Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend Shenanagins

This was a busy weekend, lots of fun & fitness, and my bank account kind of hates me right now.
I suppose there are worse things.

Work then a little shopping and lunch with mom. This however, is not why my bank account hates me.

Friday Night was spent relaxing and running errands. I have my phone on me at all times, assuming Megan is going to go into labor at any moment. She hasn't yet so I spent Friday night watching movies, and studying for some work things.
 (I'll explain more about studying for work another day, that's a whole post in itself

Early morning, as always for a race. 

Hollie & I warming up at Mendon Ponds
Hollie drove out to run Spring Forward 15k with me. We got to Mendon Ponds Park with a little time to spare after finding parking. We ran around warming up and attempting to not be miserable. It was chilly at the start, and we are both recovering from races so neither of us was extremely stoaked to race. The thing about the two of us is....taking it easy is not always easy for us. We both ended up having pretty darn good runs. She finished 4th for women and I was 8th woman. I beat my time on this course from last year, so I was happy. Especially since my legs were shot all week from the 30k last weekend.

Proof I look like a gremlin when I run.
This was the last half mile of the race.
Finished in 1:05:50 for 15k (9.3 miles)
I really wasn't sure what I was going to be able to run. All week my runs felt like crap and I had to simply focus on one foot in front of the other. The Spring Forward 15k course is also pretty challenging, the hills are tall and frequent. I managed somewhat even splits, besides some...erm..hiccups from 6-8 (most of the hills).
I didn't finish as strong as I would have liked, mentally and physically I was drained and wanted to be done.

The Dynamic Duo: Hollie & myself.
After the race, Hollie and I walked around catching up with people we knew and just taking it easy. There were so many people there that I hadn't seen in a long time so it was nice catching up, runners really are great people. 

After that, we went to lunch at a local Mediterranean restaurant and chatted over 12 cups of coffee.....each. Friendship is finding someone who needs caffeine as much as you do. Like seriously. After lunch we meandered across the street to Towpath Bike so I could admire the shiny expensive road bikes. I have been looking at a few different ones, and I had to go see them in person.

Like a little kid with my new wheels!
Later that day I brought John back to Towpath with me (hes my resident bike expert, and seeing as we are going to be getting hitched, big expenses sort of need to be discussed together). I had been looking at a Trek Lexa, and a Felt ZW100, and decided to start by trying the Felt out. They let me take her for a spin, and gave John a bike to ride with me. After 15 minutes of riding around and playing with gears, I was in love. A swipe of the debit card later (here is where my bank account started hating on me), and I was a proud new owner of a Silver Felt ZW100 and a new Bontrager Quantum helmet. 

It was an investment that I know will be worth it. With my first multi-sport event being a month away, and my first half iron a few months away I know I will be getting so much use out of it. One of the best things is that even though John just had knee surgery, he is allowed to bike. So even though we can't run together right now, he is able to go on some rides with me and give us some more time together.

We rushed home after getting my bike and got some food and were watching the Syracuse vs. Marquette NCAA Basketball game. I had my 'Cuse shirt on and was a happy little camper relaxing watching the game. John also laughed at me multiple times because he would come in the room and I would just be standing with my bike.
This was the point when I realized that my favorite 'cuse shirt matches my new silver and orange bike. WINNING #OrangeNation

On to Easter Sunday....

I spent my morning with my beautiful Kinvara's, but they were begging me for some easy miles so that's what they got. We did 7 easy miles around the city and felt great to just relax and run. Easy miles were just what my legs and mind needed to unwind and end the week on a good note. Beautiful morning for a run, it was peaceful out and weather was nice enough that only capris and a light long sleeve were necessary. This spring weather this weekend was wonderful, too bad winter has to be a pain in the ass and come back for the next few days (according to the weather man in the box). 

When I came back from my run, I was in for a rude awakening. I went to get in my car to go get some Starbucks and run an errand and my car was acting weird, kept shutting off when I would turn it over. John came down and helped me, after tinkering around and changing the spark plugs(thinking that would help), we were in for another rude awakening. There are some other problems under the hood, and for the time being I am crossing my fingers it isn't too serious. That's kind of my luck, I drop a pretty penny (okay, lots of pretty pennies) on a new bike, and the next day my car starts acting up. (thanks Murphy, you're an ass.) We managed to get it down the road to the shop so they can look at it in the morning, everyone cross your fingers please.

My Felt road bike, and John's Felt Tri-bike
In the early afternoon, John and I took our fleet of Felt's out for some miles on the canal. It was great to get my new wheels out there and see what they could do. Unfortunately the canal path was pretty packed today so we couldn't really fly, but it was good to be easy and focus on learning the gears and getting used to my bike. Can't complain about enjoying spring weather and riding bikes with my man, quality time together. We got roughly 9 miles in before we had to head home to get ready for Easter Dinner.

Easter dinner with my parents was great, good food (Prime rib, yummy!) and great company. Unfortunately didn't get to see my sister and her husband. She still hasn't gone into labor, hopefully within the next few days.We are all beyond anxious to meet this little man!!

