Monday, January 20, 2014

That Week that Didn't Go as Planned (but kind of did)

I actually feel like I was training this week. I have blisters (because I'm a goof ball), I did my first tempo run of this cycle, did a legit long run, and generally slept like I was in a coma. All good signs of me being in training again(even if it's only week two).

As for the blisters- stupid on my part but I'll live. Tuesday after work I went to the gym, got ready for my easy 5 mile run...and wait..."where the heck are my socks?". Silly me decided to run anyways, thinking it wouldn't bother me. 2 miles into the run I decided I wanted to do my tempo run for the week (that was planned for Thursday). It felt great, 7 miles total with 3 at 6:45. The last half mile I was kindly reminded that I wasn't wearing socks and I have hot spots all over my feet. Never again. (Or at least until the next time I forget socks and try and be a BA and push through). I don't know how some people run without them all the time.

Anyways. My 'routine' was a little thrown off this week due to some scheduling things but I still got my workouts in. I'm a little bummed about my 'morning efforts' this week but I'm still working on this, progress not perfection right?

Monday PM: 50 Minute Bike
Tuesday AM: 23 Minutes Pilates at home 
Tuesday PM: 7 Mile treadmill tempo (with 3 @ 6:45 pace)
Wednesday AM: 25 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes Ab-work
Thursday PM: 8.11 mile progression run OUTSIDE,
63 minute Spin class (21.8 miles), 30 minutes weights
Friday PM: 3.5 mile easy run
Saturday AM: 16 mile long run with Joe
Sunday PM: 3.1 mile easy recovery run, 25 minutes core & weights
Total Running Miles: 37.7 Miles
Total Biking Miles: 36.5 Miles
Total Swimming Distance: -0-
Total Fitness/Cross Training Time: 113 Minutes

It's hard to be frustrated when at the same time I feel really good. My workouts were all mixed around, didn't get to the gym in AM as much as I would have liked, and I missed some classes. BUT at the same time, I'm feeling pretty strong, I'm getting closer to my "comfortable training weight", and I finally feel like my endurance is coming back to me. So although missing some goals this week puts a bad taste in my mouth, feeling like myself again is more than worth it for a trade off, don't you think?

The week didn't go as planned, but I got some GREAT runs and workouts in. 2 Tempo paced runs (that was an accident, Thursday I was so happy to be outside I just couldn't slow my tush down), and some quality weights and core sessions. I was truly blessed to have an awesome friend (Joe) to come run my long run with me. It was cold and snowy and there were some hills to climb but we did it (and promptly inhaled coffee and food after).

So this week, it's time to accomplish some things. I'm feeling good so it's time to start making things happen and by that I mean... sticking to the damn plan for the week. Haha, I'm good about going with the flow but  I also know that sometimes following my plan would be wise.

Goals for next week:
1. General: 4 Morning workouts (don't hate the broken record!)
2. Running: 1 workout (either hill or speed), 1 race, and 1 Long run
3. Triathlon: Long(er) ride & at least one swim

Do you run with or without socks?

Do you tend to workout pretty steadily all week or cram it all into a few days?


  1. Great job Laura! I love the snow picture! And nope....I've never run without socks. But like you I probably would have run anyway lol! Hope the blisters are gone!

  2. I'm right there with you on trying to get into making AMs a habit. I did pretty good last week getting there 2 times... this week I have a goal of 4! I just love how it starts my day in such a better way than dragging ass into work in a coffee-induced stupor

    Boston is gonna be yours, Laura!

  3. I have one pair of shoes I can run in without socks but all my others give me terrible blisters. Still looks like you had a really solid week despite missing a few goals. Keep at it girl!

  4. My big toe is still in "blister re-coup" mode after last weekend's long run...and I prefer to run with socks

  5. Blisters=ouch! Last March there was a 5 mile race and the morning of was just a contiuous sleet/rain/snow mix falling from the sky. Besides being soaked, cold and running through multiple puddles, I got HUGE blisters all over my one ankle from all the water. Any time I put shoes on I kept tearing open the blisters all over again. I didn't want to miss a run so I ended up putting duct tape all over my ankle to keep the bandaids in place. Not only did that make it worse but then I had cuts all over my feet from the duct tape digging in!

  6. I could never run *without* socks! But once, I wore the wrong ones on a long run. All my good running socks were dirty so I just wore a pair of "athletic" socks. Not sure what athletic activity they are intended for but certainly not running! I ended up with a little blister on my littlest toe, yikes! I hope your feet heal soon, but it looks like you had a great week of training!

  7. I had to take my socks off in the middle of a long run, due to how wet they were a few weeks ago, but no blisters. I did however have a similar issue as you at the gym in our basement, (condo building), and since I was by myself, I decided to just run on the treadmill barefoot. Horrible idea. The ridges on the belt wreaked total havoc on the bottom of my feet, and like you said, hot spot central! Lesson learned.

    Solid week of training though Laura! I like your bridge pic, reminds me the North Shore here in Pgh.

    Have a great week.

  8. I used to run without socks all the time, but since discovering Pro Compression it's pretty much a thing of the past. Recently I got a pair of Nike Flyknits though and I've been going sockless with them on the issues, my feet are pretty much a giant callous.
    I wish I lived closer to you, I would totally be your long run buddy! So long as I could keep up ;)

  9. A solid week of workouts for you. Sorry about the blisters

    I have to wear socks...end of story. Ha. I also have to spread out my workouts due to work. I just can't cram them into a few days anymore.

  10. I cannot run without socks. And they need to be good socks or else I get some cases, blood blisters which totally suck lol

    Have a great week :)

  11. Sounds like a great week even if it was all mixed up and you missed some classes at the gym. I have done the no sock thing a couple times with bad results never went farther than 2 miles on a lunch break but it was summer hot and well wasn't pleasant.

    Love the snowy picture and you can keep the snow :)

  12. O man - I hate socks. I love running sockless - i'll only wear them in the winter cause it's so cold. The transition to no socks does involve getting some blisters, but after that pretty much none. It's nice in the summer, cause I feel like socks just make your feet too hot.

    Nice training week! You are definitely putting in a lot of time, and good cross training. I'm working on getting myself to the gym more days a week. So far so good... See you Saturday!

  13. I do tris without socks. I'm apt to get blisters just as much with them as without them. And I'm definitely a crammer when I'm in heavy training. I find that my long runs wipe me out so much, I often need two days rest afterwards.


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