Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung

It's the first day of Spring, who the heck forgot to send Mother Nature that Memo????
30 degrees, windy and cold. Snow flurries here and there. Icy sidewalks and snowy areas. NOT spring.

Since mother nature needs a little boost, 
I made sure to do some spring like things today, 
with hope that she gets the hint!

Running outside!
photo courtesy of my Garmin app on my phone, because for some reason my Garmin account wont show the charts or the map...Need to message someone about this!  (7:48 average pace)
I bundled up in some leggings and a bright colored hoodie and hit the streets. The wind was beyond ridiculous, I felt like I was standing still a few times. Only downfall of spring...apparently it makes the crazies come out, I had a creepy guy in a truck follow me and honk/yell at me the last few lights before my house. I ran around the block to make sure I lost him before going home, didn't need that creepo knowing where I live. My pepper spray is going to make it's way back into my running gear. Overall though it was a good run, ran really consistent paces and for the most part felt good (besides an 'ab cramp' that appeared a few times).

Hey Mother Nature I got my nails done,
do me a favor and warm-up so I can show them off :) Thanks!
Hot towels and purple nail polish...yes please.

Dress for Spring
Wore my amazing NB spring-like shoes while doing errands
Semi- Springy

Spring Cleaning
I did some of this yesterday and will do more today. Cleaning the bathroom, getting rid of dust bunnies (hard task when you live in a house that is 100+ years old), organizing and freshening things up. Not only does a clean house make me happy, but it also makes me feel better. I am allergic to mold, and dust tends to send me into sneezing fits, so keeping clean is key for me. Can't get sick now, race season is beginning and lord knows it's going to take a miracle to get me through all I have planned this spring/summer as it is!

Rotated the closet
Seeing as I have limited closet space as it is right now (only a few more weeks!), I have to rotate the clothes a lot. I took my cold weather things and made them less accessible, and made sure to bring out some more spring-like/warmer weather things! I know you think I am crazy for doing this, considering the weather report isn't looking up anytime soon. But seriously, if M.N. knows that my extreme cold weather items are put away maybe she will help me out and give me some cool weather temps with a little spring rain, I'd be A.O.K. with that. Just saying.

Top 10 reasons I want Spring to be here 
( you know how much I love lists...seriously.)
  1. I am ready to walk out my front door and run....without having to spend 30 minutes layering up before and 60 minutes after the run delayering and thawing out.
  2. Less laundry...less layers...less laundry...and let's face it...booty shorts take up much less room in the washer than leggings and hoodies do! I feel like I am ALWAYS doing laundry right now.
  3. Running with speed and without fear... I have gotten some quality workouts in outside this winter I can't deny that. But I am ready to get some more speed work in and beyond ready to not watch every step for fear or snow or ice accidents. I like dry roads or rainy roads any day over icy roads...yes I am glacial profiling. (ha.) I want to go run and not worry about falling on ice, or jumping over snowbanks... I have enough coordination issues without those obstacles.
  4. Cute Clothes... I'll be the first to admit that I could clothe a third world country with the amount of clothes that I have. When I made the move into the house a few weeks ago I even got rid of a few bags full and still have plenty more. But I'll be very honest that my spring/summer/fall clothes are much cuter than my winter bundle-up clothes. I mean my cute pumps and wedges and flip flops are sad looking on my shoe rack. Very jealous of all the boots and sneakers getting used. Those cute sundresses and spring colored clothes are doing no good in my closet...let them be worn!
  5. Let there be light.... yes daylight savings brought some more light into our days, but I'm ready for sunlight and not the damn light reflecting off of the snow/ice. Seasonal depression is a real thing, and I am beyond over it. Come on people, we all want to be happy. Duh.
  6. Race Season.... it is no secret that I love racing. I love the adrenaline rush, I love seeing other runners and cheering people on. I love that accomplished feeling, this is why we work through the winter, to be stronger come spring.
  7. I am ready to take advantage of being outside more. Not just for running. I live near so many things that I can walk to but due to snow and crap weather, choose to drive. I love the thought of walking to Starbucks for my morning coffee, or walking to Cobb's hill Park to watch the sunrise over the city. I look forward to relaxing outside, and watching everything turn green and see things bloom. Life is prettier in the spring, without the grey drear of winter. Green is the new brown.
  8. This spring is a very exciting time for me and my family. My sister is due to have her first baby in 2 weeks (Yay for being an Aunt!), and my sister-in-law-to-be is due with her second son in June! Yes, John and I will have 3 nephews total! Also this spring, wedding planning for me is really going to get thicker...the wedding is less than a year and a half away (1 year 5 months and 17 days, but who is counting???). My parents also purchased a second home this year, it is an old friend of the families cabin in the Thousand Islands. Lots of time will be spent there making it our family vacation home and honoring the previous owner Jim who knew me since I was born. ( he passed away 2 years ago). There are lots of races this spring for myself, and many of my friends. I will also be spending the spring helping the H2B come back from knee surgery (Friday), so I can't wait for him to be running and exercising with me again! Like I said, big spring!
  9. People come out of hibernation! Seeing people outside, catching up with friends, traveling to see people, more of this happens when we aren't living in the tundra. Let's be social people.
  10. I get to use some fabulous new training gear! New bike (should be mine soon!), new spring running clothes, Kinvara 4's come out soon, oh so much running and training gear to be excited!


  1. Spring needs to be here, like yesterday. I am not looking forward to going home to cold and snowy weather. I want to run in shorts, sit and feel tan again, and feel the sun beating on me. Winter is just so dreary! Now that spring has sprung, hopefully we can finally enjoy the outdoors again!

  2. I am so over winter. I think I complain to my boyfriend on the daily about how the 10degrees is making me grouchy non-stop. I would take 90-100 degrees over this crap!
    I feel like my running mojo will return once it's nice out again. So many fun things to look foward to. I think a pedicure is going on my schedule for next week to get me in the mood for spring to finally arrive =]

  3. By lets be more social, you do realize it means...let's let Hollie live at my house and run together all the time. Though with all of our clothing that might not work out that well LOL. I saw this meme that said "Spring is here...oh wait no I live in Rochester NY". I'll have to find it and post it on your wall LOL.

    1. I'm glad you knew what I meant when I said "lets be social" because I really did mean that the trips between here and oswego(both ways) are going to happen more frequently!


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