Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Training Week That Knocked Me on My Butt...Literally.

This will go down as Boston Training Week 3, the week that made me really sore.
I don't love struggling to get out of bed, or wanting to stop mid-workout because I'm just spent...But I do love pushing myself to that point. The first half of the week this was from workouts,  the weekend was a different story. 

Monday PM
Run TM 5k (8:15 pace), 25 Minute Spin (6.8 miles), 60 Minute MXT Class
Tuesday AM
10 Minute Elliptical (1.1 Miles), 20 Minutes Strength Training (Upper & Core)
Tuesday PM
8.35 Mile Tempo Run (7:11 pace)--->Workout was Race Pace Pyramid
Wednesday PM
Run TM 5k (8:26 pace), 72 Minute Spin (22.1 miles)
Thursday AM
Run TM 5k (8:28 pace)
Thursday PM
Run 3.85 outside [brrrr](7:52 Pace)
Friday PM
Run TM 5k (8:22 pace)
Saturday AM
Warm-up/Cool-down Miles with Laura 2.93 miles total (~8:40 pace)
Freezeroo Hearnish-10k Race 6.385 Miles (7:20 pace)

Total Running Miles: 33.9 Miles
Total Biking Miles: 28.9 Miles
Total Swimming Distance: -0-
Total Fitness/Cross Training Time: 90 Minutes

Monday I made my way back to the MXT class I tried a few weeks ago. All I can say is, I should go more often and maybe it wouldn't kick my ass as much. We did a bajillion burpees, and god knows what else--I'll be feeling this burn for a while.

 I'm happy that I have been strength training and doing core work more lately, I'm actually SEEING and FEELING results. 

I hit the beginning of this week a little harder so I'd have some 'easy' days leading up to the race Saturday. Although the Freezeroo races are not goal races for me, I'm using them as good opportunities to work on race day strategies and pacing.

Sweaty post-workout inside and bundled up before going for an outdoor run.... Oh winter. 
You'll also notice I am being better about having some easy paced runs in there. This is something I have never been really good about, but I know that while ramping up my mileage I need to be careful. I certainly don't have time for burnout or injury this year, so I am learning to enjoy easy paced and recovery runs when needed.
Well, Saturday is where things get a little... off.

Saturday mornings race was just bad, it happens and I know its part of life. My legs just didn't want to go, and physically  I felt blah. So after the race, I spent the rest of the day relaxing in bed. I hadn't been sleeping well all week, and starting to feel like I was coming down with something. Bruised ego round one for the day.

Finally when I got up and around so John and I could go grab some food. I made a typical 'Laura' mistake. I've been a self proclaimed klutz forever and proved that by falling down the stairs Saturday night. I'm okay, left with a bruised tailbone and a seriously bruised ego (between the race in the morning and falling down the stairs at night). John, his brother and their friend were all there when it happened so luckily there was no shortage of help.

Scene of the crime, and then what I was forced to do all day Sunday.
I was forced to take it easy today, time resting in bed and living on ice packs and ibuprofen. Luckily John  has been taking great care of me. Bringing me coffee and food, switching out my ice packs, and even relaxing watching netflix with me keeping me company.

Am I bummed that I couldn't do a long run today? Yes. Am I bummed that I am really going to have to take things easy for a few days, absolutely. But I also know I am lucky it wasn't worse. My bruised tailbone will heal, and hopefully my wrist (which I jammed trying to catch myself) won't bother me too much [sheesh, what I won't do to get out of doing pushups lol].

I'm not really sure what goals to make for the week. as I am not sure what I will be able to do. Right now, avoiding anything that involves pain is a good start. Hopefully I'll only be limited for a few more days, but I certainly won't be pushing things too soon, not worth it.

It wasn't a horrible week, I still got some great workouts in. Maybe a few days of downtime won't be the worst thing in the world for me. I'm considering the rest and forced cross training to be a silver lining. Some decreased stress on the body might do me some good.

When was the last time you had a bruised ego... what helped?

Any other klutzes out there?


  1. Just a FYI. That "race" is brutal. It is however a super workout. So rest up and get it cranked back up in a few days. Jw

  2. So sorry!! You knew it was going to happen, eh! You felt yourself getting sick, coordination off, least it didn't happen later in your training! I took my first big bike spill because I was stupidly checking on my friend behind me instead of looking forward duh! Straight into an embankment. Sad the scar on my shoulder faded...

  3. Super glad you aren't knocked up ;) Sorry to hear about your tailbone. You'll be back at it and training before you know it. Use this time to catch up on some relaxation. Feel better soon!

  4. Eeek, falling down the stairs is no joke. It happened to me in college and I was pretty banged up for a few days and I didn't even work out then, so I can't imagine training on it. Take it easy if you need to, you have awhile until Boston and you're pretty fit. Falls are no joke and we're not even old...

    So sorry about your bad race. It happens from time to time, and maybe the forced rest will help you in the next one. I do like how you share your training on here and the workouts- it gives me ideas for what to do!

  5. Sorry that you fell, I hope you are feeling better quickly!

  6. Darn!! Sorry to hear about your tailbone. That is SO painful. And you were doing great with training...
    It can be challenging to hold back the easy pace, but you are smart to do it! It's good for every run to have a purpose and those do :)
    Get your butt better, lady! ♥ We need you running!!

  7. My bruised ego came when I slipped on ice and broke my arm. I completely understand. Running wise, the only 5k that wasn't cancelled was a pretty big punch in the stomach.

    I'm really glad you had a good training week (except Sunday) and I know you will come back stronger. Lake Effect is so soon!

  8. Awww bummer - I hope you heel fast, tailbone is a painful spot to injure and still run! You did awesome Saturday! That was a super tough race - makes me want to go back and do hill training there. Glad we could run a couple miles together!

  9. Oh no girl! So glad it wasn't more serious! Take it easy on those stairs girl! I hope you heal quickly and can get back at it!

  10. So glad that it wasn't worse! you will heal quickly--RICE & take care of yourself.
    I am a huge klutz too. You're not alone. I managed to fall on black ice twice within 5 minutes, while holding onto a railing. How's that for klutz?!


  11. You know what's good for bruised egos? SWIMMING. ;)

    I still think you kicked butt at your 10K even if you weren't really feeling it. We all have weeks like that. It could have been the universe telling you to take a break. Then you were all, "No thanks Universe." And it was all, "Well down the stairs you go."

    Rest up chica. Lots of time to train and get in those miles. ;)

  12. Glad your ok, falling down the stairs is no joke. Rest up I know you will be at in no time.

  13. ouch...hope your bum feels better soon ;)

  14. Aww I'm sorry chica, we've all been there. I know you'll pick yourself up and get back to kicking butt soon

  15. Oh no, ouch!! And after such a solid week of workouts, too... how disappointing. Hope you're starting to feel better by now. And that rest should pay off with some strong workouts when you get back at it!

  16. I have fallen down the stairs before. I was in high school and I was wearing my glasses that day for some reason instead of contacts. I thought I might see the guy I liked when I left class to go to the bathroom, so I took my glasses off (mistake). I was wearing heels that day and my heel got stuck on a piece of one of the stairs that was coming off (old school). I literally went flying down the stairs. I rolled, head first. I could hear myself going "whoawhoawhoawhoa" and saw people running out of the classroom across from the stairwell to check on me. I was fine, miraculously.

    Oh, and the guy I thought I'd run into on my way to the bathroom? He was in that classroom. Fail.


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