Overall it was a good weekend, eventful and kind of tiring (not sure why it took so much out of me), but good all the same. This week I need to focus on getting base running and biking mileage in and LOTS of stretching. I am having a few issues (not injuries), that need some attention. I need to focus on them before they turn into injuries, so bring on the stretching, weights, foam rolling and ice.

How was your Easter weekend?
Did you manage to get some workouts in with the Holiday?
Ever had car troubles show up at the worst possible time?

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a Good Friday Indeed

Today is Good Friday, most people think of it as that for the Religious reasons. 
I will rarely (if ever..) post my religious beliefs (or lack there of) on here, same with politics. It's just not the place for it, as neither hold a huge presence in my life.

But for the sake of it, I'll say Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter weekend. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and spends time with loved ones, that's the most important part about holiday's, regardless of your beliefs.

Quick recap: 
Yesterday's run, 6 miles in 48 minutes. It felt like complete and utter poo from the moment I started. My legs feel heavy and tired and incredibly slow. I seriously expected to look at my Garmin and see 14 minute miles... how I ran straight 8's is beyond me. One damn foot in front of the other has pretty much been my running style all week. 
Translation: I'm not as recovered from last weekends unplanned speed-show at the 30k as I would like to be, even though I have been taking it easy all week.
Alternate Translation: Tomorrow's Spring Forward 15k with Hollie is going to be a shit-show, I have no idea what I'll be able to pull off, good thing it's not a goal race. Oh well, they can't all be good. (The guaranteed good thing is getting to see Hollie and go for fabulous food afterwards...) 
This was under my running coat for my run,
 had to start the 'cuse mojo a few hours prior to the game.
Post-run in my new spring running coat.
I spent the rest of the evening running errands, picking up packets for the race, putting together Easter baskets, doing laundry and making dinner. I even watched a little white-trash-TV while waiting for the 'cuse game to come on (9:45 PM start time). 

In case you haven't noticed, I am not just a running/fitness junkie, I LOVE sports too. I was the kid in the house always watching football with the guys, some very fond memories actually. My love for Syracuse Basketball came in Jr.High/High school. I used to go to games all the time and lived and breathed it during the season (remember when Carmello was dominating for 'Cuse, yeah I witnessed that on multiple occasions). It's pretty funny, because I can't play basketball to save my life but I love supporting 'Cuse. 
Fact: I love sports, but I don't really care about baseball (I know everyone is gearing up for opening day, don't expect updates on that from me. EVER.)
Making dinner and gearing up for the 'Cuse game.
Well in case you didn't know, Syracuse won which upset top seed Indiana (hell yeahhhh!). It was a good game, the Hoosiers didn't have a chance against our zone last night. We picked a good time to  get back into a good groove. I was also very happy that Marquette beat Miami (I didn't plan on this), because I think we have a better chance against them. 'Cuse is a championship team, Jim Boeheim is basically a hero of mine, and he can lead this team through anything. Excited to watch the game at 4:30 tomorrow!(must scatter off and do laundry so I can wear my favorite 'cuse shirt)

The weekend plans are pretty much "ideas" right now because my nephew could be coming at any time, and that would make plans go out the window so I can haul ass down to Elmira to be with my sister and her husband. I am so excited to meet this little man!

Workouts 'planned' for the weekend:
Friday: 60 minutes easy biking, 30 minutes weights/core
Saturday: 15k Race(erm. semi-fast run, I hope.), most likely a few added miles warm-up/cool-down
Sunday: 13 miles easy running, 2 hours biking

Do you watch college basketball?
What is your favorite sport (not including running/fitness)?
What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's up Wednesday

What's up Wednesday 
(this is what you get when I have 2 awesome posts I am working on, 
that just aren't quite ready yet!)

What's up with my running?
2 year Maraversary 3/26
I can't believe my next marathon is so close, a little over 50 days to go! Yesterday was my 2 year maraversary, 2 whole freakin' years since I ran my first marathon. Here I am training for numbers 5 & 6, my how time flies! Crazy to think how things have changed since then!
Yesterday: 5.2 mile shake-out/recovery run. Legs were still sore from Sunday's Around the Bay 30k, but I was very happy to be outside. 45 and sunny, therefore I didn't care how sore I was, I just wanted to run!
Today: I have an easy 6 miler on the schedule and am excited to hopefully get back outside! Legs are feeling better today (I did get a massage last night so that might have helped :) )

What's up with my Cross-training/Triathlon Training?
Last 2 weeks my XT/TT was kind of on the back burner in prep for at ATB30k this past weekend. I still did some but I wasn't focusing on it nearly as much. This week it's back to basics with running/XT/TT, gotta keep in a steady groove of training right now, too many races to worry about!
Today: I have a 70 minute endurance ride planned, as well as 30 minutes of laps in the pool.

