Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Photo proof of NYC weekend Shenanagins

 After being in NYC with Heather for the weekend- there are obviously a few photo's for, you know... #proof. I tried to cut the number down but...yeah...there's still a lot! Enjoy!
I stole this graphic (^) from Heather's blog....
I'm super grateful she enhanced some of my assets for me.
Either way, here is the photo essay of upstate girls going downstate for a weekend.
After getting to our hotel around 8pm we decided to be young and cool and take the train into Times Square. 
Friday night fabulous beer and company at a rooftop pub in Times Square...So much winning. I put this in black and white because green lights (being in an irish pub) made us look a wee bit like Leprechauns and I'd like to think my only Leprechaun quality is my height. 
Even more winning. "Lets go down this side street and see if we can find something"--"They have a giant Guinness pint outside- that's where we need to go"....Rooftop bar (because it was an unseasonably warm night)...Amazing.
We passed Bloomies on our Saturday morning run, love the old school signs.

Central Park view on our run... this is also where we stopped and talked to a couple who came all the way from Ireland to run the marathon! We wanted to talk to them longer because their accents were fabulous....

Words can't describe how amazing the weather was, absolutely amazing for the run.

This looks WAY better larger, but I'm assuming y'all don't have computer monitors as wide as central park.

 Success! We got pictures on the giant rocks in Central Park! Tourist Alert!

Some more scenes from our long run Saturday through Central park, we even crashed through mile 2 of the 5k course!
In all, we got 16 miles in--full of hills, bridges, good chunk of CP, and enjoyed the company and sites!

After our run we did what any good runners would do. We cracked open a beer at noon, kicked our feet up, enjoyed some cookies--and iced our bodies down.

After a few brews we got out butts in gear and hopped on a train into the city, we were on a mission...caffeine, a street vendor hot dog, and the statue of Liberty.

Well we nailed 2 of the 3. 
Starbucks actually goes pretty well with a hot dog.

We were VERY bummed to get to Battery park to find that the Statue of Liberty Ferry was sold out...WHAT? Yeah, we didn't know it was possible either. I tweeted my face off about it, and someone responded saying they heard it was going to be sold out for a few days due to all the people! LAME
This was as close as we got to the Statue...I'm pretty sure we both looked like grumpy cat for a few minutes. Guess we will HAVE to do another girls weekend in NYC, damnit!
View from Battery Park, blue skies for days:)
Having fun in the city... being goofy... I'm ok with it. Life's too short.
Had to be a nerd and get a picture of this... I mean... it is my job!:)
After walking around the city, we met up with 2 of Heather's high school/college friends (small world they were in NYC too, and not for the marathon!) and then went to hotel. We legit ate pizza, drank Guinness and made posters all night while making our plan of attack for spectating the next day.

Race day!!!

We may have had a few cups of coffee...but we were SO FREAKING EXCITED to spectate and cheer! I bought the cheesy headbands at Target figuring we could make some runners laugh and we ended up wearing them all day, no shame
Our signs, well some of them!
We did Oiselle and LOLZ for Hollie (obviously), I had to do a Saucony one (we know I am obsessed), and we laughed at the "stopping, ain't nobody got time for that" one.
Heather's sign was the biggest hit of all of them. She got so many cheers and side eyes for it, and the best was a guy running by who yelled "YES I AM".
I made this one for Shannon, I have really enjoyed following her training and we always joke that she needs to share her swim speed with me and I will share my run speed with her. Seems like a fair trade right?
Elite women passing by us (around mile 14.5ish)
Again, my addiction to all things Saucony was perfect because I was able to spot the Saucony athetes! This was Danna at around 14.5ish, seriously amazing!
Lead men coming though, so awesome to be there--incredibly inspiring! GO MEB!
After spending the morning around mile 14.5 we hopped a train into central park and were able to catch runners around mile 25. I was so excited watching people come through, and so surpised to look up and pick Danielle out of the crowd, I cheered as loud as I could! Then we got to see Hollie come through, I was so happy for her- she was almost done and so close to being a marathoner!
Danielle, view from mile 25ish, and Hollie!

After Hollie passed us we started making our way through the park to try and get to Family meeting area... I won't even discuss those shenanagins right now (that's for tomorrow).
Athletes after the finish
After a lot of walking (on her part..and ours...) we FINALLY got to the family meetup area and got to give Hollie a celebratory hug. She blew her first marathon out of the water, 3:17...freaking incredible! It took me 6 to get to that time! I'm so incredibly proud of her and I know this is just the beginning!

Can we discuss the serious twinners going on here. Love these girls- couldn't ask for better friends!

After a great weekend in NYC, Heather and I made our way out of the city and back to upstate... 

Definitely a weekend I will never forget. I have thoughts on the weekend and spectating that will be in tomorrow's post :)

Did you spectate or run NYC?

What is your favorite sign you have seen during a race?


  1. I LOVE the perfect pint!!! That was just down the street from my hotel when I spent the month in manhattan for hurricane sandy for work. We would go there... Well... Quite often with our "living expense" money ;-)

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