Friday, November 1, 2013

In case you were wondering...

In case you were wondering: It's finally Friday!

In case you were wondering what I am doing this weekend...Heading out this afternoon to NYC with Heather to have a kick ass weekend in NYC cheering for Hollie (& Kristin[who is a running guide with Denise], Shannon, Jenna, Lora, Danielle, Laura [her 100th!] and so many others!). 

In case you were wondering what a YEARS SUPPLY of Designer Whey Protein looks like all boxed up.....
and out of said boxes....(this doesn't even begin to do it justice!)
[HUGE thanks to Lindsay C. for this opportunity- she's been a huge inspiration of mine and I was beyond excited when she told me I would be receiving this from one of her giveaways!]

In case you were wondering a good way to get yourself all emotional on a Friday morning while drinking your coffee at work..... The 37 Happiest things you see while running a marathon. I have truly fallen more and more in love with the marathon distance with each one that I have done, and this explains many of the reasons.

In case you were wondering about my workout yesterday...I skipped it (*GASP*). I had a busy day at work, and came home with only a little free time before going trick or treating with John's nephew. Could I have skipped T-O-T'ing so I could get things done, sure...but is it worth it to miss Halloween with my nephew? The kids are only little once, and I'd much rather walk from house to house holding a 4 year old's hand than sit at home kicking myself for not going. It was a recovery workout anyways, and my legs definitely appreciated the rest day. Trick-or-treating and then packing for NYC made for a pretty darn good night :)

In case you were wondering how long it takes Rock N' Roll to send you an Age- group award...The answer is roughly 2 months. My AG award for RNR Virginia Beach half marathon finally came in the mail this week! 

In case you were wondering, there are 37 days until CIM- in other words 37 days until I hit my goal of 3:15 right? Gotta stay positive and focus!

In case you were wondering about my October training- it was my lowest total mileage of the year so far (between running/biking/etc.), but for my running mileage it was middle of the pack for the year. Granted this month included a week of taper and a week of marathon recovery. Either way though, I am super pumped for November- I have a feeling it's going to be a great one!

In case you were wondering if this was going to end... 

Who else is going to be in NYC this weekend 
(running or spectating!)?

Have you tried Designer Whey?

What did you do last night for Halloween?

How was your October, & Anything planned for November?

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