Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Weeks Randomness

It's hard to put last week into a bunch of words, because it wouldn't make sense to anyone but me. Hell, I think I'm still processing the 7 day stretch that it was. You're welcome for this completely random post.

Here are some facts from last week..

1 Celeb-Runner met (pre-vacation) 
4 Flights

5 Weather Delays, 1 Mechanical Delay
1 Mechanical Cancellation, 1 Weather Cancellation

23502937240592345 Times I said Damnit or *F* while dealing with United (give or take a few)

~16 hours spent in airports...I survived...with Jame-O, Goose Island, and Lemon Drops.

4 States Slept in (NY,IL, WI, MN)

3 States ran in (NY, and  2 new...MN, WI)

2 Books Read (thanks for the recommendations!)

4 Movies watched

1 Wedding attended
1 NFL mini-camp practice attended

457923 Laughs (give or take a few)

21-0 the score of the one bean bag toss game I played. (Managed to get out of streaking for being shut out)

234450 times I slapped my own forehead on account of my own epic failures and stupid things said.

6 new bruises found after return flight home.
 (this might be a new record, even for me!)

(42) My lowest mileage week since before Boston. 

All in all it was a true adventure, much needed breathing time. Everything didn't go as planned, not in the least but made the best out of it. Grateful for some awesome friends/family members who kept me sane, tried to help with all of the travel issues, and generally just support me in everything that I do. I was incredibly glad to have this chance to spend time getting to know someone who due to distance, cannot see often.  I saw new places, met new faces, and was left with so much to ponder: I'm pretty sure we can call that a successful trip :)

As for training last week, I think the lower mileage wasn't the worst thing.  I have a really strong base from the last 9 weeks, I have NEVER ever been this consistent with my training. I feel like last week was a great time to step back a bit both mentally and physically as I prepare to start taking leaps in the future. I've been really doing things differently this time around and now it's time to stop letting fear and comfort zones hold me back from trying even MORE. You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward, I'm currently relating this to life AND training. Here goes everything. 

Messy Travel Stories?

3 Random facts from last week?


  1. So glad to hear you had a good time in my stomping grounds!
    When I flew home from TX to see J off I flew United and it was the worst traveling experience of my life. It took me over 48 hours to get from TX to WI. I was beyond sick, couldn't stop crying from saying bye to him and just emotionally drained. Then I had three delays that turned into cancellations. I was about to get a rental and drive to Denver overnight to get my connection.
    Instead he called me a cab, booked me a hotel and I stayed an extra night on post (but didn't get to see him that night). Then he surprised me the next morning and I got to see him again (although a second goodbye was even more difficult than the first...). When I finally got to Denver the next day, my flight to MKE was cancelled. His parents ended up buying me a ticket on Southwest to MKE that night because I was not about to sleep in the airport after all that.
    I hate United and refuse to EVER fly with them again. End rant :) <3

  2. Let me start by saying: I HATE United! Seriously, they are the worst airline out there. So sorry you had all those issues! But sounds like the time was well spent otherwise. Welcome back!

  3. Ughhhh messy travel days are the WORST!! When I went out to CO to visit CU Boulder, where I ended up going to school, my flight home got canceled, and my second flight got me in at 5am on a Monday morning and I went right to school. Luckily no other horrible flight stories for my 4 years in CO. Glad you had a nice trip after all!

  4. I love traveling but hate dealing with airlines. I'm glad you had a great trip though.


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