Friday, March 1, 2013

February Review

I know that February is a short month, and a crappy short month at that, but I'm still baffled by the fact that it is already over. Maybe it wasn't as bad as past February's, simply because we actually escaped the tundra for a few days and hit the beach in Florida. Other than that though, I legitimately can't stand this month.  It's cold, snowy, crappy, harder to run outside, the sun is nowhere to be found, seasonal depression sets in (causing therapy bills to go up...thanks mother nature, you're a damn peach), and there just isn't much good to say about it. But anyways I guess I should focus on the things I did get done this training, and vacationing, and training on vacation, and training after vacation....wait when is my next vacation? Okay okay, back on track.

....By the Numbers....

2013 Goals
Running miles: 12.16% of goal completed
Cycling miles: 12.75% of goal completed

February at a glance
Well it's no secret I struggled with some things this month, but hey I got through it. Only injury complaint I have is this damn nagging pain in my right calf that I have been occasionally getting, I think I am going to have to spend a good chunk of time with my foam roller and calf sleeves to work this thing out. Overall though, this was a good month, numbers are up from last month and I know that March will be even higher. Marathon training is starting to get more intense (kind of), and Half-Ironman training officially starts this month. Normally this would freak me out, but I have been throwing in a lot of tri stuff into my training recently to help build up to official 70.3 training. 

February's life outside of training
Well, this month was busy as always, lots of work at both jobs, but I did get a vacation (first in a long time!) We spent a few days in Florida on the coast with my in-laws and had a great time. The weather was fabulous, and it was great to run outside without needing 8 layers of clothes. 

Fiance & I on the beach at Honeymoon Island (Florida)

Also made a big change this month, I MOVED!! Finally living in the house with my man :) No more apartment, which I am a little sad about, but at the same time I am beyond ready to start the next chapter of my life. Moving is generally a pain in the ass, but this wasn't as bad as I'd have expected. Still have a lot to do to settle in, but it's getting there and I have never been happier.

March Outlook
March is going to be a great month, I am going into the month optimistically. Marathon #5 training is still underway and 70.3 training will be kicking off officially in a few weeks. I forsee a lot of miles, lots of salt baths, and a lot of quality time with compression gear. My first races of the year are going to be this month, starting with a 5k in my hometown next weekend (just added this one to the schedule). I MAY be running Johnny's 5 miler as planned, but we also may head to Vermont for the weekend, so we will see. My first ever 30k is this month, Around the Bay 30k to be precise. Not sure how ready for it I will be, but it will be a good training run and a good experience for me. And I will finish the month racing The Spring Forward 15k on March 30th, good news is I'll have a partner in crime for this, Hollie is planning on coming out and running it as well! Speaking of that crazy girl, she is amazing and is coming out to visit me this weekend and run 18 miles with me, I am beyond excited to have someone to run with, I am sure I will have plenty of stories to discuss about this epic run come Monday. Lastly I will be making a large purchase this month, in the form of 2 wheels, introducing a new road bike into my 'gear'! I am still shopping around and trying to find the best one suited for me, if you have any suggestions or advice on this, please let me know!

Questions at the moment.....
What fun things do you have planned for March?
Any advice on Road bike shopping/selection/purchasing?

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  1. I hear you on February sucking. So glad that month is over...

    Hope March is awesome for you!


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