Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Week & Finding my normal

Before I get into the workouts from the week I will do my duty and share some holiday photos so y'all don't think I am a hermit who runs but has no life or family.

My Family :) Brother in Law on left, mom, sister, dad, nephew, me and J.
This little man has absolutely stolen my heart.
Leave it to Aunt Laura and Grandma to get him all riled up!
My dad and I trying to help him open his bulk box of baby wipes. This really was an awesome present for him, because he LOVES the crinkly packaging the baby wipes come in. 
Reading The Night Before Christmas to my cousins little kids.
I know, I know- enough pictures. 

On with it.

Quick Run-Down
Monday: 45 Minutes Elliptical
Tuesday: X
Wednesday: X
Thursday: 2 mile TM warm-up, 30 minutes Strength training Core/Legs
Friday: (A.M) 3 mile TM warm-up, 30 minutes Strength training Arms/Core
Friday: (P.M) 3 mile TM run, 22 minutes Stretching & Core Strength, 15 minutes Bike Cool-down
Saturday: 6.15 mile progression run, 10 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes weights
Sunday: 6.2 mile TM run, 25 minutes Stretching/Core/Jump Roping

Total Running Miles: 20.35 miles
Total Cross Training Time: 197 Minutes

As you can see I had no guilt in really taking it easy the first half of the week. I had to work all week (except Christmas Day), that combined with travelling and family time left me wanting to just unwind. (Note: I do not feel guilty for taking time off on the Holidays.) But there is something else....

The truth is....I don't feel right.
Although my legs appreciate this "down time" after a busy year, my stomach is NOT loving it quite so much. Things that I normally eat daily or weekly, no longer sit well with me. My stomach is not digesting food properly, which leaves me constantly nauseous or having stomach pains.

My appetite is the furthest thing from consistent. I'm not overly consistent from day to day even when I am training but throughout the course of the week it usually balances itself out. Right now, although I am not logging my food- I know that it's not healthy and it is affecting my mood, and general feelings of well-being.

At first I thought it was just me this happens to, but after hearing from a few others that they also experience this I felt a little better. The only thing I can think to do right now is get myself back into a routine. I'm not going to kill myself, seeing as I technically still have one week left of "off season" but time to start gearing up for training. Mentally and physically I am craving routine again.

It felt great to strength train more this week, and start getting more workouts in. I forgot how much I used to love strength training regularly- now I just need to make it a habit and not let it fade out (like is usually does).  Sadly I can tell I have lost some endurance during this off season the last few weeks but I know that I can get it back. Don't get me wrong, I know backing off for a few weeks was the right thing to do. I'm slowly working my way back though, trying to find my 'normal'.

Last Weeks Goals
I did great with my strength training and blog planning goals for the week but unfortunately I didn't take ANY classes this week. Due to scheduling and my general blah feeling- working out on my own was a better option. I have always been more of a 'individualist' with my runs and workouts so when I am trying to get back into my groove- solo is better for me. Wine night will have to wait!

Goals For This Week
1. 4 Runs-I don't really want to set a distance goal because that wouldn't be very "off season" of me. But with Boston training officially starting next week, a little consistency with running this week will do me some good.
2. 3 Strength Training sessions, I'm going to be a broken record with this one for a while- but I know it will help me get stronger and make a better habit of not neglecting these sessions.
3. 4, yes 4 morning workouts. Normally I'd set a slightly smaller goal especially when pertaining to getting my butt out of bed in the morning. But it's time to make this a habit- and there's no time like now to make this change.
Reward: Fitbit Flex! I have been DYING to get one of these bad boys, and now is the perfect time! My mom has been bugging me to get one (so I can be her fitbit friend and help hold her accountable, I already warned her she is going to regret that decision... LOL, I have NO issues cracking the whip to help get her to her goals!)

This is my last week of "off season", I can't believe it's already been a few weeks since CIM. Another thing I will be working on this week is finalizing my Boston training plan, I can't believe it starts next week! I'm excited to start training again- excited to push myself and see what 2014 has in store for me!

How was your Christmas?

Have you experienced Stomach/GI issues while NOT in training?

Who has a fitbit?
Let me know, so we can be friends WHEN I meet my goals this week!


  1. awesome job with the runs girlie! Family time is ALWAYS the best part of this time of year isn't it?!

  2. Fitbit flex! Great reward! And gives me an idea! My mom has been trying for years to lose weight unsuccessfully and she's having surgery next month but I think that's be a great present to get her motivated once she can move around again.

  3. First of all, I love your new hair color, it looks great on you!

    I have a FitBit, but I quit wearing it. I have to wash my hands entirely too much at work, (before and after every patient at the MINIMUM,but it's usually 3-4 times per patient), and my Fitbit started to smell like mildew, no matter how many times I took it off, and washed IT, the next day, it would stink again. :( Total bummer.

    So excited for you, and Boston! It's going to be a very special time in Boston, even more so this year. You're going to have such a memorable experience!

    Happy New Year!

  4. You know I'm loving your hair color. It looks great.

    Your goals sound great and it's hard to believe it's your last down week before Boston training. I can't even imagine! You'll have to let me know how fitbit is...I've been dying to try it.

  5. Love the pictures! And I love your strength training routine. It's something I struggle with. Currently, I'm doing NONE. And I know that I need to. I used to be so good about strength training and committed to it and now I'm just blah about it. Need to get re-inspired! And I have stomach/GI issues whether or not I'm training, since I have GERD that has already caused 2 ulcers in my throat. Gross! So apart from copious amounts of ice cream, I'm pretty careful about what I eat. I've learned what triggers it for me and just avoid those foods.

  6. I was diagnosed with IBS almost 10 years ago when I was having *extreme* stomach pain & bloating. It's virtually gone away in the last few years since I've minimized the amount of dairy and gluten I eat. I can't think of a single person I know who hasn't dealt with GI issues at some point! The stomach needs to quit being such a wussy ;)

  7. Your new hair color is beautiful! Very fitting.
    My stomach has been bothering me for months now. I attribute most of it to stress but I know part of it is eating things I know don't agree with me (dairy & starches) so time to buckle down on the diet.
    I want to get a fitbit but I'm too obsessive about numbers so it's probably not the best idea for me.

  8. You look fabulous! Love your reward to yourself! I have a Fit Bit Flex and love it! You can find me at shoelacesandbibs at gmail dot com :) Good luck with the belly issues!

  9. Awesome job getting your workouts in with the holiday and work. I had a nice quiet Christmas and I am so ready to get back to kicking ass but I need to get cleared by the doc first.

  10. Sorry about your stomach issues...I feel like holiday eating really throws us all for a loop, and add to that the lack of training...well your instincts are right on.
    I don't have a fitbit - I had a different 'band' but I'm tired of the self-stats, as you know! Enjoy it and enjoy your New Year!!

  11. Great job taking the rest you need! It will definitely help your training! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! Your nephew is soooooo adorable! Makes me miss my boys being that age! I hope you get the tummy issues worked out. Happy New Year!

  12. Yay for family time! Your nephew is such a cutie. Oh tummy issues - blech. Mine hasn't been feeling the best for the past few months. Not sure what it is but it's time to play around a bit to get it situated. It's no fun.


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