Friday, March 29, 2013

It's a Good Friday Indeed

Today is Good Friday, most people think of it as that for the Religious reasons. 
I will rarely (if ever..) post my religious beliefs (or lack there of) on here, same with politics. It's just not the place for it, as neither hold a huge presence in my life.

But for the sake of it, I'll say Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter weekend. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and spends time with loved ones, that's the most important part about holiday's, regardless of your beliefs.

Quick recap: 
Yesterday's run, 6 miles in 48 minutes. It felt like complete and utter poo from the moment I started. My legs feel heavy and tired and incredibly slow. I seriously expected to look at my Garmin and see 14 minute miles... how I ran straight 8's is beyond me. One damn foot in front of the other has pretty much been my running style all week. 
Translation: I'm not as recovered from last weekends unplanned speed-show at the 30k as I would like to be, even though I have been taking it easy all week.
Alternate Translation: Tomorrow's Spring Forward 15k with Hollie is going to be a shit-show, I have no idea what I'll be able to pull off, good thing it's not a goal race. Oh well, they can't all be good. (The guaranteed good thing is getting to see Hollie and go for fabulous food afterwards...) 
This was under my running coat for my run,
 had to start the 'cuse mojo a few hours prior to the game.
Post-run in my new spring running coat.
I spent the rest of the evening running errands, picking up packets for the race, putting together Easter baskets, doing laundry and making dinner. I even watched a little white-trash-TV while waiting for the 'cuse game to come on (9:45 PM start time). 

In case you haven't noticed, I am not just a running/fitness junkie, I LOVE sports too. I was the kid in the house always watching football with the guys, some very fond memories actually. My love for Syracuse Basketball came in Jr.High/High school. I used to go to games all the time and lived and breathed it during the season (remember when Carmello was dominating for 'Cuse, yeah I witnessed that on multiple occasions). It's pretty funny, because I can't play basketball to save my life but I love supporting 'Cuse. 
Fact: I love sports, but I don't really care about baseball (I know everyone is gearing up for opening day, don't expect updates on that from me. EVER.)
Making dinner and gearing up for the 'Cuse game.
Well in case you didn't know, Syracuse won which upset top seed Indiana (hell yeahhhh!). It was a good game, the Hoosiers didn't have a chance against our zone last night. We picked a good time to  get back into a good groove. I was also very happy that Marquette beat Miami (I didn't plan on this), because I think we have a better chance against them. 'Cuse is a championship team, Jim Boeheim is basically a hero of mine, and he can lead this team through anything. Excited to watch the game at 4:30 tomorrow!(must scatter off and do laundry so I can wear my favorite 'cuse shirt)

The weekend plans are pretty much "ideas" right now because my nephew could be coming at any time, and that would make plans go out the window so I can haul ass down to Elmira to be with my sister and her husband. I am so excited to meet this little man!

Workouts 'planned' for the weekend:
Friday: 60 minutes easy biking, 30 minutes weights/core
Saturday: 15k Race(erm. semi-fast run, I hope.), most likely a few added miles warm-up/cool-down
Sunday: 13 miles easy running, 2 hours biking

Do you watch college basketball?
What is your favorite sport (not including running/fitness)?
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I'll need to do some extra miles too...probably to warm up if anything. Shit show for the both of will be....great...the food afterwords will more then make up for it.

    I was glad Syracuse won. I only really watch sports when it' a sport around me. I'll follow Syracuse here...I'll follow ODU in don't enjoy baseball at all.

    I do like NFL though. Don't be shocked if I haven't left your house and join you for some sport watching...if my legs feel like today...well I'm not going anywhere very quickly ha ha

  2. I do TKD and really enjoy watching the :)

    College Football is not as big here as it is in the U.S. I could be wrong or just my interest isn't quite big enough for it LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm not a HUGE basketball fan. I'd rather play basketball than watch it. As for other sports, I LOVE to watch swimming & diving. I also like gymnastics...maybe it's because I'm not coordinated enough to do those, so they fascinate me. Lol. As for plans for the weekend...I have none. I hope you have a great weekend!


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