Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pound the Ground 10k Recap

This was a weird race for me- I had a very specific goal.

My PR is from 2.5 years ago... when I ran a 10k right after a 5k and still managed to PR.

10ks are hard races to come by, they used to be the most popular race distance many years ago but I'm pretty sure 5k took that title(seeing as you can find a 5k pretty much anywhere, any time of year on any given weekend)

I chose this race not because it's small, not because of where it is, I chose it because I needed a 10k and it happened to fit into my schedule. I wanted a PR and I needed a PR and a sub-42. The reasoning behind all of this will come in time. I knew it would be a little more difficult doing this 6 days after a hard half marathon, but I had to take the chance.

It was a small race(less than 100 people), on a hilly course, so I knew I was going to have to do the work. There would be no pancake flat course to help me out, there would be no super-fast field to push me. I was left with no choice but to do this all on my own. Honestly, I was concerned but knew if I pushed I could do it.

John and I got to the race early, he had planned a trail run with a friend while I was racing, but started early enough so he could be at the finish. I did my warm-up and my legs didn't feel great. My feet were sore, but looking back I really think it's because my current shoes are seriously over their limit. I need to order new ones and have been dragging my feet about it. 
The moment I put my flats on my feet felt instantly better.

Standing at the start line I was actually at ease. We were all joking around, and I started to feel a little more confident. Before I knew it, it was time to go.

I started too fast off the bat, after about half mile reigned it in but it was still faster than it should have been. I settled into my 2nd place overall (1st female) very quickly although there was a guy holding on near me.

#$%^ Yep that's about what I could say with that. I was cursing myself for starting too fast but forced myself to calm down. There was still plenty of race left. At this point I lost the guy who was holding on to me, he fell back as the male lead pulled forward. Cue running in no-mans-land.

I couldn't see the male leader anymore due to turns in the road, so I just told myself to hold this pace and stay steady.

Finally getting into a groove, and also jamming to some power songs on my iPod. 

This mile I got to see the most people out of the entire race. We turn off onto a side road (water stop on corner) and only go down about a half mile then turn around and come back....on my way back I finally saw some people coming towards me, got a few high fives and cheers from other runners.

After making the turn back onto the main road I tried hitting it a little harder, but this section of the course is deceiving. It's rolling hills that don't look too bad but were definitely enough that I was fighting it. I just kept telling myself to keep going, John was waiting.

John and his friend were standing at the top of the road before the last turn down into the finish. I cruised down the hill and tried not to fall (it's all gravel, makes it hard not to lose your balance).

(6:39 pace)

After the race, I talked to the guy who won for a bit as well as some other runners. Then just hung around with John and our friend while waiting for awards. Something nice about small races- no fighting over bananas (I ate like 5), lots of space to relax and stretch out.

There was a few "snaffoos" with the race timing system, many people were listed under wrong race (there was a 5k and a 10k). I was listed under the 5k, so I had to sit there for a while waiting for them to change it (along with others)... it was a little frustrating (they questioned whether I won) but in the end it all worked out.

I ended up (basically where I started) taking 1st female and 2nd overall. The time was my goal and I hit it and that made me really happy, but adding placing in was just icing on the cake. After I got my award one of the vets came up to me and said you should have "chicked" ALL of the guys. I laughed and told him I had to let at least one guy beat me joking around. 

I love my trophy, something way different than the other awards that I have.
Definitely one of my favorites.

My previous PR was 43:03 (from 2011) so I was happy to put that to rest, and meet my goal of sub 42. Basically I have no idea how to pace a 10k, seeing as my splits were all over the place but I will work on it. This race left me excited for some future races when I am more focused on speed.

What is your favorite award you have won at a race?

Does your area have a lot of 10ks?


  1. Great race recap and congrats on your win! I like the trophy too, very cool.

  2. Well freaking done girl!!! Love that award and that you chicked so many dudes. :)

  3. Congratulations on your PR and your first female overall. I love your trophy!

    10Ks are definitely dying out here! We have tons of 5Ks and even half marathons aren't too hard to find. I'd bet we have more half marathons around than 10Ks lately. It's a hard distance to race because it's not all-out speed like a 5K but doesn't require as much endurance as a half either. I like them though, the one that is famous here is the Cooper River Bridge run.

    It's so awesome you PRed as you're training for a full marathon AND right after a half too!

  4. Wow what an awesome PR! You sure are speedy. I love the 10k distance.

    If you PR'd given the circumstances, I wonder how fast you can go given rested legs, a flatter course and a faster race pack. You rule lady!

  5. Congrats girl! You are going to crush your marathon for sure. Any chance the sub 42 is for the saucony hurricane team?!

    And seriously, I will give you all my swimming tips & tricks in exchange for run speed advice. You are so speedy!

  6. Awesome!! You are so strong- running that race so soon after the other one, and a hilly one, too! You definitely earned it- congrats on your sub-42!!

  7. Woohoo Laura! Congratulations girl!!! You are sooo fast!!!

  8. Congrats on the PR! I find the 10K a really tough distance to race. Not short enough to just gun it like a 5K, not long enough to settle into a pace like a half marathon. My PR is also super old--from 2010--simply because I don't race them often. There are a few in NYC, but not a ton. I need to put on on my calendar for next year! Way to get it done!

  9. Great job Laura, way to get that sub-42 PR!

    There seems to be a decent number of 10K's around here, but certainly not as common as the 5's. I've never actually run a 10K race other than at the end of a triathlon, and that is an entirely different monster :)

  10. Congrats! That is so awesome and I love that trophy!
    I agree that 10ks are dying out. Now that I've been training for a half a 10 will be my next go to race but they are so hard to find!

  11. We have very few 10Ks in our area, makes me sad because it is my favorite distance. And now that I say that I remember that I have 2 10Ks coming up lol.
    Awesome time and I like the layout of how you recaped this race!

  12. Great job on this 10k and I'm glad you got yourself a nice PR. I know on a flat course and fully recovered you are well on your way to go sub 40. I'm glad everything worked out as far as the snafoos go. I really wish 10ks were more common, though in NY there is a legit plethora of 15ks too.

    My favorite race award would have to either be the Wegmans giftcard from our race or the Growler from this weekend.

  13. Awesome, love the trophy.

    Congrats on the female win, and 2nd overall is pretty awesome!

  14. FAST!!!! Wowza!

    There aren't too many 10ks around here either...mostly 5s. My first race was a 10k...it was actually my hardest 10k I think!

  15. That is so awesome! You were flying! Major congratulations on the PR. That is definitely a unique race trophy :)


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