Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pittsford Turkey Classic 5 Mile Recap

This past Sunday, I ran the Southeast YMCA Pittsford Turkey Classic 5 Mile (yeah, long enough name). I have ran this race for the last 4 years now and have really grown attached to it. Its small town, family feel with a good course and great amenities. By great amenities I mean they have AWESOME food after, homemade hot soups, pizza, and all your normal post race foods (fruit, bagels etc). Don't judge me, come on- post race food is important! Another perk of this race is that is starts and finishes at the YMCA (a really nice one too) which has locker rooms to store stuff and warm place to change and relax afterwards. Okay, the actual race itself is great too- there aren't many 5 mile races around here so I like to jump at them when I can.

In 2010 I ran this race in 35:10 (7:02 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 6th Female], I remember feeling so happy that I ran this time for my first 5 mile race.

In 2011 I ran this race in 34:30 (6:54 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 3rd Female] Exactly 7 days after running the Harrisburg Marathon (the one I ran 8 weeks after Rochester).

In 2012 I ran this race in 34:26 (6:53 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 4th Female] Exactly 7 days after Marshall University Marathon where I earned my first BQ (and 16 minute PR).

This year I ran this race in 33:10(6:38 pace)[Placed 1st AG, 2nd Female] Exactly 2 weeks before CIM. Apparently you can go a little faster when you don't run it a week after a marathon, novel idea.

Okay, a little more about it this year.

10 things that will sum it all up for you....

1. It was 17° and about 10-14 mph winds with snow/ice covered roads

2. I slipped and fell while warming up, in front of a large group of people. It was kind of like this, only not as cute.

3. I contemplated not running the race because I was afraid of getting hurt after that, CIM 2 weeks away-- last thing I needed was injury from being a clutz.

4. I started about 5th female and made my way to second by mile 2 and that is what I finished in. (1st place was pretty good amount of time ahead)

5. First mile was my fastest, miles 2/3 were slowest last mile was 2nd fastest.

6. I slowed down a ton around 2.5 because we were in residential neighborhood that the road wasn't cleared. I felt myself slipping every step so I pretty much played the balancing act waving my arms around praying not to fall(again).

7. Race outfit/Gear: Saucony Omni Tights, Gap Long sleeve base layer, Saucony Neon Pink long sleeve, Saucony Curve Crusader Sports Bra, Saucony Kinvara socks, Saucony Kinvara 4 GTX, Cheapo Knit gloves, Cheapo headband, Garmin 405 (somehow this thing is still kicking).

8. This was 12 seconds away from my PR- Can't wait to demolish that in the spring. I ran this at the same pace I did that hilly 10k in September, so obviously I have more in me for a 5 mile race that didn't come out this time. 

9. I felt strong for this, considering I went in with no time goal I was pleased. I think I have taken the last few weeks of training smart and hopefully that pays off for CIM. 

10. I ate my weight in homemade chicken noodle soup and pizza afterwards while waiting for my award (which was a $25 gift card to local running store!). 
Only picture you get. Because well... I don't have any others. 

Next year I am either going to win this thing or take 7th, because I have locked down places 2-6 already since running this last 4 years. 

Do you like the 5 mile race distance?
I love it and wish there were more of them ( I have only ever run 5 of them- 2 different races, this one 4 times)
Anyone have any slipping/falling stories for me?


  1. So glad you didn't get injured with the fall. Every winter I take an embarassing spill so I can't pick one to enlighten you with.

    CIM is so soon =)

  2. Geez you are fast!! Congrats on your (many) wins :) That video of the little girl was so cute, hopefully you looked just as cute when you fell, haha

    1. I know for a fact mine wasn't as cute. I pretty much pulled the "oh crap stand up fast and hope no one noticed" (they did. )

  3. It's going to be freezing for my Turkey Trot tomorrow too... I think I saw feels like 7 degrees when I'll be making my way to the shuttles... not fun!

    What a kick ass race for you, especially leading into CIM!! I can't imagine what it would be like to see a lead girl in a race. Well, actually I think it happened once in a race that I saw the lead pack but there were like 30 women running tops hehe.

    I think I should venture out to Rochester for your Turkey race because the Buffalo one is huge (which is nice) but getting anywhere near the top of an age group, let alone overall is insane. A 33:10 last year would be 6 in the AG and 31st female -- which in a group 12,000 people is still phenomenal... but it'd be nice to be getting some bling for it ;-)

    1. One of these years I will come to Buffalo for some races. I know they have some mighty big popular ones out there!

  4. I almost ate it today on my run...hit a patch of black ice and my feet went sideways. I have no idea how I stuck the landing and kept going...
    Never run a 5-miler before and can't say that I've ever even seen one around here other than trail races. Great job on your run, and imagine what you would have done in decent conditions!

    1. Were you a gymnast in your past life? No, okay.

      5 mile races are great, not quite as painful as a 5k but not as "ughh" as a 10k

  5. This sounds like a really fun race! I love good post race food too, pizza would be pretty great haha. I don't eat chicken noodle soup but I'm sure it would taste good for those who did in temps like that and with ice, yuck.

    Congrats on finishing 2nd female oa, you are super speedy :). You got a pretty rockin prize too, I love winning things like gift cards that I can use, especially when it's a running store.

    I have never done a 5 mile race! We only have 5K, 10K, half here... honestly i wish we had some 5 milers or 8Ks or something so I could run a different distance for once. I'd love to try a 5 miler.

  6. Awesome time! Nice job. Im doing Race with grace 10k today... not a huge fan of 5 mile or 10k's. But we'll see. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy these last 2 weeks of taper!!

    1. AHH! We need to run together soon, after CIM we will have to plan something. Hope Race with Grace went well!

  7. I'm glad you didn't seriously hurt yourself. It's always really nice to look back at previous races and see how you are continuously getting better. Have a happy thanksgiving and I'm excited for Chicago for you next week!

  8. Congratulations!!! It's always a risk to put a race in there at the end of marathon training but I'm so glad it worked out for you. You're a tough cookie to go out there in 17 degree weather and you ran an AWESOME time! I would have pressed snoozed and stayed in bed! I can't wait to see you CIM goes for you!

    1. Thanks Dani, I am pretty sure I hit snooze a million times as it was. LOL!

  9. Congrats on the course PR! Very excited to hear how you girls do at CIM. Happy Thanksgiving.


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