Monday, September 30, 2013

Wineglass Week 10:Taper Week 1

Checking in to let you know I survived week 1 of taper for Wineglass :) It was touch and go there for a while but I made it! No matter how many big races I do, nothing can prep you for what taper brings.

Quick Run-Down
Monday: 47 minutes spinning, 23 minutes elliptical
Tuesday: 6 mile Treadmill progression run
Wednesday: 6.8 miles total (with 8x800m Yassos)
Thursday: 4 Easy miles with my Sister
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 easy miles
Sunday: Rest (AKA Climbing stadium steps and cheering for the Bills)

Total Running Miles: 26.8 miles
Total Cross Training Time: 70 minutes
After my last double digit run, stretching and enjoying the morning
Taking-time-for-myself kind of schedule
(Lauren did a great post this week titled "Work but don't forget to live", definitely something I thought about as I was destressing and taking me time this week)
Monday: Solid 15-20 minutes of stretching before bed
Tuesday: 55 minute massage
Wednesday: Slept in about 30 minutes extra just laying in bed relaxing.
Thursday: Spent time with my sister and nephew
Friday: Mental massage aka Therapy
Saturday: Day & night date with my man
Sunday: Beer. Football and family time! 

This week a big focus for me was taking extra time to give my mind and body some TLC. Stretching, rolling, taking time for myself, watching my intake, all of it. Yes I try and do these things in general but I will be the first to admit I am not normally good about stretching/rolling on a regular basis.

I have had good success with getting a massage about 2 weeks out from the big day, helps loosen things up and release the tension that training (and life) can place on your body. I have also found that a good session with my therapist about a week before makes a big difference as well. Using emotional stress can be a good way to fuel a run/race but going in with a clear head is incredibly important. Being able to push in those last few miles can be much easier when you know exactly where to dig to find the motivation you need.

This week definitely had some ups and downs, with a kick ass track workout that left me feeling more confident- down to some emotional stressful times as well. It happens. 

Now it is officially less than a week until race day. I.E. excessive weather checking, chatting it up with Mcmillan, packing lists, play lists, basically everything you can do obsessively I will be doing that.

Definitely ended the week on a better note, the weekend ended up being just what this girl needed. Saturday morning did my last double digit run, by running out to a race that John was going to be running. I made it in time to run his warm up with him (I obviously left house way earlier as I was running there and he was driving), and was able to be there cheering as he ran a 21 minute 5k [so much for his 2 knee surgeries already this year!]. Being able to be there and cheer for him definitely made me happy. We got to spend the rest of the day and night together as well, some time with his family and then date of us getting lost making our way through a huge corn maze.

Sunday was spent doing the ultimate taper exercise....going to the Buffalo Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium- I already have a post written for you on why this is the best way to taper. Be prepared, it's a good one. Basically I spent a lot of time this weekend doing things to distract me, and help me NOT think about running- sometimes that's exactly what you need to do.

Anyone else go to a football game this weekend?

1 week until your big race- what are you obsessively doing?


  1. Sounds like a good start to your taper! I like the mental massage thing. I think we as runners and just we as humans need to pay more attention to our mental game and our emotions.

  2. Jealous that you went to a football game, but proud of you for taking your taper week like a champ! Can't believe the race is almost here!

  3. I'm glad you had a good weekend and had a great time at the Bills. I think during taper doing things that distract you is the best. It keeps you calm and keeps your mind off of things. I know you are going to do some serious kicking butt at Wineglass this weekend. :-)

  4. Keeping busy is always the best way to keep your mind off of things. I always try to do things when I have a doctor's appointment or surgery coming up so I'm not stressing out about it for days and days. I CANT BELIEVE IT'S LESS THAN A WEEK!!!

  5. Sounds like a great start to tapering! I obsess about the weather, you know the one thing you can't control, haha.

    I think I will get a massage two weeks before MCM. Thanks for the idea :)

  6. What a way to taper girl! Great job on surviving it! And I LOVE corn mazes! We always have so much fun as a family there!

  7. I WATCHED the Bills game...not quite the same as the crowd at the Ralph though. You picked a good game to go to; beauty day and knocking off the Super Bowl champs in a nail-biter! Can't wait for that post...
    I am already obsessing over everything for my race in two must being on overtime with just a week to go. I do think I have a good strategy for a forced relaxation/taper final weekend similar to going to the Bills we will be off to Disney to run a nice and easy (and fun) 10-miler. Great way to get my last double-digit run in.

  8. You sure know how to taper! Those are some good ideas... I might have to steal your massage routine. I can't believe it's this weekend - you are so ready! Good Luck and kick butt!!

  9. Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck! I am so excited to see how you do at Wineglass!

  10. Wow only 1 week away!?!?! You will do awesome chica!!!!

  11. Sounds like you're preparing for the race perfectly--by relaxing and giving your legs {and MIND} a break. Can't wait to 'see' you cruch Wineglass!

  12. Love your tattoo!! (and I know that's completely random!)

  13. One week away already?! I'll be cheering you on from Canada!

    I went for two massage in the past week. My calves need it...bad!

  14. Great reading these your posts.


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