Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Freezeroo Series: Pineway Ponds Park 5 Mile

On Saturday I decided to run my first race of 2014. The Freezeroo Series is a low cost & low-frills, series of 6 races during the winter months. I missed the first 2, but decided I would sign up for the series and hit the last 4 ( you need at least 4 to be eligible for series awards). It's a good way to make sure I am getting some speed workouts in every other weekend, and make sure I get my butt outside a few times even when the weather is less than stellar.

So this weekend was the Pineway Ponds 5 mile race. At first I was excited because it was supposed to be a 40+ degree day. Not quite how it happened, the cold rain and the ice everywhere (from everything melting) made conditions less than stellar. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

I really had no idea what to expect from this. I am still base building after a few weeks of down time, and I haven't done speed workouts since before CIM. Not to mention getting sick the day before this race, chugging gingerale and inhaling saltines in the car on the way to the race isn't exactly ideal. Either way, I was just happy to be feeling some adrenaline pumping through me again.

I'm in the neon pink standing while everyone else started running. Woops.

First mile was 6:31. The rain was coming down pretty good, and I was thanking myself for wearing my Saucony hat. I really don't like running in the rain without a hat or visor. 

Mile 2 was slower but I knew I was still in 2nd female at this point, so I just tried to pick off as many guys as I could to keep me pushing. 

There is a video from around mile 2 (maybe?) but I couldn't get it to insert into this post for some reason. Here is the link to the video, I come into view around 1:17 into it...is it me or do we look like we are running really slow? ---> GRTC Freezeroo #3 (2014) - Pineway Ponds 5 mile race

Mile 3 was 6:44 This is where I really started to zone out, I need to start doing some harder training workouts to work on keeping me focused again. 

Mile 4 was my slowest (7:02 I think?) I really think I just zoned out too much during this mile. I didn't feel horrible or anything but there wasn't many people around me and I just kept thinking about how I was going to need to pretend to be an Olympic speed skater for the really icy parking lot finish line. 
Luckily while we were running, the awesome volunteers cleared some ice for us so the finish line wouldn't be a death trap. I'm very grateful for this.

Last mile ended up being my fastest with 6:24. I was happy to be able to finish with my fastest mile without killing myself in the process. 

Right before turning into the parking lot for the finish. 
Final time was 33:26 (6:42 average), good enough for second overall female. 

I was really happy to be done, and even happier that I remembered to bring a towel in my car. Soaked doesn't begin to describe me afterwards. Only thing that was somewhat dry was my long sleeve under my Palladium Jacket, that thing did it's job for sure. 

Thoughts: I was only 16 seconds behind my last 5 mile time which was in the fall right before CIM. And it was also less than 30 seconds away from my PR. I really can't wait to start working on speed more, I plan on blowing my 5 mile PR out of the water in March.

Next Freezeroo race is the Hearnish 10kish (Yes that's what they call it, the distance is 6.385 miles) in 2 weeks. From what I gather its got some hills in it, so I plan on getting some hill runs in and some speed between now and then. I plan on using all of the Freezeroo races as hard training runs- hopefully it pays off come spring time. 

Do you race year round?

Would you rather race in rain or snow?


  1. I love the question today! If it snowed in Charleston, any race would be cancelled and everyone would be in their homes with the milk and bread they purchased and making French Toast (face it, why else would someone purchase milk and bread for a snow or a storm? Especially bc of a risk of a power outage or something, the milk would go bad?). But, I'd rather run in the extreme heat than in the rain.

    That's really awesome the volunteers cleared the ice for you guys! I can't imagine a finish with ice around there and already trying to kick it into gear. I also feel like when you're doing well in a longer race and you feel like you're in a comfortable place (2nd female!), your mind can definitely drift... at least I've noticed that. Good call to pick off the dudes, hehe.

    Those guys in the shorts and singlets out there are hardcore... I'm like you and would be wearing a hat and jacket!

  2. I saw so many people in shorts in that start line picture that I thought you would have them on too!

  3. That's a huge accomplishment to be so close to your PR coming off your "off season", you are incredible!

    I ran a 10k in January in WI two years ago, it was pure ice/snow/wind and MISERY. But I did it.. and tacked on 8 other miles since I was training for my first full marathon. Almost miss those days.

  4. Love your pink jacket!!!! Sounds like a fun race minus the ice and rain... I haven't ran a race in rain but have ran one where it was super cold and had to have snow cleared from the course the morning of race!

  5. I guess I do race pretty much year round.
    I think I would rather race in light fluffy snow than in cold rain...but I would rather have summer rain than snow.
    Good work on the run, that's a solid time for sure. I love the grassroots-type local races, lots of fun and often quite competitive....I think I'm going to try and do one with the kids this weekend.

  6. Nice job for an early race. I hate running in the rain because I normally feel like I'm about to slip and fall. You did really well and I know you are going to PR in the 5 miler soon as well as crushing other times goals.

  7. Great job with placing!!! I do race year round, but at this time of year I prefer to look for destination runs in warmer temps

  8. Congrats on your first race of 2014! Freezeroo looks an appropriate name! Brrrr. I'd rather run in snow than rain. I HATE running in ran. A hat is a must. But still. Running in the rain makes me grumpy.

  9. Congrats on such an amazing time! It's awesome that you were so close to PRing in your "off season".
    There aren't many winter races around here, I wish there were. I'll keep myself moving though February with runDisney races and then before ya know it spring will be here.
    I would much rather run in the snow than the rain! :)

    Karen @karenlovestorun

  10. Super job, Lady!! Way to snag that second female spot!
    I race year round- but it is usually pretty mild here in the winter. I would rather have rain, unless the snow is very dry and so is the road. But-- I like to be prepared for rain. Extra clothes for longer races :)

  11. Nice job on the race!! I'll have to cherish my first overall for series and first in age group.... cause that's not gonna last! Glad to hear you signed up for the series! :) Guess i'll have to push myself harder to try and keep my place... but I know there's you and 2 other girls that are crazy fast.

    Hearnish 10k does have some killer hills, definitely the hardest race in the series. See you there!

  12. Good job girl! You're still killing it!

    If it has to be cold out, I'd rather race in the snow. However, I'd take rain when it's warm to snow when it's cold any day!

  13. Congrats Laura! That's really great you were so close to your PR when you just started getting back to regular training. I'm sure your PR will get crushed soon.

    I'd rather run in the snow. Rain blows.

  14. Wow. i couldn't even run one sub 7 min mile. You amaze me!
    I always pack a hat when I think there could be rain. Hate the rain and snow.

  15. Since I have no clue about snow...I guess I'd say rain lol! But I prefer sunny weather of course! Great job Laura! Your speed just amazes me! And you look fast in the video to me!!! Congrats!

  16. We were at -40 here last week. It was freeeezering ;) Awesome race. Sounds like a fun series. I need a hat or a hood if I'm going to run in the rain. I don't race very much, but when I do, I have a blast :)

  17. Wow you're crazy fast! Congrats!


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