Tuesday, December 10, 2013

West Coast Shenanagins

I knew this weekend was going to fly by (particularly the 24 hours of total travelling in 90ish hours) but seriously, where the heck did time go? No, seriously I have no concept of time or day right now. Apparently I am not so awesome at the time travel thing. Anyways, moving on. Here's a rather photo heavy post for you. 

Friday was a early and long day of travel. It wasn't the smoothest (between delays, being forced to check my luggage without being able to take my marathon gear out, bumpy flights, running through airports, and some other things) but looking back I can now laugh at it all. It worked out, I made it here safe and sound and so did my things, at the end of the day that is all I can really ask for.
1.Swedish fish and reading on the plane, 2. please explain to me where in that leggings tight outfit I was hiding something, because I got frisked for no damn reason, and 3. Giant Jenga game going on in the Sacramento airport.
After getting into Sacramento, I relaxed at the hotel for a while before meeting Michelle and her sister Nicole for some lunch and expo going.

 So great to finally meet in person. Michelle just ran a huge PR & BQ at MCM and was pacing with her sister hoping for a BQ. Awesome ladies, let me tell you.
Nicole, Me, and Michelle (Photo from Michelles IG)
That night was more relaxing (travel and time change was starting to get to me), and waiting patiently for Heather to get into town. Girl had a LONG day working and then travelling cross country. I wanted to do something nice for her, so I left her Swedish fish on her bed- because that's what friends do.
Photo from Heathers IG & Blog. 

Saturday Heather and I had trouble sleeping in (our bodies were still on East coast time) so had breakfast at hotel and ran side by side on gym treadmills for a shake out run.

We then hit the expo, did a little shopping and grabbed our race gear. Also met up with Michelle & Nicole again as we were all representing east coast!

Me, Nicole, Heather, and Michelle. Short to tall.
We then meandered to Old Sacramento, which seriously is the cutest little area ever. Old school buildings, wood side walks, looked straight out of a movie. We also walked by the river and the old trains, I of course had to be a rebel and jump on the back of one to take a picture.

We have a fabulous lunch at Rio City Cafe on the water, Salmon BLT's and beer made for the perfect pre-race meal for us. I didn't get a photo of the food because I ate it too quickly, it was amazing.

On way back to hotel we stopped back at Expo so I could meet up with Ellen. She was one of my first friends on Dailymile a few years ago and it was awesome to finally meet IRL.

The night consisted of relaxing, playlist making, race planning (mainly for the cold!), a little thrift shopping (I needed throwaways), Modern Family watching (marathon on TV!), skyping with my man, and then a good old Nyquil sleep session.

I'll save the deets of the marathon Sunday for another post, as well as thoughts on CIM itself.

Post-race Sunday involved shuffling back to the hotel, laying in bed, watching football, drinking beer and eating pizza. Heather and I did recovery right. Later that night, I hopped a shuttle to the airport to catch my 10:55 PM red-eye flight home.

Did you know that if you show up to airport at 9 PM, TSA looks like this?

I had time to kill so I celebrated the weekend by relaxing at the airport wine bar (celebration/prepping to pass the flip out on the plane). They were out of the chocolate torte on the menu so I settled for apple crisp with my wine flight, it was fabulous. 

The red-eye was PACKED. Legit b737 that holds 180 people was very crowded- I was grateful to have an aisle seat and a cheesy bright orange neck pillow. Apparently I did the post-marathon zombie shuffle through the airport and instapassedout when I got to my next gate (I had 3 hour layover). Flight from Atlanta to Rochester was uneventful, I read part of it and slept the other.

One of the best parts about homecoming (even when you are 26 years old)-- having your mom waiting at the gate for you when you get off the plane with flowers, tears, and a hug. My mom travels a lot for work and her outbound flight was delayed from Rochester so she was able to be at the gate when I landed. When you have been travelling for 12 hours, I don't care how old you are, a hug from your mom is the best feeling in the world. She walked with me to the exit before going to her own gate, and then I got to see J waiting outside to pick me up. Talk about a darn good homecoming.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Have you ever been to Sacramento?
Who has some awful travel/airport shenanigans to tell me about?
Anyone disagree that mom hugs are the best? (at any age)


  1. I am so glad you had a great time as well as obviously a kickbutt PR. I don't even know how you walked around the airport afterwords. I honestly probably would have asked for one of those little cart things to drive me around.

    This post just makes me more jealous that I wasn't able to go.

  2. I just got over doing the half marathon shuffle..my quads finally feel like they aren't going to give out at any moment.. I CAN"T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT THE RACE!!!!!!

  3. It sure looks like you guys had a great time! Old town Sacramento is a fun place. I was born there, and like to go visit family. Great photos! Looking forward to your race report!

  4. Aww, your mom is awesome! So glad you had a good time... can't wait for the full race recap!

  5. Love this and cannot wait for the full recap. I would have burst into tears seeing my mom at the airport. I had a horrendous travel experience over the summer and all I wanted was a hug from my mom, and a bottle of wine for the flight 12 hours, 2 switched tickets & lost luggage later.

    I have been to Pasadena/LA but am dying to travel to other parts of CA. I love it out there. Much better than Wisconsin but I digress... ;)

  6. What a jam packed weekend - but sounds like to was fun non-the-less!...and even with being "on" the wrong time zone - you whip out a huge PR!!!!

  7. I have only been surprised at my gate once, and it wasn't from my mom, it was from my best friend, but it still made my night! I'm glad you got such a wonderful homecoming surprise, and I can't wait to hear about the race!

  8. Sounds like it was a great weekend. Busy but lots of fun packed in. I have never flown but can't imagine rushing across an airport to meet connecting flight! So sweet of your mom to be waiting for you inside the airport!

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I loved all the pics. I haven't been to Sacramento but hope to one day. Hugs from Mom are the greatest especially when you're older.

  10. I love the luggage tower! Is it really just stacked?

    Props to you for taking a red eye!

    Excited to read your race recap.


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