Monday, March 24, 2014

Boston Training: Still on the Roller Coaster

Another week down, and all of the sudden we are 4 weeks away from the big day. I think the excitement is building, but so is the mental battle I have going on of "what am I really going to be capable of?". I have no idea what the next few weeks will bring with training and this 'injury' so its' hard to anticipate anything about that weekend.

Overall this week wasn't high distance or time on anything, but I was happy for what I DID get done. Focusing on what DIDN'T happen is only going to frustrate me more so I am trying to avoid that. Still some solid training as I technically got 2 workouts in (10 mile tempo, and 13.1 mile run @ faster than MP). Also got in the pool twice, which is well...a miracle.
PM: 60 Minutes Bike (17.6 Miles), 2000m Swim
PM: 10 Mile Tempo Run (7:14 average pace)
AM: 60 Minutes Strength & Stability (w/PT)
PM: 4.38 Mile run (7:59 pace)
PM: 35 Minutes Elliptical (4.8 Miles), 1600m swim
PM: 3.73 Mile test run (8:03 pace)
AM: Syracuse Half-Marathon

Total Running Miles: 31.2 Miles
Total Biking Miles: 17.6 Miles
Total Swim Distance: 3600m/2.2 Miles
Total Elliptical Miles: 4.8 Miles
Total Strength Training Time: 60 Minutes

This week was humbling but it also had some really positive things as well (still on that damn roller coaster). Monday was my first time in the pool in MONTHS. It felt good to be in there, regardless of my distaste for swimming laps. Before I knew it, I had swam the half iron distance, and even swam it faster than my Musselman swim time last year. Tuesday's tempo wasn't bad, and actually left me feeling relatively confident that MAYBE my leg was getting better. Not a bad way to start the week.
Scenes from the high portions of the week--Monday swim outside and Tuesday muddy tempo on the canal...also my new perfect spring headband I won from SCB :) I'd show you stuff from the rest of the week but the lows aren't as fun to capture on film. (read: I look stupid when I cry.)
Here's the humbling part- Wednesday was the first time(since being injured) that I actually had to cut a run short because of my leg. It was the first time the pain didn't get better as I went, and everything simply hurt...bad. Maybe it was just an off day, maybe my legs were beat up from the mornings PT session- I don't know but it left me very defeated and down on a lot of things. (I'm human!)

Saturday I decided on a test run on the treadmill- and to my didn't hurt. Well, it wasn't 100% but it was certainly improved (mainly just tight calves). Maybe Wednesday's run was the "it has to get worse before it gets better?". The half Sunday wasn't my fastest but certainly still a good time for me, I'll recap that later this week.

This week I have some planned runs & workouts but as I have been for the last few weeks, I will readjust as needed. I am getting a massage by someone who specializes in athletes with injuries on Tuesday- I think my legs really need the work on them so fingers crossed that it helps.

The next 2 weeks are really important for training- no matter what my goals are for Boston. It's going to require some creativity with the issues I am dealing with, but you bet I'll find ways to push myself. Good news, as the race gets closer the motivation gets stronger. Obviously I wish I had more than 4 weeks left for training but then again, in 4 weeks I get to spend a few days in Boston with my man, our friends and some family--that is something to be pumped about. I assume over the next few weeks, the excitement will only grow for the race and that weekend more and more each day.

When do you start getting really excited for your big race?

When was the last time you really surprised yourself with a run or workout?
That 2000m swim Monday after months out of the pool really surprised me, in a good way :)


  1. I really surprised myself Saturday. I ran 12 miles (two times over the bridge and back) at a fairly decent pace, my longest run since the Charleston half which I paced. I love having a good workout that helps going into a race or a busy training week.

    Awesome tip to focus on what you can do rather than the issues! You are defnitely pushing yourself and having some great workouts and it will all translate into success in Boston. Even if your half wasn't your best, it's great you were able to do it despite the issues and of course, you're aiming for Boston as your goal race, so it's better to get there healthy than kicking butt in a half and possibly hurting yourself or getting behind in training.

    Great week of workouts :)

  2. I still can't believe that you are swimmimg outside in these are brave girls

  3. I am SO jealous that you get to swim outside already. You have a really solid base from the fall that'll help you pull it out in Boston. It's hard when all you want to do is run and train but some rest and recovery goes a long way. Keep being smart about your training and it'll all work out

  4. Ugh - so sorry that you had to cut your run short because of pain. Hopefully that will be the only run that ends that way in the next few weeks!!

  5. I cannot believe you swam outside and now look at this weather. This is crap. Serious crap. Ha.

    Anyways I know all this cross training is truly going to help you and you had a kickbutt half in that weather.

  6. Seriously, you just jump into the pool and rip off a session quicker than your race pace...that's awesome! Hopefully good signs of progress with the legs too!

  7. I can't believe Boston is only 4 weeks away! You're so close, keep doing what you're doing!

    You swam outside? In NY?

    Congrats on another HM!

  8. Wow! 4 weeks! So exciting! You're doing great Laura! I hate that your leg is still bothering you but 4 weeks is a long ways in healing time! Hopefully the massage will help! Chin up girl! :-)

  9. I am envying that outdoor pool time, that's for sure! I have been getting in the pool at least once/week, usually twice, all winter. Outdoors would be so much better!

    I hope your roller coaster ride comes to a healthy halt soon. I'm sure it's frustrating.

  10. I usually start getting excited a few months before the race :) I guess it's better to be excited than nervous!

  11. I am sure (well I pray) that pool is heated, but the outside air. You are so bada$$ in a good way.

  12. I hope your leg hangs on and remains happy all the way through Boston... then you can cut back and recover! Still a really solid week for you!!

  13. Only 4 weeks to go?! I hope that your leg stays happy and lets you have a fantastic race in Boston! I surprised myself this morning with one-armed tricep dips. Never thought I could do that!

  14. wow only 4 weeks! time flies… I hope the leg stays healed up before're gonna kill it! :) and swam outside…in NY!?

  15. woah woah woah, outdoor pool? in the winter? Did you travel somewhere warm and I missed it? I've been hooked on swimming, dare I say there is a triathlon in my future.

    I'm not ready to admit it 100% but I might have to back down to the half this year and it crushes me not being able to run a full this spring.


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