What's up with my Nutrition?
My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal
I have been pretty good lately, but I do think I am going to log my food for a little bit. I do not log my food every day, I don't think it helps me to do it ALL the time. I am conscious what I eat every day, and make mental notes, and adjust my intake/exercise based on that. I do however, use a wonderful app called My Fitness Pal. I do this for a few reasons, it helps me monitor intake/caloric burn, helps me stay accountable for what I am doing and it helps me to gauge where I am at. You can log your food/drinks you consume (their database has anything you can think of, and if it's not in there you can add it!), and you can log your workouts and it estimates your burn based on your weight, and the intensity/length/type of workout. I found that doing this each and every day got to be too much for me, I was worrying too much about my weight and getting too focused on the numbers. This is why I only do it about one week a month, it really helps me see where I am at, and base my intake on where I am at in my training. Some people do it every day and that works for them. If you are trying to lose weight, every day logging is a good idea to hold you accountable.

I have been making some nutritional changes the last few months and I have noticed some changes in my health because of it. I have been making SMALL changes, I am not a person who can just up and change everything at once, I do better with small goals and baby steps.

1. First thing I have changed is I changed my pasta to gluten free. I don't eat a lot of it (I used to eat pasta all the time), but when I do I noticed the gluten free pasta doesn't give me that overfull feeling. I did eat regular pasta this past weekend at a friends house before the race and I was fine, but that was the first time in months I have had it, and I noticed a huge difference.

2. I have been forcing myself to eat right after I run/workout. I know that the first 30 minutes after a workout are the most critical for recovery, the things you do (stretching, etc.) and eat during that time are crucial. I never really liked eating right after a run, my stomach never liked it either. I have been really good lately about making sure I have at least something right after, whether it be a protein bar, yogurt, or some snack to re-fuel. I have noticed that I am recovering quicker and that I have been able to do more the following day after hard workouts.

3. My other nutritional change, is a sugar-detox that I will be doing next week. Laura from Mommyrunfast started this and I am excited to do it. The Sugar-Detox-Challenge starts April 1 and runs through April 7th. I am doing level 1, which is cutting out added sugars, but I will also cut out as much processed foods as possible. I will post over the course of the week on the progress of this challenge! Try it out, right after Easter really is the best time to do it!

What's up with work?
Life has been, BUSY to say the least. I can say though, it has been a good busy. Work has been good, we have a lot going on right now but my boss has been in helping a lot so it makes it easier. He has also taken time lately to appreciate the hard work I have been putting in. This job is still new to me, but I am learning more and more every day and I couldn't ask for anything else. As for my part-time night job at the restaurant, I haven't been there much because I have so many things going on. I worked Monday night but wont work there again until my sister has her baby. I am so worried she is going to go into labor and it's not as easy to just walk out of work from the restaurant as it is from the office.

Speaking of the baby...where is my nephew?
Well, he is still cooking! This is actually a good thing though, my mom is out of town until Thursday for work, so my sister needs to hold that little man in for at least another day or so. We are all on edge waiting for the call that she is going into labor, luckily my parents and myself get the first call as we are the furthest away (about 1.5-2 hours). My sister is under direct orders not to call/text me right now unless it's the baby, because every time she does I jump out of my chair and almost have a heart attack thinking I need to get my butt down to the hospital. I can't wait to meet this little man, we have been waiting for so long and I have never been happier for my sister.

What's up with wedding planning?
Planning has been slow lately....I looked at my Google Drive last night, and noticed the wedding spreadsheet (yes, I am THAT person), hasn't been updated since February. The good news is we have a lead on a potential place for the reception and are waiting for them to update menu's so we can set up a time to meet. It's nice knowing I have my dress already, and that there are some other things already taken care of. Once we nail down the reception venue I will feel a ton better and can focus on some of the smaller(but still important) things.

What's up with my Education?
I announced on my blog last week that I was enrolled in a program to become a Certified Personal Trainer (YAY!!!). I am still waiting for my books to arrive (I am not being very patient!), I actually emailed the company today because I don't have a FedEx tracking number (why didn't they send this to me when I signed up....UGH!). I am very excited to start the work and excited to be a nerd and spend my nights reading and learning about fitness and exercise (something I clearly have a passion for). I have also been on the lookout for a Running Coach certification course, I am on the RRCA email list, just waiting for a course to come semi-close to here and you bet I will be signing up. I think between my ACE certification and getting my running coach certification it will really help me be more well rounded and help myself as well as others.

If you have time, I'd love some input on a few things (that are for some future posts that I am working on) you can leave a comment or email me at with your input! I really appreciate you opinions, I am looking forward to creating some interactive posts:)

1.What makes someone a runner?
2.How do you define running vs. jogging?
3.What makes someone an athlete vs. recreation runner/cyclist?
4.Do you think there is anything that makes one person more of a runner than another?
5.How do you feel about All-Womens events?
6.Do you think men have a right to complain about said events?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Around the Bay 30k

The Around the Bay 30K road race.The Around the Bay 30k is the oldest race in North America ("Older than Boston" is it's slogan!). Yesterday I went for an 18.6 mile run with about 7,000 other people around the bay in Hamilton, Ontario. This is a race I can say I will definitely be doing again, next year it will be the 120th Anniversary. In all there were about 12,000 participants (30k, relay, 5k) .

