Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's up Wednesday

What's up Wednesday 
(this is what you get when I have 2 awesome posts I am working on, 
that just aren't quite ready yet!)

What's up with my running?
2 year Maraversary 3/26
I can't believe my next marathon is so close, a little over 50 days to go! Yesterday was my 2 year maraversary, 2 whole freakin' years since I ran my first marathon. Here I am training for numbers 5 & 6, my how time flies! Crazy to think how things have changed since then!
Yesterday: 5.2 mile shake-out/recovery run. Legs were still sore from Sunday's Around the Bay 30k, but I was very happy to be outside. 45 and sunny, therefore I didn't care how sore I was, I just wanted to run!
Today: I have an easy 6 miler on the schedule and am excited to hopefully get back outside! Legs are feeling better today (I did get a massage last night so that might have helped :) )

What's up with my Cross-training/Triathlon Training?
Last 2 weeks my XT/TT was kind of on the back burner in prep for at ATB30k this past weekend. I still did some but I wasn't focusing on it nearly as much. This week it's back to basics with running/XT/TT, gotta keep in a steady groove of training right now, too many races to worry about!
Today: I have a 70 minute endurance ride planned, as well as 30 minutes of laps in the pool.

What's up with my Nutrition?
My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal
I have been pretty good lately, but I do think I am going to log my food for a little bit. I do not log my food every day, I don't think it helps me to do it ALL the time. I am conscious what I eat every day, and make mental notes, and adjust my intake/exercise based on that. I do however, use a wonderful app called My Fitness Pal. I do this for a few reasons, it helps me monitor intake/caloric burn, helps me stay accountable for what I am doing and it helps me to gauge where I am at. You can log your food/drinks you consume (their database has anything you can think of, and if it's not in there you can add it!), and you can log your workouts and it estimates your burn based on your weight, and the intensity/length/type of workout. I found that doing this each and every day got to be too much for me, I was worrying too much about my weight and getting too focused on the numbers. This is why I only do it about one week a month, it really helps me see where I am at, and base my intake on where I am at in my training. Some people do it every day and that works for them. If you are trying to lose weight, every day logging is a good idea to hold you accountable.

I have been making some nutritional changes the last few months and I have noticed some changes in my health because of it. I have been making SMALL changes, I am not a person who can just up and change everything at once, I do better with small goals and baby steps.

1. First thing I have changed is I changed my pasta to gluten free. I don't eat a lot of it (I used to eat pasta all the time), but when I do I noticed the gluten free pasta doesn't give me that overfull feeling. I did eat regular pasta this past weekend at a friends house before the race and I was fine, but that was the first time in months I have had it, and I noticed a huge difference.

2. I have been forcing myself to eat right after I run/workout. I know that the first 30 minutes after a workout are the most critical for recovery, the things you do (stretching, etc.) and eat during that time are crucial. I never really liked eating right after a run, my stomach never liked it either. I have been really good lately about making sure I have at least something right after, whether it be a protein bar, yogurt, or some snack to re-fuel. I have noticed that I am recovering quicker and that I have been able to do more the following day after hard workouts.

3. My other nutritional change, is a sugar-detox that I will be doing next week. Laura from Mommyrunfast started this and I am excited to do it. The Sugar-Detox-Challenge starts April 1 and runs through April 7th. I am doing level 1, which is cutting out added sugars, but I will also cut out as much processed foods as possible. I will post over the course of the week on the progress of this challenge! Try it out, right after Easter really is the best time to do it!

What's up with work?
Life has been, BUSY to say the least. I can say though, it has been a good busy. Work has been good, we have a lot going on right now but my boss has been in helping a lot so it makes it easier. He has also taken time lately to appreciate the hard work I have been putting in. This job is still new to me, but I am learning more and more every day and I couldn't ask for anything else. As for my part-time night job at the restaurant, I haven't been there much because I have so many things going on. I worked Monday night but wont work there again until my sister has her baby. I am so worried she is going to go into labor and it's not as easy to just walk out of work from the restaurant as it is from the office.

Speaking of the baby...where is my nephew?
Well, he is still cooking! This is actually a good thing though, my mom is out of town until Thursday for work, so my sister needs to hold that little man in for at least another day or so. We are all on edge waiting for the call that she is going into labor, luckily my parents and myself get the first call as we are the furthest away (about 1.5-2 hours). My sister is under direct orders not to call/text me right now unless it's the baby, because every time she does I jump out of my chair and almost have a heart attack thinking I need to get my butt down to the hospital. I can't wait to meet this little man, we have been waiting for so long and I have never been happier for my sister.

