Monday, March 3, 2014

Boston Training: Rehabbin' & Prehabbin'

After last weekend's busy weekend racing a 10k and a half-marathon, I had already planned this week to be a little on the lighter side. Unfortunately it ended up being changed around even more due to a needy-whiny-pain-in-the-butt-shin. So this week was all about sending that shin to rehab. It was also about holding interventions for some other needy parts so that we can hopefully prevent them from traveling down the Amy Winehouse path.

AM: 30 Minutes Strength & Stability Training
PM: 65 Minutes Elliptical, 20 Minutes Strength Training
AM: 30 Minutes Strength & Stability Training, 1 Mile TM Test Run (8:16 pace)
PM: 60 Minutes HIIT on Elliptical
PM: 10 Mile TM Progression Run(7:44 pace)
AM: 30 Minutes Core & Stability Training
AM: 20.65 Mile Long run (7:50 pace)
PM: 95 Minute Bike Trainer (27.3 Miles)

Total Running Miles: 31.7 Miles
Total Biking Miles: 27.3 Miles
Total Strength/Cross Training Time: 235 Minutes

While, yes I was not happy to be logging elliptical miles instead of running earlier in the week I knew that it was the smart play. Being driven 100% by numbers is how you end up with more problems than if you take the time when you need it. I used to be extremely concerned with mileage and somewhere along the way I realized that there are other factors that are much more important. To be honest though, I am happy that I had a solid week of training and cross training despite setbacks. I took the time to work on things that I know I could be stronger at.  I've really learned to start trusting myself and my instincts, heck they have gotten me this far...

I was pumped to get my first 20 miler of the year under my belt. I have really learned to love long runs, and know that their benefits are huge. I really liked the route that I planned, and think I will be doing that one again as it has some terrain I need to work on.

A few things I did this week for Rehab/Prehab
1. Didn't run for 3 days (M-W)[I don't really count my 1 mile test run], & not running back to back days.
2. Iced multiple times a day(layer compression sleeves, stick ice pack in between--> perfection)
3. Bought new, tighter compression sleeves--->These ones
4. Did a bajillion calf raises (throughout the day a few here and there): Do 20-30 while brushing your teeth or waiting for microwave to heat up lunch, etc.etc.
5. Ibuprofen, lots.
6. Foam rolled, massaged, and seriously beat the heck out of my muscles.
7. Devoted extra time for stretching each day. Have a TV show you like to watch? Plop your tush on the ground and stretch while you watch instead of sitting on the couch or in bed. I also don't get into bed each night without first doing a few minutes of stretching, those extra few minutes add up.
8. Made Strength & Stability training a priority, I made sure to get those exercises in and I know that I have seen improvement by doing so.
9. Paying attention to what goes into my body. Recovery is significantly impacted by what your fuel & refuel yourself with. I track using My Fitness Pal (which syncs with my fitbit, awesome!) and it really helps to see what things I eat and how they affect me. I've been doing much better with my nutrition lately (with the exception of the gigantic piece of cheesecake I inhaled ate Wednesday night while throwing a pity party).
10. Sought out help. I read MANY articles online as well as my own personal training books for things to do, but also consulted with a few people who are qualified to give me advice. I spoke with my PT as well as a few other PT's at the gym and learned a few new stretches and exercises to help.

~~I know what you are thinking, these are normal things that we need to do. I agree, but I also know that so many of us say we want to do them more and don't. I'm trying to create a routine out of a lot of these and make it a habit.
Morning Strength & Stability session
Side Note...
I do want to say thank you for the kind words I have received regarding not getting the sponsorship I applied for. A lot of people took the time to reach out to me personally, and that means more to me than I can say. I know that while I am a good runner, there are many amazing athletes out there many with better times and more experience than myself. I am obviously disappointed but also know that when the time is right, it WILL happen.

I have been asked 2 questions a LOT since I found out...
1. Are you going to apply for another company? No, I don't want to be sponsored for sake of sponsorship. I am brand loyal and will remain that way. I won't be one of those athletes who is sponsored by a company but constantly promotes its competitors.
2. Do you regret going to California last minute to run CIM to get the sub 3:15 time you needed (even though I found out after the time I needed was changed to 3:05)? No, I don't regret it whatsoever. In fact, I am grateful that I didn't know the standard was going to be changed because I probably wouldn't have tried at the time if I had known. I had the trip of a lifetime with one of my best friends, and ran a 4 minute PR- that is more than enough for me. I worked incredibly hard for that and no one can take that away from me :)

Do you do Prehab exercises?

