Friday, January 31, 2014

Consistently: January

Many of you did  posts on "word of the year" or goals for the year. I loved reading them all, and in commenting I kept stating that my word for 2014 is consistency. I realized that I never really addressed this goal on my own blog. I want to create consistency or habits in all areas of my life. Consistency is never something I have been good at, so I am working really hard on it as I know it will help me maintain a healthier happier life going forward.
I didn't write down what I wanted to work on at the beginning of this month (shame on me!) so I am just going to write down a few things. From here on out though I will write what I plan on working on so I (and you!) can actually see how its coming along. *Note: There are other things I want to work on being consistent in, but some personal things I find should be left off of the blog. Self-Improvement and certain personal (family and relationships) things shouldn't be 100% public.*

January was all about base building for me. Getting time in on my feet, and consistently working out. I think I definitely accomplished this, looking at the calendar I only had 3 complete days off for the month. I made it to the gym 25 times (they have a fabulous website that tracks your visits!), which makes me happy to be making good use of that membership.

Morning Workouts
I consistently TRIED this month to become a morning gym-goer. I have a busy schedule and I found that at least doing part of my workout in the morning left me more time later in the day to tackle other things on my to-do list. I haven't been sleeping well the last 2 weeks at all, so morning workouts have been fewer and far between. 10 of my 25 gym visits this month were in the morning, believe me when I say that is much higher than it has ever been.

Things at Home
I have been working on being more consistent with housework and things at home. I'm the person who will let things go for a while and then spend a whole day scrubbing everything top to bottom. I want to work on doing a little each day and minimize the time I spend taking away from other things to clean. I didn't do great with this during January, but it was better than the past.

Things I want to focus on in February
A little amount of time a few days a week so I don't spend hours on the weekend(so I can run for hours on the weekend instead...)
Morning workouts
At least 2-3 during the week and 1 on the weekend
Utilizing the classes at my gym
There are some seriously great classes that are offered and I should be taking advantage of them. Not only is it great to immerse myself in fitness with others, it makes my membership more worthwhile!
Study time
I spent most of my study time on my Personal Trainer test in the fall, then the holiday's it's time to buckle down and get back to studying for my Series 7 (work exam). I'd like to see a few hours a week start happening again.

I made a blank calendar to keep tucked in my planner. I will mark down each day what I did to help keep track of these things. The written calendar combined with my RunningAHEAD account, and my gym online account (tracks dates/times you sign in) will all help hold me accountable.

Are you good at being consistent?

What is something you wish was more of a habit for you?


  1. I love that word choice for the year-looks like you're off to a great start.
    I'm the same way with housework..on my way out this morning I got entirely stressed out because my place is a disaster. Really dreading returning to that on Sunday night. My goal is to deep clean my apartment in the next week then make a daily 'chore' chart...I feel like I'm 8 again.

    Any tips on how to tackle studying for the ACE CPT test? I'm struggling getting a rhythm down.

    1. Shoot me an email at and I'll send you some ideas for ACE!

  2. I've been trying to get back into morning workouts now that school has started but it is HARD. After last year my biggest training advice to people is consistency. I think it's underrated but so important

    1. I totally agree, I was much more consistent with training in the fall and it made a huge difference!

  3. I 100% agree with you that not everything needs to be public. I'm the same way...I feel like I consistently let things go and then have to spend a day catching up and cleaning. I guess that is what it is though.

  4. No way should all our goals be public! It sounds like you did a great job though, congrats on making it to the gym so much and not really missing workouts. Like you, I need to be better about cleaning a little each day instead of having marathon cleaning sessions (usually before we have visitors!). Good luck with getting some sleep too!

    1. Yeah I'm definitely the marathon cleaning session person too. I'd like to try and not have to do that lol.

  5. Morning workouts are hard, but I actually think they go better. I find that I work out harder because I want to make sure I didn't wake up early for nothing, haha. I also feel like I can dedicate more time. and Ugh - cleaning... we tend to ignore things until the weekend too. Looks like you were super consistent this month - only 3 days off! Crazy - nice work :)

  6. I'm pretty good at being consistent. I prefer morning workouts because by the end of the day, I am too tired to even think about working out,

  7. I'm with you on utilizing classes at the gym. We're trying to do at least one spin class a week. Such great cross-training!


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