Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend in the ROC

Here's what I can tell you about this weekend, it was a great weekend, with some notable running, some normal life stuff, some blues bar and southern food, a dash of drama and an overall happy ending to the week.

Friday was a long day, and not really part of the weekend. I worked at the office all day and then the restaurant all night. Even though it was a 16+ hour day, it actually wasn't too bad, just long.

Saturday was a much better day, it was my "back to life, back to reality" day (cue En Vogue music). My fiance and I are finally settling into a new schedule and routine now that I live in the house with him. Get up, run some errands, clean the house, go for a run, relax, go out to dinner, and finish the day relaxing with a movie (currently in the process of watching all of the batman movies...we're nerds together). To elaborate on a few things... errands meant going to get cleaning supplies and cleaning the house meant me going on a cleaning rampage through the bathroom and the 100 year old hardwood floors in the house. I think my cleaning should count as a yoga workout because some of the positions I was in trying to clean everything top to bottom, made me break a sweat. (This house, well, it's kind of like a man-cave, and hasn't had a good cleaning in a while....I don't plan on taking over the house yet now that I live here, but you bet it will be cleaner!) 

Saturday's Run 5.41 miles (8:03 Average)
Ran outside in the afternoon, nice easy run to check out the road conditions and get some easy miles on the feet to prep for Sunday's 18 miles. The weather was nice, cold but not too bad. I had a cut on my foot from a pair of boots I wore a few days prior, this cut was very small but I put a band-aid on it before the run. The whole run I felt the band-aid moving but didn't think anything about it. I came home all happy.....
 Oh hey I'm happy I just ran outside, and felt great :)

My runners high wore off the moment I pulled my shoes off. Although I felt no pain in my right foot where the cut was, I pulled my shoe off to find this.....
I was shocked to see this, but confused because I didn't feel this AT ALL. My little cut decied to ruin some socks, tie-dye my right Kinvara, and freak me out wondering what the hell I did. After showering and cleaning up, I found my tiny little cut, no it hadn't gotten bigger, and no it wasn't a blister gone wrong. One tiny little cut made for a Prefontaine style massacre. (The scene in Without Limits where he pulls off his shoe to see a bloody mess).

Anyways, I recovered from that...obviously. But I did manage to freak out J when I sent him a picture message of my foot and he thought I was in the emergency room. Nope, no emergency room, just a tiny little shit-head of a cut that wanted to bleed out over the course of 5 miles.

We had a great night at dinner with my parents at Beale Street Cafe to celebrate my raise at work (oh yeah, that happened Friday at the office), and to celebrate life in general. Things have been going good for everyone in my family right now, and it's really nice and makes me very grateful. Confession: I drank 2 Guinness at dinner! I very rarely drink at all anymore, but damn I love that beer.

Now finally onto Sunday Funday (today)..... woke up early to get my body ready for an 18 miler. This is my longest run since my last marathon in November and I was worried how it was going to go. Hollie was wonderful enough to drive to Rochester from Oswego and run with me. We bundled up (cold and snowy Morning), and set out for a nice relaxed run. Little did we know, we were in for a shock to find out how much we have in common. 18 miles gives you lots of time to talk, even though it only felt like we were running for a little bit. It was refreshing to talk to someone about the things that I love like running and training, and have them understand where I am coming from. Even on general life things, we have a lot in common right now and it's nice to be able to vent and bounce things off of one another. We ran 18.01 miles in 2:49:49 and I was beyond happy to finish the run feeling fresh (and cold), and feeling like I could have gone forever. Taking it easy means we will bounce back quick, and still got solid training time in. Hollie has a half marathon in 2 weeks (and is going to kick ass), and I am getting into my more intense training for everything I have going on this year. 

After the run we went to Jines for omelettes and lots of coffee. Amazing omelette and a great time continuing our conversations and getting to know each other. We have already decided that we need to go here after Spring Forward 15k  at the end of the month for another post run meal. 

Now it's relaxing time, and time to plan out the week for work, workouts and everything else. It is going to be a busy one for me, but I love my life and I love how things are, and settling into a routine has made me beyond happy for life with my man. ( I know I know, mushy gushy lovey-dovey stuff, but give me a break...a girl is allowed to be happy when things are going right, and she has a wonderful man by her side to go with it)

What did you do this weekend?
Have you ever come home from a run to find you were injured and didn't know it?


  1. AH. I had seriously had such a good time today and it was fantastic how much we have in common. I only wish we lived closer seriously. I hope you have been as lazy as me tonight watching movies, pretending to foam roll and compressing LOL. I will see you, the coffee and the omelettes in a few weeks. :-)

  2. Awesome job on your 18! I love those long runs with friends when you're not worrying about pace at all. Sounds perfect!


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