Wednesday, December 4, 2013

From 26.2-26.2:Training in Between

A few weeks ago I wrote that post about running 2 goal marathons 8-9 weeks apart. I had done this in 2011, as I am now. Basically, my motivations and forces driving me back then were much different than they are now. I received a few emails regarding training between races like this.  Let me start by saying I am NO expert, I am not a certified running coach, and this is simply based on the experience I have being in this position a measly 2 times.

I feel like the last 8-9 weeks have flown by. I try and think about this cycle between Wineglass and now, and I can't wrap my head around it all. It's definitely been a roller coaster- between recovery, dealing with aches and pains (which, knock on wood- didn't turn into injuries) and the general highs and lows of training. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of this, I didn't know how it would all turn out this time around- but I feel like I have done everything I could to get me to the start line this Sunday as prepared (& healthy) as possible.

A few things, first the top chart does NOT include this week or the marathon this Sunday because the report isn't going to generate anything I haven't done yet. Second, don't make fun of my shady looking training the first time around- my old miles and training habits is a whole other topic for another day.

My thoughts on comparing cycles:
1. I generally ran MUCH less mileage than I do now anyways so the mileage difference doesn't surprise me all that much. (Averaged 28.27/wk from Rochester-->Harrisburg 2011, and this time around (going off 340 total estimate)I averaged 37.7/wk)

2. The BIGGEST & most important difference(for me) between these 2 cycles is the number of runs at or above 10 miles. I have really found that increasing the distance of my base runs makes a HUGE training difference. (Not including the marathons, there were only 6 runs at or above 10 the first time around and this time there were 12)

3. The one thing I did have the first time that I didn't this time, was a half marathon race. Yes, I ran the Empire State Half Marathon between Wineglass and CIM this year but I ran that with my sister and not as a race. Halves are great tune up races, so that was one thing I would have changed this time around.

4. One thing that neither of these charts show is my cross training(but there was a lot of it). File this under "the worst thing a runner can do is just run"-- Cross training really helped me get workouts in, but lessen the pounding of the joints. Big recommendation from me if you want to run races close together--find a form of cross training you like.

5. It makes me smile how far I have come in the last 2 years, slowly but surely I am learning the best ways to train for ME. I may not run drastic miles, but I have found this works for me- and I am ok with that. I know people who run less miles than me and are faster, I also know people who run more miles than me and are slower. It's all relative and it's all based on what works for YOU. At the end of the day I am proud of my training, I am proud of my accomplishments--but I also know that I have a long way to go :)

So at this point the work is done. A few smaller runs the rest of this week, some packing and getting ready and before you know it I will be hopping on a plane. I feel confident in a good race Sunday, I feel more confident that no matter what it is going to be an incredible weekend. Maybe I have a strong race and get that 3:15 I have been chasing, maybe I don't- but either way I still get to run, and I still get to enjoy each and every step of the way.

Have you ever looked back at your old training logs?

Last minute playlist additions I need please? Hit me with the tunes!

What is one 'training' piece of the puzzle you found really works for you?


  1. I have looked back at my old training logs, and I definitely see how you're being so much more successful this time. Granted, coming out of the marathon injury-free (so many people don't!) isn't completely under your control but you definitely have a grasp on hard training.

    I feel like increasing miles for ANY distance you want to race helps. My husband is a beginner runner, and now that he's started running at least 3 miles in his training runs, his 5K time is getting better. Running longer and more time on your feet will help you in the marathon, and the cross training is working your whole body but keeping you fresh for your longer runs.

  2. I honestly think cross training has made me such a stronger runner. I hae always gotten little aches and pains when I don't cross train. I'm glad to see that your running has gone well this cycle (sans baby aches) and I cannot wait to see a sub 3:15. I'm be stalking, tracking, thinking of you the entire day. (And Heather too!) I wish I could be there for you guys,

  3. You are such a rockstar--look at all that growth as a runner (and a person!)
    I cannot wait to "see" how you do on Sunday. Badass.

    Eminem-Rap God. I was hesitant at first but now I'm in love.

  4. wow love the comparison. It is always so nice (and important) to see change over time. Can't wait to see what Sunday brings!

    Best of luck, lady!

  5. Now that I have a blog, I love going back at looking at old training records, race recaps, etc. I can see a change even in one year. You are going to soooooo nail that 3:15!

  6. You totally nailed it with 1,2,4. Longer longs, more mileage, and cross-training. I think you've put yourself in a great position!! I always look back at my old training logs as I'm going into a big race or new training season to assess what worked, what didn't, etc. I find it really helpful. Excited to hear how you do. Have a great race!!! Oh, and for tunes, I've been loving "Bite Hard" by Franz Ferdinand lately. It's a few years old but it always gets me pumped.

  7. WOW this post is so interesting to me! I'm not a marathoner yet, but it's coming soon. It's one of my goals before I have kids.

    I think it's so cool to look back on old training logs just to see what you did. It's awesome to see that you're running even more now. Those charts are totally different! Best of luck this weekend! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. The training obviously worked well! I can't wait for your race recap!!! :-)


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