The morning started like most race mornings...EARLY. We were up at 4:15 and out the door by 5. We got to Hamilton about 2.5 hours before the race(we saved extra time for border crossing and parking...). The time actually went by quick, we tried staying warm inside the Copps Coliseum, got some food, changed, and stretched out. Also ran into Jamie from Couch to Ironwoman, and her husband Mike. Chatted up with them for a few. We all had the same goal, get a good quality long run in as preparation for the Cleveland Marathon.

Getting to the start line was one of the most stressful times of the entire day. I was getting anxious, and just wanted to get outside to the start but there was NO WAY that was happening quickly. It was the biggest mess I have seen, people everywhere and no one was moving. Everyone was standing in one place, or trying to move towards the stairs to get down to the doors. Then you had those 'less smart' people who were trying to be the salmon swimming upstream which was clogging it up even more. Not to mention we were trying to shield John because he was on crutches and I was in serious "protective fiance mode", I swear that if someone hit his knee 2 days after surgery I would have absolutely lost my shit. We were trapped in the crowd for a while and I was getting even more anxious and started getting very nauseous because of it. Finally we got out of the coliseum but had to get to the car quick, say a quick goodbye to John and leave him on his crutches while the 4 of us  hauled ass to the starting corals.

My nerves were so out of wack at the start. It's more than a half and less than a full, what the hell am I supposed to be thinking about! This was one of those times I was overjoyed to be in Coral A, because I could start closer to the front and have less crowd to fight. I was able to get into a groove pretty quick, but a quicker groove than I had planned. I went into this race with a goal of 2:15-2:25 (quite the spread...but it was a long training run), and I like starting out slower so I can finish strong. That plan went out the window almost instantly. My first few miles were almost identical, 10k split was 45:49 (7:22 pace). I decided to just go with it, took a risk and said I'll try and hold it for a while then back off if need be.

The first 15k of the course, I was very disappointed. It was depressing, very industrial area, not much to look at, and the roads were NOT in great shape. Cracks everywhere and potholes I could have gotten lost in. There was a stench throughout the first few miles (and last few coming back into the city), I think someone should call the sewer company because that was not pleasant! I also kept going "Where the hell is the bay?!"(I was already planning in my head, writing about the false advertising of the race name. hahaha). Finally around 15k there it was, beautiful breathtaking view of the bay, clear blue skies over the water and the sun shining down as we crossed over the grated lift bridge. This was also the point a Twitter/Dailymile friend Dave recognized me, BY MY SNEAKERS AND SAUCONY HAT. (Maybe it's because I post pictures of them all the time?). We chatted for a few, then went on our way, and I decided to try and stick behind him for a while, knowing he was shooting for a faster time than I was. This is where my I took my second risk, but I figured 'hey, it's worth a shot'.

A little over a mile to go, energy level LOW.
The rest of the course was much prettier than the first 15k, nice small neighborhoods, and more things to look at. The last 10k was rolling hills, the only one that really got me was the damn hill around mile 16-17, I am pretty sure I cursed more than a few times (This was my slowest mile split for the entire race.). In the last 10k you also run by what I assume to be the resting place for all of the dearly departed in Ontario. This cemetery was HUGE, the only one I remember being at that were bigger were the cemeteries in Normandy when I was in France in 2002.

Throughout the course I bee-bopped to my music, high-fived little kids, tried not to focus on the distance, and just keep moving. My legs felt pretty damn good, my issue was the fact that my stomach kept cramping. The left side kept getting the worst cramp, and nothing would make it better. I fueled with shot blocks and water( I know for a fact I didn't take in enough though...I can pinpoint this as a major error).

[2:16:14] 53/3325 females!
The last 2 miles or so I had to dig deep. I was tired, and my stomach was cranky, and all I wanted was to cross the finish and find John. I spent the entire last mile trying not to get sick on the lovely spectators, and almost bit it going down the steep ramp into the coliseum. (I'm glad I didn't but it sure would have made for a great story). I took my sunglasses off and put them on my hat, and gave it what I had in me passing about 5 people in the last 100 feet, crossing the finish line in 2:16:14 (7:18 Average pace).

I was the 466th finisher of 6848 overall, and the 53 female out of 3325 (top 1.5%!). Lastly I was 18th out of 397 in the age group 25-29. Success!

I'm really not sure where the BIG CHEESY grin came from.
But I'll take it :)

 The race ended inside the Copps Coliseum, which was cool, and they had the entire lower level set up for runners (medals, food, water, etc). Liz (one of the people I went up with) caught up to me while I was gingerly walking around aimlessly, she finished in 2:18! While walking around, we had the pleasure of seeing a man strip down to tighty whities ONLY in the middle of a crowd (Come on, I really DON'T need to see things like that.)Then we went up and found John camped in the stands with his crutches being an awesome spectator. I have to give him some props here, he was supposed to run the race with us but instead had 2 knee surgeries within 50 days and still came to play "race mom" for the 4 of us running.
John and I after the race :)

Around the Bay 30k 2013
Overall I think it was a well run race 
(they have been doing it for 119 years!)