Thoughts on sponsored athletes who continue to promote competitors?


  1. Replies
    1. It's definitely getting better, still being conservative but I can tell what I have been doing is helping. Another week or 2 and I should be back to 100%

    2. At first glance I read "have you gotten your $hit together?" don't mind me...

  2. Sorry you had a little setback but I'm applauding you for being smart about it! Never the easiest thing to do. I hope you are back on a straight path to boston now!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I'd like to think I have gotten smarter about things over the years. The old me definitely would have kept pushing!

  3. Honestly, I never knew you were sponsored or didn't know. I always thought, regardless of $$$, that you really liked Saucony. To me, that's how it should be. I know some bloggers who are sponsored and I feel like they over promote a brand so that readers lose sight of them as a person, runner, athlete, etc... it's like it takes over the "voice" of their blog. Instead of a runner, I saw them as mostly an advertisement. A running billboard or something. You have never done that.

    I don't blame you for running the marathon regardless of the times. You shouldn't have any regrets- you had a great experience and met knew people and grew as a runner. That's what it's all about. Also, I'm glad you are recovering from the shin issue but were still able to train!

    1. Regardless of money I do love Saucony. Which is why I applied. While I didn't get the sponsorship I will still continue to love and support them. I have never promoted them because I thought that I had to, it's because I have wanted to. They are a great company and maybe one day I will get the chance to represent them.

  4. Ever since my injury in the fall I've been twice weekly strength and conditioning and all my pain has disappeared which is saying a lot for an IT band injury. I saw a PT initially and she told me to stay away from calf raises as runners typically have strong enough calves and doing raises tends to tighten up other things {just a side note}. I really think all runners should be doing some type of prehab routine regularly.

    I'm sponsored by SOAS so obviously I love their gear but if there is another product by a competitor that I also like I will tell someone if they ask but I won't go around promoting it. I can't stand people that only want a sponsor just for the perks, not because they believe in the company

    1. You have done a lot of work since the fall, it's been awesome to see how much stronger you have gotten with that hard work. The other thing that has been helping besides calf raises is walking on my toes and heels, really stretches.

      I'm totally with you on the sponsorship thing, don't just do it for perks. You are great representative for SOAS, and I know that you really like the company and don't just do it so you can say you are.

  5. First, I am proud of you for resting and recovering. Having an injury now and running a few extra miles was not worth it in the slightest. I am glad that you were able to recover it and I think you did all of the right things.

    You know me opinions on the rest of the matters. I think you are a truly remarkable runner and cannot wait to see where your next couple of marathons take you. Pretty soon you'll be running under 3 hours. :-)

  6. You're an amazing athlete Laura...I'm sure there are opportunities out there for you but I applaud you staying true to yourself and not seek out another company just because you want sponsorship. That said, I wouldn't blame you one bit if you did go with another company.
    For many young athletes today, their only option is sponsorship regardless of where it comes from. If they aren't sponsored they need to get jobs and forego training and likely give up (or severely alter) their dreams. They need to do what is right for them.
    For the high-end professional athletes it is a different story as well. Quite often they are able to have significant impact into the development of new equipment and product and can help shape the company they are representing (like Tiger Woods did with Nike Golf).

    1. Thanks Mike! You are right, everyone applies for sponsorships for different reasons. For me, it is mainly because I want to represent the company that I love so much, and yes the gear would be a huge financial help. But obviously I have a full time job, and do not have intentions of being a full time professional runner. Therefore I feel like sticking with my guns on one company is easier for me than others. But yes there are other people that running IS their job so therefore they take sponsorship where they can get it. But I don't like seeing those athletes taking sponsorship but then still promoting its competitors. Frustrating to those of us who actually take pride in certain companies.

    2. I agree 100% on that point. If you accept a sponsorship, part of your job as an athlete is to promote that brand (and certainly not their competitors!) as they are helping you do what you love for a living.

  7. Looks like you are making all the right decisions. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the sponsorship. I have been following your progress you have done for a little while now and I'm inspired by it. I too am a huge Saucony fan, great company. I am working on always rehabbing my PF flare up, all the stretching and icing and resting do help.

    1. Thanks dear! I have never (knock on wood) dealt with extreme PF but I do know that constant pre-hab for it is essential, keep up the good work!

