better too (plus if it helps you sleep during taper that is also great).

    1. 6000 people for a 5k, yikes! We have a big one here in Rochester like that, i have never done it but it's the Webster Turkey trot and they get over 5000 people..CRAZY!

      The sun salutations before bed were really helping me feel more relaxed before bed!

  5. You amaze me every week Laura!!! You're gonna do great at CIM! No Turkey Trot for me...we will be traveling to and from my sister's house Thanksgiving Day so I just don't have time to add a race in there. But it's tradition to take a walk on Thanksgiving so I will definitely be doing that!

    1. Awe thanks Mindy!! Safe travels for Thanksgiving, hope you have a great time with your family and enjoy the walk!

  6. Just found your blog through Michelle. Ran a Turkey Chase 10k yesterday and I will be trotting a 5k on Thursday morning!

    1. Well thanks for taking a peek over into my little corner, Michelle is awesome for linking up to my blog!

      How did the 10k go? And another Turkey trot on Thursday-- Budy lady! I like it!

  7. Happy taper! That bruise looks painful. Not as painful as a 15-mile treadmill run. Yikes! I'm definitely not ready for winter. Running a Turkey Trot on Saturday. I've never done one before!!

    1. Thanks Karla! The Bruise is worse than that treadmill run- but it was close LOL.

      Good luck with the turkey trot on Saturday! Thats nice that it isn't right on thanksgiving so you have more time with family and traveling!

  8. TAPER! Yay so excited for you. Taper was my somehow both my favorite and most dreaded time of the competition season when I swam. It meant more sprint and start/turn work other than swimming countless 200s. Oh how I don't miss that.

    Kick ass reward for those mini-goals. Anything with shopping is a plus. You're going to kill your trainer exam. So many exciting things for you!

    1. I'm normally HORRIBLE about taper, but since I have been so busy and so tired lately I am really looking forward to it.

  9. You are such a rockstar! What a great week. Enjoy that extra rest. You will kill it at CIM.

    I like the sun salutation idea. I think I might have to steal that one :)

  10. This seems to be the time of year that everyone just feels beat...lack of sunlight, holiday plans, etc all add up.
    Way to embrace the taper!

  11. So jealous that you are running a marathon in two weeks!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Great week for ya! I went to one barre class...I did enjoy glutes were so sore afterwards! Hope you like your next one :)

  13. I do not have more than one Thanksgiving dinner to attend but only because my husband is not well to travel. We are going to celebrate on Sunday as I do not like my daughter to have to choose between us and her inlaws. Have fun on your taper! And be careful with that leg!


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