here's some thoughts...
*Great medals and race shirts
*Course wasn't over challenging but wasn't super easy either
*Rearrange booths/setup within the Coliseum to avoid the clusterf* that there was in the morning ( Don't put expo booth right by stairs)
*Don't tell people they can't use the escalator while you stand there and block it (when J came back in after the start the escalator was running but some guy wouldn't let him use that or the elevator) even though he was on crutches.
Great NB shirts and Medals!
*Plenty of Food/water after the race for runners, that was very good!
*I was pleasantly surprised how many spectators there were along the course
*Each kilometer was clearly marked and had a running/inspirational quote on it, I really liked that!
* Good amount of water stops along the way
*Disposable chip timing was commemorative with name on it

*They should have put signs up for directions to Corals 
*Grim reaper at top of hill, I give them credit for this

The last thing to mention about this race is:
*Stop the trains & Have some respect!I didn't experience it personally this time, but I read online after the race that there was a group of people that got stopped part way through the race for a train. I had this happen 2010 Buffalo race, it's not fun. I can understand why those people were angry. Even if they weren't set to win or anything, you train so hard and have a goal and then a train runs through stopping you?!?!?!
It is one thing to get stuck at a train(things happen), but to have a race director say this:
NO THOSE PEOPLE WERE NOT HAPPY FOR A BREAK! And the stop happened around 10:15 AM, according to things that I read by other runners, not at Noon. It's disrespectful of the race director to say that it's okay as long as it didn't affect top runners. He needs an attitude check! Every person there was a 'runner' and worked to train for that race and was there to run and have a good experience. Whether you ran 6 minute miles or 15 minute miles you should get the same level of respect! Like I said, this did not affect me, but I feel very sorry for those it did affect. And I seriously hope the race director understands that he was wrong for what he said.

[Photo from CBC .CA ] Do these people look happy about this to you????

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)
I do recommend this race(as I also recommend the R.D. apologize to runners), it was a good race and a great training run. The timing falls great for spring marathons, I know so many people were there to get in a good quality training run for an upcoming race! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A day till' the Bay

 First and foremost just happy that everything went well yesterday with J's surgery, he's recovering well. After we got home, it was a wild party. Food, movies, laying around and not doing much of anything (I swear this tires me out more than exercising does...). This was his 2nd knee surgery in 50 days (both knees had same injury), so at least we know what to expect this time.

Tomorrow I am running Around the Bay 30k... so many things going through my head as the race draws closer. ( I love racing, but I still get the heeby-jeebys beforehand...)

This is my first distance race of the year (ohhhh boy)
Such an odd distance... 18.6 miles? (my OCD does NOT like this)
This will be a great training run for the marathon in May (quality semi-fast long run?)
I would like to run 7:40-7:45 (my marathon pace from last fall) (Should be doable)
I should be able to run 7:15-7:30 pace (if I was training specifically for this race)
I have only done a few longer runs so far this year, do I have enough endurance right now? (self-doubt)
If I bonk, I need to remember it's a training run and not the end of the world (this is hard for me)
The last few miles are downhill, and finish indoors (stadium), and my man will be waiting on crutches for me:) (happy thoughts, happy thoughts)
This is going to be a fun weekend, going with the H2B, his twin brother, and their friend. 
(Time with the boys! No drama!)
What if my sister goes into labor this weekend? ( I told her to hold that little man in!)
Aw crap, I am running a 15k race 6 days after a 30k race.... (what ever happened to a nice round number race?)
What do I want to do for fuel for this race? (shot blocks? Power bar gel bursts?Beer? Reeces?)
No matter what it's a PR because I have never raced this distance before...(Sweet! Auto-PR)

No matter what I pick, you'll be able to see me
I will be bringing a few different outfits for the race with me. Right now the weather report looks like it will about 27-33 degrees for the race, with 5 mph winds. My biggest hope is that the sun is out and the wind stays tame (running by the water, wind can make it seem a lot colder!). I can handle the cold (I'll still grumble about it...), I even got some new leggings yesterday at Fleet Feet. They were having a sale and I got Mizuno leggings for dirt cheap! (Winning!) They're black with pink streaks and they fit good. Normally I wouldn't try something new for a race but I think I can get away with breaking these in tomorrow. I need to keep my tree-trunk-legs warm for the race! I won't make final wardrobe decisions until the morning.

We are heading out this afternoon and staying with a friend in Buffalo (who is also running the race in the morning). Will be a nice night of dinner and relaxing. We have to be up early to get on the road, also have to leave extra time to cross the border. I'm sure I will have dreams tonight about missing the race due to being detained at the border, at least I know they're coming.

Pre race snacks!

most important things attached right to my bag!!!

Are you racing this weekend?
Have you ever run a 30k? What are your thoughts on these 'odd distance' races?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Facts Friday

Schedule today will be different than normal, working for a little bit then heading to a local surgical center. J is getting another knee surgery, & I will be there for a few hours then home playing 'nurse Laura' for the rest of the evening! :)
[Basically an excuse to sit in bed with him and watch movies and write down all of the funny things he says while on pain killers... ( I could write a book on the things he said last time!)]
So instead of a 'typical' post, I decided to go with something different, a whole bunch of random facts....enjoy!

