Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years Week: Running & Rhyming

As I began typing this post, I originally started with "T'was the week of New years" for some reason. I was in a silly mood...obviously.

Twas the week of New Years and all through the gym,
every creature was squatting and sucking it in.
The bodies were planking on the gym mats with care
In hopes that ab muscles soon would be there.
The people were sweating, their faces all red
While visions of salads tossed in their heads.
Men in their bandanas and I in my cap,
Had just warmed and stretched for a long cardio class
When out on the floor there arose such a clatter
I peeked my head over the treadmill to see what was the matter
Away from the machine I made a mad dash

That's as far as I got before getting annoyed trying to rhyme and turn Christmas into fitness related. Apparently my mind needs a holiday purge. If you want a better Christmas rendition- hit up Hollie's post from a few weeks ago "We wish you a Merry Christmas"(Health-Blogging style).

Okay, I'm done pretending to be creative.

Here's what the week looked like for me...

[In order to keep things simple I log a lot under general fitness category in my RunningAHEAD account. Weights, stretching, yoga, cardio classes etc fall into this category. Swimming, biking, and elliptical will all be logged under their own categories but I didn't do any of those this week so the obviously won't show. The totals are in the box in bottom right]

* I do go into more detail about my workouts on Dailymile, so if you are interested in reading more than "Fitness" you can hop on over there and see how I am occupying my time. I just don't want to make this post a million miles long*

As you can see, not a crazy week but still some good workouts. It felt good to be working out more, and slowly get back into things. It's been a relaxing few weeks (at least with workouts) since CIM, but I am happy that it's time to start training again. The last 4 weeks have flown by, but I feel like I am in a good place right now. 

I caught myself thinking very seriously about races and goals this week while running. This is going to be a good year, and I am ready to put the time and effort in. Last year was great, I won't deny that...but I feel like last year was merely a step for all of the things to work on this year. Consistency is going to be key for me, and is my number one priority for the year.

As for last weeks goals---> Nailed it. 
Goal of 4 runs---> hit 7 runs (6 days)
Goal of 3 Strength Training workouts---> hit 5!
Goal of 4 Morning workouts---> 4 (3 during the week, and 1 on weekend)

My reward was that fitbit I have had my eye on for a few months now. It will be here Monday!

This weeks goals...
1. Over 30 miles (I'm est. about 30-36 based on my plan [& 10% rule])
2. 3 non-running cardio workouts (basically bike or elliptical)
3. 4 morning workouts (yes, again as I am trying to make this a habit.)
Reward: Schedule a Mani-Pedi ( I have a gift certificate for one I received at Christmas and decided I would save it and use it as a reward)

Am I the only one who needs a mental detox from the holidays?

Out of curiosity, do you follow the 10% rule while increasing mileage?

Any additions to my rendition of 'The Night Before Christmas'?


  1. I try and follow the 10% rule personally when upping mileage but I also listen to myself. If I feel decent and can run longer then I do. I think listening to 10% is especially important if you run a lot of hills or speed workouts...long easy untimed runs I'm not so sure about.

    I always think that looking forward to running goals are my absolute favorite. This year will be awesome for you.

  2. Another great week for you!! I usually follow the 10% rule even though I get really impatient. The whole injury scene is getting really old. Enjoy your mani pedi

  3. I love your little poem and it's so true :). I have pretty much stayed out of the gym lately because of it and because of running, but when I was there Friday, it wasn't so bad. I think Monday is always a super busy day since it's after the weekend (I was there last Monday and it was busy and not even the new year yet!).

    Glad you accomplished all your goals, you had some great workouts too! I didn't realize you used anything other than Daily Mile, but I do like reading your entries on there. I used to be more elaborate and comment, but lately, I just want to use it to track things and not chatter, haha.

  4. Love your poem! That is awesome! You hit the nail on the head :) I am sure 2014 will be a great year for you, and you will go from strength to strength! Lets make it the best year yet!

  5. Nice work, Robert Frost (season-appropriate poet?). I don't stick hard and fast to the 10% rule, but I do listen to my body and try to be careful to avoid large mileage jumps. 10% is just such an arbitrary number...

  6. you deserve that fitbit! your poem had me LOLing at my desk---which is impressive cause this frigid weather = cranky karla.

    great job with the AM workouts. i need to get back to those. it was so easy right after i got back from my army training because my alarm went off at 0440 everyday but now i'm just so cozy in bed !

  7. I love your poem, you should definitely finish it, it is really good.

    I was pretty strict about the 10% rule this time around, and I notice a HUGE difference on how I feel after my runs and such. No aches and pains to report (knock on wood). It's ridiculous when I look back at the way I used to resume running after breaks.

    Have a good week!

  8. I'm guilty of not really following any set the beginning I "loosy" followed the 10%

  9. Oh my goodness I LOVE your poem! Now I want to know what happened when you made a dash from your treadmill lol! I definitely try to follow the 10% rule. But it doesn't always happen. Great workouts and runs girl!

  10. Cute poem!
    I love the beginning of the year when we set goals and make a plan to go after them. It's fun!
    I'm not sure if I follow the 10% rule, I'm more of a run-by-feel and I use my experience to help guide me. I don't follow a designed plan, I write my own and I'm flexible with it. If something hurts, I back off.

  11. Great poem! Definitely fitting. I am so mentally over the holidays. With the snowstorm late last week, we got an extended vacation from work and school. It was fun but I'm ready for the usual routine. Thankfully that came today!


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