Saturday, March 23, 2013

A day till' the Bay

 First and foremost just happy that everything went well yesterday with J's surgery, he's recovering well. After we got home, it was a wild party. Food, movies, laying around and not doing much of anything (I swear this tires me out more than exercising does...). This was his 2nd knee surgery in 50 days (both knees had same injury), so at least we know what to expect this time.

Tomorrow I am running Around the Bay 30k... so many things going through my head as the race draws closer. ( I love racing, but I still get the heeby-jeebys beforehand...)

This is my first distance race of the year (ohhhh boy)
Such an odd distance... 18.6 miles? (my OCD does NOT like this)
This will be a great training run for the marathon in May (quality semi-fast long run?)
I would like to run 7:40-7:45 (my marathon pace from last fall) (Should be doable)
I should be able to run 7:15-7:30 pace (if I was training specifically for this race)
I have only done a few longer runs so far this year, do I have enough endurance right now? (self-doubt)
If I bonk, I need to remember it's a training run and not the end of the world (this is hard for me)
The last few miles are downhill, and finish indoors (stadium), and my man will be waiting on crutches for me:) (happy thoughts, happy thoughts)
This is going to be a fun weekend, going with the H2B, his twin brother, and their friend. 
(Time with the boys! No drama!)
What if my sister goes into labor this weekend? ( I told her to hold that little man in!)
Aw crap, I am running a 15k race 6 days after a 30k race.... (what ever happened to a nice round number race?)
What do I want to do for fuel for this race? (shot blocks? Power bar gel bursts?Beer? Reeces?)
No matter what it's a PR because I have never raced this distance before...(Sweet! Auto-PR)

No matter what I pick, you'll be able to see me
I will be bringing a few different outfits for the race with me. Right now the weather report looks like it will about 27-33 degrees for the race, with 5 mph winds. My biggest hope is that the sun is out and the wind stays tame (running by the water, wind can make it seem a lot colder!). I can handle the cold (I'll still grumble about it...), I even got some new leggings yesterday at Fleet Feet. They were having a sale and I got Mizuno leggings for dirt cheap! (Winning!) They're black with pink streaks and they fit good. Normally I wouldn't try something new for a race but I think I can get away with breaking these in tomorrow. I need to keep my tree-trunk-legs warm for the race! I won't make final wardrobe decisions until the morning.

We are heading out this afternoon and staying with a friend in Buffalo (who is also running the race in the morning). Will be a nice night of dinner and relaxing. We have to be up early to get on the road, also have to leave extra time to cross the border. I'm sure I will have dreams tonight about missing the race due to being detained at the border, at least I know they're coming.

Pre race snacks!

most important things attached right to my bag!!!

Are you racing this weekend?
Have you ever run a 30k? What are your thoughts on these 'odd distance' races?


  1. I found your blog through a person who found my blog through yours. You have a great blog and thanks for linking to mine. I hope you get something out of it. It's amazing how many people read a blog you never know about.

    I plan on adding a link back to your website. Do you remember how you found my blog?


    1. I found yours through someone elses, sorry I don't remember who. Its nice to pass along people's blogs though, helps you find things you can relate to!

  2. I'm glad that I already know how you did (does that sound weird or what?). Great race and I think it is of more to come. I hope you didn't get detained at the border. I always had nightmeres of that too...border patrol down in Texas was really intense and scared me just driving through.


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