2 Days until next race 
3-10 Days until my Sister's baby is born (she's convinced he will be early)
8 Days until I get to run with Hollie and eat fabulous food after
36 Days until my first Duathlon
58 Days until Marathon #5
72 Days until my first Triathlon
114 Days until my first 70.3
198 Days until Marathon #6
395 Days until my first Boston Marathon
533 Days until Our wedding*

Good old Google to the rescue! So excited! 2014 is going to be EPIC.

2=Number of Knee Surgeries my Fiance has had in last 50 days (today being #2)
5=Number of people who live in our house at this moment
1=Number of bathrooms in our house(See above statement...yes I'm serious)
3=Average number of chocolate milk glasses I drink I week
4=Average number of PB&J sammies I eat a week
13= Number of times I have checked the weather for Sunday's 30k between last night and this morning
23=Age I was when I ran my first Marathon
4= Number of tries it took me to BQ (based on new standards)
27=Age I will be when we tie the knot (My birthday is 2 days before the wedding!)
3= Typical number of espresso shots I have each day
3= Number of total nephews I will have come June (they're all getting spoiled!)
7= Number of things on my to-do list right now

*In 2012 42% of all marathon finishers were female
*In 2011 there was an estimated 518,000 marathon finishers (highest ever)
*In 2012 the Chicago Marathon had the highest number of finishers out of any marathon that year(world-wide)

*Running places up to seven times your body weight in pressure onto your feet. (Justification for expensive supportive shoes...)
* On average, 1 pound of muscle burns 9 calories/day where as 1 pound of fat burns only 2 calories/day. (reasons to be fit....)
*For every minute you spend walking, you extend your life by 1-3 minutes (get moving!)
*Underwater swimming is the only time you should hold your breath while exercising! (I forget this when I lift weights sometimes)
*Regular exercise is linked to better sex, because it can improve body image, energy, self-esteem and overall fitness ( just saying...)
*It only takes 100 too many calories a day to gain 10 pounds/year. (That's not that what you eat!)

*Temperature can affect appetite. A cold person is more likely to eat more food  (Mother Nature, you're a bitch. Winter be gone!)
*Americans collectively consume approximately 900 billion calories each day (That's a lot, like a real lot)
* 2/3 of American's are overweight (We hear this a lot, but not nearly enough..)
*Eggs contain the highest quality protein (good thing I love omelettes)

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT GOOGLE (the all knowing machine) (Reference)
*Google was first incorporated as a private company on September 4, 1998 (that's my birthday!)
*In Feb 2002, Klingon became one of Google’s 72 language interfaces (Seriously??)
*In January 2003, the American Dialect Society voted the word “Google” as the “most useful” Word of the Year for 2002 (I think I say Google at least 10 times a day, if not more)
*“Google knows more about you than your mother.” (so true...)
*The first Google storage was made from Legos. Google needed an expandable and cheap way to house 10 4GB hard drives (as a Lego Lover, this made me proud)
*Google offers full-on gourmet meals three times a day for its employees. Free food is so tempting that Googlers risk the “Google 15” weight gain, which is similar to the “Freshman 15.” (eek, don't let me work there!)

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT WEDDINGS (just because...) (Reference)
*Early Roman brides carried a bunch of herbs, such as garlic and rosemary, under their veils to symbolize fidelity and fertility and to ward off evil. These herbs served as a precursor to the modern bridal bouquet.(Guess I better put some basil in my Bouquet)
*Wedding rings are often placed on the third finger of the left hand because ancient Egyptians believed the vein in that hand (which the Romans called the “vein of love”) ran directly to the heart (aweeeee)
*Nearly all cultures have showered the wedding couple with symbolic food. For example, the French throw wheat, Sicilians throw wheat bread and salt, and the English throw pieces of cake. Early Romans or Greeks threw nuts, dates, and seed-bearing plants. Bulgarians have thrown figs (glad I am not English or Bulgarian...oww my eye! oh that was just a fig)
*Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was three yards wide and weighed 300 pounds (mmmm cake.)
*Because eyebrows are considered intensely alluring in the Orient, historically the bride’s eyebrows were shaved entirely, rendering her powerless to attract a man (All I can think of is Tierra on The Bachelor..."I can't control my eyebrows!" ohhhh the drama!)

Some of these may have been helpful
Some of these may have been useless 
But I hope some were at least entertaining!

Have a great weekend! :)

What are some random facts about you, your life or anything in general that you know??

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung

It's the first day of Spring, who the heck forgot to send Mother Nature that Memo????
30 degrees, windy and cold. Snow flurries here and there. Icy sidewalks and snowy areas. NOT spring.

Since mother nature needs a little boost, 
I made sure to do some spring like things today, 
with hope that she gets the hint!

Running outside!
photo courtesy of my Garmin app on my phone, because for some reason my Garmin account wont show the charts or the map...Need to message someone about this!  (7:48 average pace)
I bundled up in some leggings and a bright colored hoodie and hit the streets. The wind was beyond ridiculous, I felt like I was standing still a few times. Only downfall of spring...apparently it makes the crazies come out, I had a creepy guy in a truck follow me and honk/yell at me the last few lights before my house. I ran around the block to make sure I lost him before going home, didn't need that creepo knowing where I live. My pepper spray is going to make it's way back into my running gear. Overall though it was a good run, ran really consistent paces and for the most part felt good (besides an 'ab cramp' that appeared a few times).

