Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flying by the seat of my sassy pants...

So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying the whole 'fly by the seat of my pants' kind of training week I am having. Definitely reinforces the fact that I did the right thing by deleting my training plan for the week and just taking things day to day. 

At first I was a little freaked out deleting everything from my RunningAHEAD training plan, as well as my Google Calendar (yes I am a nerd.). I worried- will doing this mean I don't work out? Am I going to be too lazy? Will I lose progress for CIM? I asked myself lots of things...and then I realized the answer--- IT DOESN'T MATTER.

What does matter? 
Being happy, enjoying my workouts, being healthy, and doing what I NEED to do.

One of my favorite lyrics to relate to running "faith is moving without knowing"

So this week I have been letting go....
of my training plan
the need to plan each day out a few days in advance
stressing over things I can't control
the notion that pain or bad runs now mean I can't go for my PR in 24 days

What have I been doing?
Getting some serious studying done-- I do after all take my ACE Personal Trainer exam in 17 days. No big deal. (*okay, is).

Having fun with workouts
Tried a new class
Running however fast (or slow) and as long (or short) as I want
Deciding whenever I want to work out without worrying about what workout comes next

Taking care of myself. I haven't been paying enough attention to stretching, rolling, and strengthening which has left me with an angry Achilles and other parts. No fault but my own, so it's on me to fix this. Some days it bothers me and some days it doesn't- which is why playing it by year this week is incredibly important. If it bothers me during a workout- I stop and stretch and ice and that's it for the day.

Forgetting about the numbers & statistics. It's too easy to get wrapped up in numbers, so I have stayed out of my RunningAHEAD account all week (I'll log everything at the end). I love logging in and seeing my charts and graphs and goal progress, but this week I needed to ignore all of that. 

Tomorrow will still be playing it by year- as John's surgery is some time tomorrow but we don't know when yet. I'd like to say I'll work out while I am home with him afterwards, but I can't deny that there is a possibility I wont. This is his third this year so we have it down pat what to do afterwards. It involves errr "less healthy" foods, a big comfy bed, lots of blankets and pillows, and a movie marathon. Maybe I'll do both, maybe.

This weekend will be a little more planned than the rest of the week- I have an idea of what I want to get done but I'm not chained to it. I WILL be doing a long run this weekend, that is one thing I KNEW I had to stick to plan on--but I am happy with that! I'll go into it with a fresh mind and happy body from a good week!

How is your week going?

Any good Achilles stretches or workouts for me?

Weekend plans?


  1. So the CIM turned into a fun trip. In hindsight maybe your body just wasn't ready for another marathon "hard effort" this quick. Can you defer?

    1. CIM is still going to be a fun trip regardless, and I still plan on running the race. I just simply wanted to not follow a plan this week and just run by how I felt instead of focusing on hitting specific numbers or paces. I won't make any definitive goals until closer to the race, maybe I go for a PR and maybe I don't. Either way it will be a great trip, another state in the books!

  2. I think it's totally okay that you ditched "the plan" for a week and just listened to your body. It's not like you're laying around being a slug and going to lose fitness- you're not just focused on numbers, meeting a mileage or pace goal, etc. You're doing this for you- and that's perfectly fine. As far as CIM goes, it's a race. One of many. Hopefully you get the time you want, but there will be more races after it too. You'll have fun either way.

    And good luck studying for the personal training exam- yikes! You are a super busy girl (no wonder all the starbucks tweets, haha).

  3. You know I agree. There is no point of training hard if you are miserable. You have so much going on and I can only imagine. I know you are going to do awesome though on the test. Send John my well wishes!

  4. Snarky! Did u sign up to cross another state off your list or pr? Come on. Go have a ball and have fun. I know of color run maybe you would be interested in also. Just let me know.

  5. Hmm, I would say that it might...just possible to go for a PR, cross a new state off your list AND have a great time doing so. Maybe.
    My plan has been non-existent this week and I'm loving it. I'll be back at it next week, but for now I'm enjoying time with the Fam and sneaking in a quick (short) run if I can. If I don't, no biggie.

  6. First of all I love this title. Second, I really like the idea of taking a week to do what you want with training. Sometimes following a schedule can take the fun out of it and I think you race better when you had fun with your training

  7. Warm thoughts to you and John that his surgery goes well. Kudos to you for LISTENING to your body when it needs to get off the strict routine. I still think you have sub 3:15 in you for CIM. You put the work in and deserve it :)

    This weekend is a Badger game again and then making a fancy dinner Saturday night with Tyler. And discussing our upcoming trip to Minnesota. I think I'm going to try to talk him into running with me... I need the extra push with someone else since getting me to run is such a chore these days.

  8. I'm happy to hear your new game plan is working out even if it's not what you want to be doing being so close to CIM. Maybe you'll surprise yourself. Who knows? I'm just happy you're not making this into an even WORSE injury because, well, those just suck. Take care of John this week and enjoy plenty of movies with him. You can both be on the recovery front with each other! Fingers crossed for both of you :)

  9. Good for you! Sometimes we need to just slow down and enjoy life! As for your Achilles I really hope it gets better. I use the Trigger Point Therapy kit to roll out the back of my calf...which in turn keeps the achilles happy.

  10. I hope all goes well with the surgery.

    And I totally agree with you when you say "Being happy, enjoying my workouts, being healthy, and doing what I NEED to do" Yep! :)

  11. I hope the surgery goes well.

    I have not been keeping up with my workouts. I really need to.

    Good luck on the ACE exam! I'm sure you'll "ace" it. :)


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