Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekend Prep: Friends, Fun and B2B Races

Well, I don't think I will have ANY issues sleeping after this weekend. Jam packed schedule, but oh lord am I SO excited for it. Remember the last time I got really excited? Well, it's kind of like that. I've been in a little bit of a 'funk' the last few days, so this weekend really is just what the doctor ordered!

For starters, tonight I will have a house guest! She's really fabulous and I haven't seen her since NOVEMBER! Here enters: Hollie :) I'm really excited to have my best friend back here for a few days, bring on ALL the shenanigans.

Tomorrow will be fun, as I have the last race of the Freezeroo Series. It's a 10k and the weather is looking decent (albeit windy!) so should be able to throw down a decent time. Freezeroo time also means I get to run with Laura & Joe too, not to mention Hollie will be running warm-up and cool-down miles with me. The weekend of runner friends ;)

Sunday, oh lordy this is where it gets a little cray. Hollie and I will be heading to Syracuse to run Lake Effect Half Marathon, but that's not the best part. We will be reunited with Heather!!! The 3 of us have not been together since NYC, and I haven't seen Heather since our epic California trip. I hope everyone running the race is ready for some screaming girls seeing each other! We also get to FINALLY meet Brit, which is going to be even more fun getting to know her in real life. Not to mention the fact that I know a few more people also running the race, it's going to be great.

Can't help but smile thinking about all of the awesome runners and people I get to be around this weekend. One of the many amazing things running has brought into my life is the crazy people I call my friends. :) 

Goals for the weekend...
Back to back races on a weekend can be interesting. I have done it before and know that I need to set realistic goals. I think this is going to feel a lot like Flower City weekend last year where I did a duathlon (5k Run-20M Bike-5k Run) on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday. 10k of running Saturday and 13.1 of running on Sunday, only difference this time is I don't have that 20 miles of biking. 

Like that weekend, I am making one a goal race and the other is not. This weekend I would like the 10k to be my 'harder' racing day, and Sunday not be all-out. Saturday's 10k is not a certified course and the RD is open about the fact that it's a little long (6.26) but I still think I have a chance at a good time.

 My goal for Sunday is to run the first half at marathon pace and then if I have more gas left in the tank, give it a push at the end. Although if Saturday ends up being an 'eh' day, don't be surprised if I push more on Sunday. I'll blame it on the adrenaline rush I get from racing. 

My first real goal race of the year isn't for another 3 weeks so I'm glad this will be a great weekend of workouts and hard runs. The 10k will be great training for my March goal race and the half will be good pacing race for Boston(58 days!!). Races can seriously be awesome workouts and training tools ;)

What are your weekend plans?

Tell me something awesome running has done for you?

Do you use races as hard workouts sometimes too?


  1. I definitely use races as hard workouts! When you race 3-4 times a month, you almost have to. I mean you can't go "PR or ER" in every one.

    I hope you and Hollie have a great time this weekend! That's so cool that you get to meet another blogger and hang out. And you are so right, running definitely brings you amazing friends!

  2. that looks like such an amazing weekend! you deserve it. i would so come visit if i didn't live in WI..
    tonight i'm going to the hockey game with the 'man'. tomorrow i'm getting my new couch and playing with my new DSLR with a photographer friend :D

  3. Good luck with your races this weekend - and enjoy your time with your BFF! plans - I am going to go cheer Mike on in his 10k on Sunday morning - and then we are heading to Niagara Falls in the afternoon

  4. Races are a great way to push yourself for a hard workout...I just signed up this week for a 10K on Sunday

  5. Yay, sounds like such a fun weekend! I absolutely use races as hard workouts. There's nothing like being surrounded by other people to get you pushing a little faster! Good luck!

  6. Hooray for such a great weekend on tap!! You are going to have to spend Monday recovering!!!
    I don't race much but like your idea to use one of the races as a hard training run!!
    Have a great time with all your friends and running!!!

  7. I'm the worst at going easy during races so I would likely end up trying to race both. Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous of your girls weekend with Heather and Hollie. Time to get your butt down to PA/Baltimore/DC!

  8. I just love running friends! I hope y'all have a blast! Good luck on the B2B races!!!

  9. Sound like some fun running plans! I am going to workout with my trainer and focus on just getting back on track this weekend. This flu has knocked me out.

    Have fun with your bestie! :)

  10. I will be living vicariously through you. I have not raced in forever and miss it dearly. Taking it baby steps getting back into running form! Have fun!

  11. no way! hollie!! oh how i want to come join in on that fun.

  12. Good Luck today and Tomorrow!! I hate missing out on a race... but figured it wasn't worth the 40 minute drive to be miserable. Hope you win some awesome awards today!!


    Oh and I can't wait to hear how the 10k went. And I kind of wish I was in half marathon PR shape because then I could pace off of you (and also LOL that my half marathon PR pace is your marathon pace ;) ).

  14. Sounds great, have a wonderful weekend.
    Running has brought me lots of new friends.

  15. Way to go! Sounds like a blast of a weekend. I ran 9 miles outdoors yesterday with friends and I couldn't be happier! I definitely use races as training and try to register for ones that fit the mileage I need. It breaks it up a bit!

    Running has brought me happiness, new friends, and strength


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