Hey Mother Nature I got my nails done,
do me a favor and warm-up so I can show them off :) Thanks!
Hot towels and purple nail polish...yes please.

Dress for Spring
Wore my amazing NB spring-like shoes while doing errands
Semi- Springy

Spring Cleaning
I did some of this yesterday and will do more today. Cleaning the bathroom, getting rid of dust bunnies (hard task when you live in a house that is 100+ years old), organizing and freshening things up. Not only does a clean house make me happy, but it also makes me feel better. I am allergic to mold, and dust tends to send me into sneezing fits, so keeping clean is key for me. Can't get sick now, race season is beginning and lord knows it's going to take a miracle to get me through all I have planned this spring/summer as it is!

Rotated the closet
Seeing as I have limited closet space as it is right now (only a few more weeks!), I have to rotate the clothes a lot. I took my cold weather things and made them less accessible, and made sure to bring out some more spring-like/warmer weather things! I know you think I am crazy for doing this, considering the weather report isn't looking up anytime soon. But seriously, if M.N. knows that my extreme cold weather items are put away maybe she will help me out and give me some cool weather temps with a little spring rain, I'd be A.O.K. with that. Just saying.

Top 10 reasons I want Spring to be here 
( you know how much I love lists...seriously.)
  1. I am ready to walk out my front door and run....without having to spend 30 minutes layering up before and 60 minutes after the run delayering and thawing out.
  2. Less laundry...less layers...less laundry...and let's face it...booty shorts take up much less room in the washer than leggings and hoodies do! I feel like I am ALWAYS doing laundry right now.
  3. Running with speed and without fear... I have gotten some quality workouts in outside this winter I can't deny that. But I am ready to get some more speed work in and beyond ready to not watch every step for fear or snow or ice accidents. I like dry roads or rainy roads any day over icy roads...yes I am glacial profiling. (ha.) I want to go run and not worry about falling on ice, or jumping over snowbanks... I have enough coordination issues without those obstacles.
  4. Cute Clothes... I'll be the first to admit that I could clothe a third world country with the amount of clothes that I have. When I made the move into the house a few weeks ago I even got rid of a few bags full and still have plenty more. But I'll be very honest that my spring/summer/fall clothes are much cuter than my winter bundle-up clothes. I mean my cute pumps and wedges and flip flops are sad looking on my shoe rack. Very jealous of all the boots and sneakers getting used. Those cute sundresses and spring colored clothes are doing no good in my closet...let them be worn!
  5. Let there be light.... yes daylight savings brought some more light into our days, but I'm ready for sunlight and not the damn light reflecting off of the snow/ice. Seasonal depression is a real thing, and I am beyond over it. Come on people, we all want to be happy. Duh.
  6. Race Season.... it is no secret that I love racing. I love the adrenaline rush, I love seeing other runners and cheering people on. I love that accomplished feeling, this is why we work through the winter, to be stronger come spring.
  7. I am ready to take advantage of being outside more. Not just for running. I live near so many things that I can walk to but due to snow and crap weather, choose to drive. I love the thought of walking to Starbucks for my morning coffee, or walking to Cobb's hill Park to watch the sunrise over the city. I look forward to relaxing outside, and watching everything turn green and see things bloom. Life is prettier in the spring, without the grey drear of winter. Green is the new brown.
  8. This spring is a very exciting time for me and my family. My sister is due to have her first baby in 2 weeks (Yay for being an Aunt!), and my sister-in-law-to-be is due with her second son in June! Yes, John and I will have 3 nephews total! Also this spring, wedding planning for me is really going to get thicker...the wedding is less than a year and a half away (1 year 5 months and 17 days, but who is counting???). My parents also purchased a second home this year, it is an old friend of the families cabin in the Thousand Islands. Lots of time will be spent there making it our family vacation home and honoring the previous owner Jim who knew me since I was born. ( he passed away 2 years ago). There are lots of races this spring for myself, and many of my friends. I will also be spending the spring helping the H2B come back from knee surgery (Friday), so I can't wait for him to be running and exercising with me again! Like I said, big spring!
  9. People come out of hibernation! Seeing people outside, catching up with friends, traveling to see people, more of this happens when we aren't living in the tundra. Let's be social people.
  10. I get to use some fabulous new training gear! New bike (should be mine soon!), new spring running clothes, Kinvara 4's come out soon, oh so much running and training gear to be excited!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Inspiration of the day: The Biggest Loser is such an inspirational show about hard work and dedication and it makes me cry.... every time. I watched last nights episode today, and as always, it was emotional, moving and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. I don't care what demon you are fighting (weight, drugs, depression, anything), seeing a show where people fight the odds and push through struggles can be extremely motivational. It's incredible to see the transformations (both physical and the personality changes), these people are making positive and healthy lifestyle changes that will affect them and their families for the rest of their lives. I have watched this show for years, and it never ceases to amaze me. Need a boost or a pick-me-up, give it a shot to watch. Last night was the finale so it might be a while but I am sure you can watch all the past episodes on NBC or on HULU.
Danni Won last night's B.L, she has been my favorite contestant out of ALL the seasons, and she is an amazing inspiring woman.
2. News of the day: I am officially enrolled in a program to become a Certified Personal Trainer. This is something I have talked about for a long time, but never started. It's something I am interested in (clearly), and something I am passionate about and think I could really help people, and help myself. After researching the MANY different organizations to get certified though, I finally decided on American Council on Exercise (ACE), which is NCCA accredited. I am extremely excited to embark on this learning journey. This past year has been a year of big changes, and I am finally taking control of my own life, and doing what is right for me. I'll share my educational journey on this blog, so look for more about my ACE training! This is something that for the time being will be a  "thing on the side" (Because my 2 jobs aren't enough??) but, I know that the more I get into it, and the more experience I get.....this is going to be a lifelong journey and look forward to this becoming a MUCH bigger part of my life.