What's up with wedding planning?
Planning has been slow lately....I looked at my Google Drive last night, and noticed the wedding spreadsheet (yes, I am THAT person), hasn't been updated since February. The good news is we have a lead on a potential place for the reception and are waiting for them to update menu's so we can set up a time to meet. It's nice knowing I have my dress already, and that there are some other things already taken care of. Once we nail down the reception venue I will feel a ton better and can focus on some of the smaller(but still important) things.

What's up with my Education?
I announced on my blog last week that I was enrolled in a program to become a Certified Personal Trainer (YAY!!!). I am still waiting for my books to arrive (I am not being very patient!), I actually emailed the company today because I don't have a FedEx tracking number (why didn't they send this to me when I signed up....UGH!). I am very excited to start the work and excited to be a nerd and spend my nights reading and learning about fitness and exercise (something I clearly have a passion for). I have also been on the lookout for a Running Coach certification course, I am on the RRCA email list, just waiting for a course to come semi-close to here and you bet I will be signing up. I think between my ACE certification and getting my running coach certification it will really help me be more well rounded and help myself as well as others.

If you have time, I'd love some input on a few things (that are for some future posts that I am working on) you can leave a comment or email me at with your input! I really appreciate you opinions, I am looking forward to creating some interactive posts:)

1.What makes someone a runner?
2.How do you define running vs. jogging?
3.What makes someone an athlete vs. recreation runner/cyclist?
4.Do you think there is anything that makes one person more of a runner than another?
5.How do you feel about All-Womens events?
6.Do you think men have a right to complain about said events?


  1. Those are some great changes with nutrition. I like that you're not completely cutting out pasta- just making it gluten free. It's important for athletes to have carbs and it drives me crazy when people go all paleo crazy unless it's for an actual dietary need. Congrats on your two year maraversary! I hope I can say that someday :)

    1. Keep at the running and you'll get there. Trust me, I never thought I'd be celebrating a maraversary!

  2. I'm also doing the sugar detox challenge which I hope breaks my sugar eat crash eat more cycle.

    I think all women events are a great thing and I haven't been able to particpate in one but noticed there are a few set up a few hours from where I live.

    Hope your nephew waits until your mom is back in town to make his appearance!

    1. I think good things are going to come for us from doing the Sugar detox challenge!

      Thanks for the input!

      My mom gets home tonight, my nephew just has to wait a little bit longer!

  3. Those are some very thought-provoking questions. I used to not consider myself a runner because I am slow. But through the countless miles and the PASSION I have for running I have realized I damn well am a runner. If you lace that shoes up and give what you can give-then you are a runner. Too many people (myself included) compare themselves to other runners and belittle their accomplishments and achievements.

    I'm on the fence about all-women events. I think it's a great idea but I am not entirely sure it is necessary.

    1. Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated and will be putting it towards the posts I am working on!

  4. Your plate is full! And what a good sister you are to be ready to go for your sis when she needs you!

    Sounds like you have been playing recovery well. Smart!

    Ok--on all-women's races...I think they can be a good thing if they get women active who otherwise might be intimidated. We have an IronGirl tri here in town and the women I see doing that love it and I don't think many of them would try a "regular" race. Men shouldn't get their panties in a bunch over it!

  5. If you run you are a runner :)

    You define yourself!

    Good luck with your training!

  6. Great training! It sounds like you are being very, very smart.

    I've only done one women's only race - LoziLu. It was really fun! I'm hoping to do Zooma in the fall. If men have a problem with it, tough!

    1. Trying to be smart, an injury would throw things off right now. Hell I can't even afford a cold right now!

      Men have a problem with all women's races because it's something they can't show off in.

  7. I have a lot to say about this post but I think I'm going to mostly focus on the nutrition aspect (and will probably talk your ear off this weekend). I have not been paying close attention to my nutrition and am struggling to refocus back (as a backlash my diabetes/blood sugars have been so off this week). So that is on the top of my to do list (another reason this weekend probably won't go that well).

    I have noticed such a big difference when I eat right after a workout versus waiting. I def recover a ton faster.

    1. We can have a long talk about all of it this weekend, looking forward to running and to getting time to chat with you about these things! Like seriously, and of course the food after the run :)


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