Monday, January 13, 2014

Boston Training: One week down, 97 days to go

As I mentioned earlier last week, I am finally starting my Boston training plan. One week down, feels like it is already flying by.

The other day the Boston Athletic Association posted this picture...

How is it less than 100 days already? Hopkinton, I am coming for you.

Anyways, back to this week. I actually feel really good about this week and think that I am starting to feel like myself again after some time off. I was able to get some good workouts in and even did a  brick workout on Tuesday (bike then run).

Monday AM: 45 minutes elliptical
Tuesday AM: 3 Easy miles + 15 minutes core
Tuesday PM: 40 minutes bike (15.1 miles), 3.1 mile run [brick]
Wednesday PM: Easy 5.1 miles, 67 minutes Bike (22.1 miles)
Thursday AM: 10 minutes elliptical + 25 minutes strength training
Thursday PM: Easy 7.18 mile run 
Friday: REST/sick
Saturday AM: 1.94 easy miles (WU & CD) + 5 mile race
Sunday AM: 11.03 mile run

Total running miles: 36.4 miles
Total biking miles: 37.2 miles
Total cross-training/fitness/strength training time: 95 minutes

Mentally I am just getting really focused and ready for this year. I have a lot of goals and things I want to accomplish. I am not about to let anything get in the way of that, I'm excited to start pushing a little more each week. I'm trying to play it smart but I also know that I am ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Something I was reminded of this week, is that training does so much more to you than physical changes. I've never felt better to be working, sweating, and mentally diving into this. I also want to say I am incredibly grateful for the support I have, some amazing friends who always have my back and encourage me to do whats best for me.

Friday I was home sick, stomach issues and stress... no fun. At least it was a rest day. To top it off, when I finally had an appetite back, I got sick again. There was blue cheese in my dish at dinner (and the waitress didn't tell me when I asked her), and I am allergic. I didn't consume a huge amount but enough to make my stomach turn all night and make me really uncomfortable (after the initial sickness). I spent the rest of the night with gingerale and curled up in bed. I know, we're such part animals!

I did my long run Sunday on the treadmill, after Saturday's race being soaked to the bone I didn't think it wise to be outside again in the cold. I certainly don't have time to battle a cold/flu right now. That 11 miles may not look like a lot, but that was my first double digit run in 5 weeks. It felt really good and I could have gone longer but I am really trying to be good about not adding mileage too quickly. I may not be following 10% to the T, but I certainly will avoid anything too drastic.

I did meet all three goals I set for this week...
1. 30+ miles---> Hit 36.3 miles
2. 3 non-running cardio workouts---> 3.5 (the one was only 10 min. warm-up)
3. 4 morning workouts---> 4.5ish (I was a little later to the gym than planned Sunday)
I actually got my reward Pedi on Saturday, I knew I had my goals in the bag...that, and I REALLY needed some TLC on my feet. I'll be rocking the purple toenails for a while.

This weeks goals...
1. 37-41 miles (including 1 tempo run and 1 long run) 
[Although I am base building right now, I want to make sure I am doing a tempo or interval workout on the weeks I don't have a Freezeroo race. This will help me make sure I am working on that speed and turnover once a week]
2. At least 3 classes (any kind)
[I'm really loving the new gym and enjoying taking classes. I want to take more, it allows me to get to know the trainers/instructors as well as other members--not to mention get some kick ass workouts in.]
3. 4 morning workouts (yes, third week in a row)
[I've been doing well with this but I want to keep going, I know that if I start letting myself back off at all on this right now I will fall off the morning wagon and I don't want to do that]
Reward: Massage (gotta use the gift voucher up before it expires!)

How was your weekend?

Anyone have any weird allergies?

P.S. Tomorrow you get my first race recap of 2014 (and it's not a million words long!)


  1. Love seeing some scaled back weeks from you and incorporating lots of cross training. It's going to guarantee a healthy year....even if you were sick on Friday.
    I have lots of weird allergies, like yesterday my lips started to swell during spin class, common allergic reaction for me. But what did I touch while spinning on a bike! Luckily it's normally easy to take care of and I'm not allergic to a lot of food.

  2. Ooh, there are few things that I wouldn't do for a massage! Love the idea of rewarding yourself! I hope that you're feeling better - I had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely AWFUL. Anyway, I'm proud of you for not making week one's goal to run 100 miles. Looks like you are training smart!

  3. Sounds like a great week and yay on getting the pedicure!!!!! The only allergies I can really think of are Sprite and white sodas give me massive headache and stomach ache. If i get next to cedar trees or bushes I break out like crazy same with tomato plants.
    When i was a kid I couldn't drink orange juice i would break out now i just get sick if I drink it.

  4. I'm glad, despite everything, you got a great week of training in. I know you are going to have a kickbutt year and I honestly cannot wait to be apart of it.

  5. At least you got in a solid week and accomplished all of your goals! Such an exciting time, very happy for you.

  6. Well, you better meet your goals this week so the massage doesn't expire. Just sayin'... ;). I think you would anyway, though. Hooray for a pedi and some feet TLC, you know all runners need that. Your training looks great and I bet you'll rock out Boston.

    I also really love the classes at my gym and wish I could do more of them. What keeps me from it is the times of the day when they are held just don't always work with my schedule (I do work at home, but there are certain hours I have to be working, which unfortunately are the class hours!).

  7. way to start off well friend! well, minus the allergies. we have cedar fever here and it's killing us! ugh.

  8. Great start to your training!! I am lactose intolerant so I know how you felt because that's how I get, it sucks.

  9. Good job meeting your goals.
    Sorry about the allergies.

  10. Well done! And love the pedi reward system. Gotta remember that one when I start training again!


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