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your sponsorship. I don't know the whole story, but I can tell that you are handling the situation with grace. I think you are an amazing runner, and I'm constantly impressed by how much you run and how fast you run. I read your blog for inspiration, and that will continue whether you are sponsored by a brand or not.

    1. Amy you are too sweet, thank you for the kind words :) I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I have really enjoyed following you as well and you inspire me more than you know!

  9. I am very much slower than you, but luckily have been blessed to be Mizuno sponsored. I never run in any shoes besides Mizuno - they are the only sneakers I ever wear and I LOVE them. I would stick with them and never change even if my sponsorship got dropped. I, like you, believe in loyalty and get a bit upset when I see other Mizuno people accepting free shoes from other brands.

    1. Love love love it. Loyalty is incredibly important no matter who you represent! :) Clearly you are sponsored by them for a good reason!!

  10. Finally able to comment-my work blocked wordpress so I couldn't say anything :(
    Proud that you took care of it before it became a bigger issue!! I'm trying to do the same... I'm overtraining. The massage therapist told me I have to take better care of my muscles. So I am making myself take rest days when I need to, drink water (not just coffee apparently...) & STRETCH.

    Keep listening to your body lady, Boston is going to be great for you. <3

  11. That's a bummer, I didn't realize that you heard back. I'm sorry.

    I'm glad your shin is feeling better!

  12. Sorry about the sponsorship girl..but like you said when it's your time it will come! I hope the shin is feeling better! You are doing all the right things to make it that way! Keep listening to your body!

  13. Keep taking care of yourself and those shins. It sounds like you're doing really well with the rehab. Sorry about the sponsorship, but I'm glad to hear that you aren't letting that affect your use of the product. I love Saucony and maybe too many others do as well, which causes them to tighten their criteria. You're a hard-working runner and I'm sure another opportunity will be out there for you some day.

    1. Thanks Dani, it helps that I am really focused on Boston right now. Distraction can be a really good thing, and it's also help keeping me smart about my shin. Gotta get to the start line healthy!

  14. oh man so many things in this post. I'm glad you posted about the rehab/prehab. I've been having some very minor issues with my heels and am afraid it is plantar fasciitis :( I've been cutting some runs shorter and cutting out other workouts but I think I'm at the point where I need a couple days off and hopefully a meeting with my new chiropractor/graston guy.

    I'm so sad you didn't get the Saucony Sponsorship as you would be perfect for it. I feel that you truly love the product and are not after the sponsorship just to have one. I myself am not very brand loyal, I wear a lot of Nike but that happens to be because it is easy to find. If anything I am color loyal, as I have a lot of pink or neon colors in my closet. The one brand I am an ambassador for is Nuun hydration. I really liked the product and how being a part of them feels like a team.

    Thoughts on sponsored athletes promoting competitors seems like the opposite of what they are supposed to do. I think they can still wear competitors clothing but just not talk about it or maybe don't compete in anything other than your sponsored companies items.

    1. Bummer about PF, I've never really dealt with that a ton but I do know lots of people recommend freezing a water bottle and rolling your foot on it? And also rolling your foot on a tennis or lax ball.

      Thanks for the kind words about Saucony. I don't know how or when I became so brand loyal but it just kind of happened a while back. I love that you say you are color loyal, I think we all have our 'signature hues' :):)

      I totally agree about the sponsored athletes. I understand they everything they own won't be the brand they are sponsored by. But when in public or posting photos, come on...represent the people who are PAYING you!

  15. You have handled the whole sponsorship thing with so much class. Not that I expected anything less from you. You already know my thoughts on the whole thing ... now get your shin feeling better, and get ready to kick some more butt this year.

  16. I am glad your shin is doing better. Man I really need to work on my prehabbin'. I made some mental notes and will definitely work on this. Sorry to hear about the sponsorship. You are an awesome athlete. I totally understand the brand loyalty though. Love ya lots!

  17. i'm so glad you are not focusing on numbers. it's hard but you are right, keep healing! and that prehab. it's a must

  18. I'm glad to hear that you use MyFitnessPal. I used to use it a long time ago when I was trying to lose weight. I loved the thing but stopped using it when I didn't need to lose any more weight. I want to start using it again to keep myself in check with what I'm eating, but I haven't heard of many runners doing that.

    Looks like you are doing great at staying in shape but not going crazy hard on yourself!

  19. Your easy weeks are still impressive! Part of me misses the higher intensity workouts and marathon training, and another part of me is loving running for fun, as fast or slow as I'd like. :)


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