Monday, March 31, 2014

Boston Training: Bye Bye March

3 Weeks out now, that's pretty insane. This week was one of the better ones I have had for running since this whole injury thing started. I feel like I am in 'survival mode' right now, just get me through the next few weeks with whatever runs/workouts I can get in between now and then. The fact that I was able to get back to back runs in Tuesday/Wednesday and get 20 in Friday was good confidence booster. Either my pain tolerance is going up, or the problem is getting better. Fingers crossed its the latter. 

PM: 10 min warm-up on bike (2.75 Miles), 15 Minutes Core work, 1400 yd Swim
PM:10 TM miles (7:54 pace)
PM: 8 TM miles (7:42 pace)
PM: 45 Minutes Bike (14.8 Miles), 750 yd swim
PM: 20.13 Miles (7:42 pace) [2.13 Outside, 18 on TM]
--Rest/Walking around Toronto--

Total Running Miles: 38.1 Miles
Total Biking Miles: 17.6 Miles
Total Swim Distance: 1.2 Miles
Total Strength Training/Cross Training Time: 15 Minutes (womp. womp)

All in all this week was pretty good, I did end up with 2 rest days which wasn't planned but well...that's life. I did majority of my running on treadmill this week, some part due to weather and others to convenience. My core work and strength training has really taken a hit the last few weeks. The time I normally spent doing that, has been reallocated to the 'stretching/icing/PT' side of things for my right leg.

Saturday we slept in (that 20 after work kicked my rear), and then hit the road for our mini getaway to Toronto for the day/night. Photo proof I own clothes other than running clothes, and that I am capable of doing something with my hair other than a ponytail or hat for running.

We did  lots of walking around, and even more eating. Three words for rib poutine. A great meal, some cocktails and then seeing Chicago (the musical) Saturday night. Honestly a weekend away with J, with no cell service...was fabulous. Some time to unplug and spend time together without interruptions.

Sunday's drive home was much quicker (we left earlier to avoid border traffic), but came home to LOTS of snow. So maybe we didn't go away somewhere to the beach, but it didn't snow in Toronto and it did at home...that's a winning mini vacation in my book. I was tired when we got back and ended up laying in bed from 2 pm on with a migraine. Cue the Netflix marathon, sweats, and laziness. I had hoped I'd get in a bike ride or something, but the bed won over and I'm okay with that.

As for this coming week- well I have some thoughts about what I'd like to have happen (potentially another long run), but nothing set in stone. I'm not 100% healthy, heck with my leg and other things I don't even think I am 80%, I need to change that. So if that means taking it easy on more days to try and figure out whats going on with my leg, or means laying in bed with a migraine and resting to avoid getting sick... so be it.  My goals for the year extend beyond Boston, so now really isn't the time for me to play hero.

So time to buckle down and get through this last real week of training before taper. This is the home stretch, I may not be where I would like to be at this point but I am far from giving up :) End of February and all of March was spent being injured and changing everything for it- I can't say I am sad for it to be over. I think that April is going to be a much better month, and things are going to start looking up around here. Plenty of things to look forward to:)

What are you looking forward to in April?


  1. Your training went great! I am still amazed at that 20 miler on the treadmill, you go girly! Totally deserved to sleep in after that one. Looks like you had fun in Toronto too~ we are going on a cruise soon and I'm excited to be unplugged for the whole week :).

  2. Glad you had a great mini-vay-cay in our wonderful country!

  3. Sounds like a great little getaway! Sooooo important.
    I'm looking forward to running OUTSIDE. My lungs can't hack the cold like you, and my motivation for longer TM runs is gone, gone gone...
    I'm glad you listened to your body on Sunday (well sounds like you couldn't ignore it.) Or maybe it was something you drank? Red/French wine always gives me migraines (sulfides)...
    Is the Ironman always in the back of your mind? Remember you were hot on Boston before don't want to get injured but you will feel great after finishing it. Does that make sense? Take it one goal at a time, I guess, is what I'm trying to say...
    Good luck this week!

  4. Great job on the training and you look amazing in your pictures, but I think you look equally awesome in all your quick running photos.

  5. Awesome job getting through another week of training. You got in a 20+ miler 3 weeks out, you're going to be fine in Boston, I think you're doing the right thing, resting extra. Enjoy that taper.

    Your hair looks so cute!

  6. I'm really happy you got that 20 miler done and it's such a huge accomplishment. Hopefully taper brings you some needed relief on that leg. I cannot wait to see how Boston goes. I know I have said this during each of your marathon cycles but they have really flown by!

  7. Great job on your training Laura! I really hope the leg is getting better! I hope April is a much better month for you! And I can't wait to see how Boston goes!!! So exciting!!!

  8. I am in awe at the amount you are treadmilling. Way to go. For real! Also, I'm beginning to think I need a weekend away like yours ASAP! 3 more weeks till Boston .You're going to rock it!

  9. Yay!!! Hope you are on the up and up. Boston is right around the corner!!! So excited. also, you look mahvelous.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful getaway! I can't believe it's April! Boston is SO close. Good call on taking it easy. You NEED to take care of yourself and it's important to be able to get back to what you want to be doing. You will be amazing!!!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful get away and I can't believe Boston is so close. As for April, I love this month, its my birthday month. I am not thrilled of the age I am turning but April means spring, warmer weather, and more races!


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