3. Song of the day: "I'll Follow you" by Shinedown
This song has always reminded me of my Fiance, since the very first time I heard it. But in general it is a great song, and one of my favorite lines is... 
"The first step is the one you believe in,
 the second one might be profound"
I take that line to mean so many things. It takes a lot to make that first step in anything, new relationship, letting something go, new journey, new adventure, making a stand, whatever it is, the first step is the hardest. Being able to make the second step, that says even more.

4. Rant of the day: Stop inserting yourself into other peoples lives, just let it go and move forward with your own life without trying to interfere with others. If you can't be happy with what you have and where you're at, being vindictive and self-righteous isn't going to make that any better. Second song of the day..."Playing god" by Paramore 

5. Run of the Day
Easy 3 mile run on the treadmill, my body and mind are ready for spring and therefore revolt anytime I hit the mill lately. More motivation to get myself outside tomorrow!
[3 miles in 25:30 (8:30 pace)]

6. Workout of the Day
25 Minute warm-up on recumbent bike (6.7 miles)
25 minutes of Stretching and Abs

7. Next Race: 5 days away! ~Around the Bay 30k~
I'd like to say I feel really confident heading into this race, but I can't. I know I have the ability to run 18.6 miles (very odd race distance, maybe that's just me), but I know I am not in a position right now to run my fastest at this distance. I have never raced this distance, so no matter what it is a PR, so I just need to go into Sunday with a clear head. I know how to race a half, and I'm getting better at the full distance, so I should be able to pull off a respectable time for something in between.

8. Some things I am currently excited about:
*43 days until Saucony Kinvara 4's are released
*I have fabulous new Avon pedicure supplies to try out!
* I may have a lead on a great place for a wedding reception!
*The number on the scale is currently lower than it was last time I checked (about 6 weeks ago....yes I seriously go that long if not longer without checking)
*Recently bought some new books that I can't wait to dive into!

9. Spring is almost officially here.....
(Hopefully someone sent that memo to Mother Nature)
Rochester, NY 2012-2013....what a difference... ugh!

10. My Nephew is due to enter the world 2 weeks from today!
 I am hoping he comes a few days early and can be our Easter baby! Our whole family is very excited for this little man to enter the world, my sister and her husband have moved heaven and earth to have this baby.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I am ready for it! Excited to have things to look forward to!
Time to cuddle up with my man and watch 'Zero Dark Thirty'.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend in Vermont in pictures

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. Much needed mini-vacation to Vermont for the weekend. We stayed with our friends Corey & Marie and their adorable 2 year old daughter. Lots of walking around and eating yummy things, and good time with great people. 
Our Friends Adorable Daughter and I
Looking down from the Magic Hat Brewery Tower.  H2B & Giada looking up.

Burlington, VT Waterfront

This is for Hollie @FueledbyLOLz

John and I at the Burlington, VT Waterfront, I was hunching over shivering because it was SOOOOO cold!

Burlington VT Waterfront

Champagne Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry
It was amazing for the record.

Mountain view on the way home <3 ADK's
Driving through the mountains on the way home
Crossing the New Champlain Bridge on the way home, one side is VT and other is NY

I didn't get workouts in (besides walking around) this weekend. Sunday morning was planned run but it was 14 degrees and snowing when I got up, and well I was a baby and didn't want to risk getting sick or hurt running in a new area. It worked out well though and allowed us more time with our friends who we don't see often.

I was going to run when I got home, that plan changed when I went to get into my running clothes and realized I was having an allergic reaction to something. Was itchy and red head to toe. A shower, some anti-itch lotion and 2 benadryl later, I was passed out. J threatened to put pot holders on my hands because it was so bad I couldn't stop itching.

I'm bummed I didn't run for last 3 days, and it's not great for my training but I am going to live (Obviously) and it isn't the worst thing in the world. With a 30k race this coming weekend, a little time off is a good thing, allow my legs time to prepare. I'll get back into things, a few days won't make me lose my fitness but mentally we all know I am kicking myself in the rear.
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