Thursday, February 27, 2014

Edge of The World 10k & Freezeroo Thoughts

Part one of the 2 day racing weekend was the 'Edge of the World 10k', which also happened to be the final race of the Freezeroo Series I have been doing. This was actually on Saturday and then I ran Lake Effect Half Marathon on Sunday.

Going into the race I was feeling good with 2 rest days prior, but I also am well aware that anything can happen. Did I think I would PR...possibly, but not certainly. Spoiler- I didn't. While I may not have PR'd, I certainly ran a strong race(for me) and feel good heading into early season runs.

Having Hollie there to warm-up with definitely made me happy, as well as seeing so many other runner friends that I know. It was also nice know that we were ALL going to be dealing with the wicked wind. At least no one blew away, that I know of.
About a mile into the race, my first time breaking out my flats for the year. I still love the neon laces.
It was actually a decent day, sunny and blue skies but the wind was killer. I knew it was going to affect me (everyone) but I tried my best.

The first 2 miles I was feeling good, it was easy and relaxed. I was also running faster than expected and started thinking about a possible PR. First two miles were in the 6:25-6:30 range, too fast but I think on another day I would have maintained it.

Around Mile 4 &5 the headwind became ridiculous, Mile 4 was just under 7 min pace and mile 5 was 7:18. Now before you go thinking this was because I was tired from starting fast, that might be part of it but the main issue was the headwind. I felt like I was standing still, my legs and everything were still feeling good but there is only so much you can do with 20+ mph headwind.
Final Sprint to the finish line. 

Luckily when we made the last turn we had a slight tailwind/cross wind and nothing directly in our faces. I was able to pick up the pace and actually passed the second place girl within the last half mile. I finished in 41:44 which is only 20 seconds slower than my PR.

I really didn't care if I PR'd or not, the Freezeroo series was about hard workouts for me. I feel really strong after the last few races and know that there is no way I would have gotten my half marathon PR the following day at Lake Effect had I not done the series. There is something to be said about continuing to race through the winter. No, the weather conditions for each of the races wasn't ideal, but that's the point. Learn to run hard when the conditions are harder. Was I happy to wake up early every other Saturday in the blistering cold and snow for these? No, but I am certainly glad that I did. I only did 4 of the 6 races this year, as the first 2 were in December when I was still recovering from CIM. I'm looking forward to doing the series again next year as it was a great way to stay motivated during the winter.

The other Freezeroo Recaps if you are interested: Pineway Ponds 5 mile, Hearnish Race, Valentines 8 Mile

After the 4 races, I ended up in 3rd place overall for females. Each race is scored on points and where you rank among other series runners.  I was happy to be able to place in top 3, and hopefully can increase that standing next year.

Have you ever done a race series?
I really enjoyed it as I was able to meet new people, spend time with friends, and build healthy competition with others. 

Winter racing, Love or hate? 
Definitely a love-hate for me, it certainly made me tougher and prepared me for a great spring.


  1. I'm with you on the's great to get out there and race, but when the cold sets in it gets pretty hate!
    I ran in the wind this weekend too and it was brutal...a cold wind seems stronger than a summer gale IMO.
    Great job and great time in tough conditions!

  2. I am still having slight nightmares about the wind. I just remember thinking it might be better to attach an umbrella Mary Poppins style to go any faster. I'm really glad you had such a great race weekend and even better hanging out with you.

  3. I am doing a race series this summer... possibly 2 series! We don't really have many series races down here in Charleston so that's why I have never done one.

    I completely believe you on the wind slowing you down to that pace. I know how hard it is to run into the wind and how bad it can be, especially during the final miles of a race. Also, I agree with the whole "conditions" thing; race day conditions will almost *never* be perfect, you just have to learn how to run in whatever you're given.

    It's pretty neat that you did a workout that was close to your PR though! Congratulations!

  4. I have not done a race series yet, but am hoping to do a 5K series thsi summer.

  5. Nice job! I haven't done a race series yet. I don't care for winter racing. I hate being cold, ha ha.

  6. Congratulations! I've done two race series in the past; the ENDURrace, which is an 8km and a 5km on back to back weekends, and the ENDURrun, which is 160km over 7 stages on 8 consecutive days. My favourite is the ENDURrun; this year will be my 5th time doing it.

  7. Awesome, congrats on finishing strong, it's always fun to be able to move up in the standings, that late in a race. Running in the wind is one of my least favorite conditions! (Icy roads are my #1).

    Congrats on your third place finish in the series!

  8. So cool you got to see Hollie! I have head a lot about this series! Kinda wish I could have joined in! I am desperately trying to find a race for sometime soon, but I really cannot find much! I need to make sure there are enough people to race against to make it worthwhile, and most the races I can find are small!

    Congrats on finishing 3rd! Thats awesome!

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