Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend in Vermont in pictures

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. Much needed mini-vacation to Vermont for the weekend. We stayed with our friends Corey & Marie and their adorable 2 year old daughter. Lots of walking around and eating yummy things, and good time with great people. 
Our Friends Adorable Daughter and I
Looking down from the Magic Hat Brewery Tower.  H2B & Giada looking up.

Burlington, VT Waterfront

This is for Hollie @FueledbyLOLz

John and I at the Burlington, VT Waterfront, I was hunching over shivering because it was SOOOOO cold!

Burlington VT Waterfront

Champagne Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry
It was amazing for the record.

Mountain view on the way home <3 ADK's
Driving through the mountains on the way home
Crossing the New Champlain Bridge on the way home, one side is VT and other is NY

I didn't get workouts in (besides walking around) this weekend. Sunday morning was planned run but it was 14 degrees and snowing when I got up, and well I was a baby and didn't want to risk getting sick or hurt running in a new area. It worked out well though and allowed us more time with our friends who we don't see often.

I was going to run when I got home, that plan changed when I went to get into my running clothes and realized I was having an allergic reaction to something. Was itchy and red head to toe. A shower, some anti-itch lotion and 2 benadryl later, I was passed out. J threatened to put pot holders on my hands because it was so bad I couldn't stop itching.

I'm bummed I didn't run for last 3 days, and it's not great for my training but I am going to live (Obviously) and it isn't the worst thing in the world. With a 30k race this coming weekend, a little time off is a good thing, allow my legs time to prepare. I'll get back into things, a few days won't make me lose my fitness but mentally we all know I am kicking myself in the rear.


  1. Sometimes a weekend off the regularly scheduled exercise is just what you need. It looks like you had an awesome weekend. Chocolates and pancakes and walking around in a winter wonderland is just perfect.

  2. I had to take off my long run last weekend due to my cornea. I honestly think that is part of the reason I did so well yesterday. I'm glad you had such a good time though and that you are alive. I really don't know what I would do if you weren't LOL. then I'd literally have no friends in upstate NY.

    1. LOL I am glad I am alive too! I've never had an allergic reaction that bad before. John just kept staring at me because I was jumping around like someone threw Mexican jumping beans at me. I couldn't stop itching and I was literally red head to toe. Thank goodness for benadryl knocking me out or I'm sure he would have done it himself.

      And you did as well as you did yesterday because you're awesome, and I could only hope to do that good next weekend!

      P.s. less than 2 weeks!!!!!!


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