Monday, June 9, 2014

ROC Training week 1 (with a side of unwinding)

Remember that time I started training for another marathon, yeah like that shocked anyone. While this may not be my first, it feels very different this time around. Maybe it's because I'm diving in head first, maybe it's because I have a big goal and maybe it's simply because I am a different person. Whatever the case, I don't hate it.

So, this training thing. Not much was different this week than the last few(besides an official title, we all know that changes things). Rounded the week with 2 workouts (1 track workout, 1 race), and some steady miles.  My 'long' run Sunday was chopped down to 10, after spending Saturday night/Sunday morning sick I knew cutting some miles was the smart play.

 5.76 miles after work (7:35 pace)
7.08 miles after work (7:35 pace)
Sunrise Track workout 7.08 miles total (8:41 avg. pace for w/u,c/d,recoveries) 
(5:53 average pace for the interval ladder)
7.16 miles between jobs (7:24 pace)
5 miles between jobs (7:41 pace)
2 miles w/u&c/d, 10k race
10.01 progression miles (7:31 pace)

Total Running Miles for the Week: 50.3 miles
Running ROC Training Miles: 50.3 miles

Mileage wise I am happy with the week even though it was a few short(~5). I feel like the base I have is really helping me keep up with things, and will allow me to push more once the time comes. I'm also happy to feel like my 'off' days are still faster and easier than they used to be. Unfortunately the extent of my strength and cross training was a few small workouts here and there. I won't blame this on my hectic schedule, because I could have fit it in if I was better about it.  My goal for next week is to be better about making time for some more core work and possibly some cross training. 

Yes, 70+ hours a week makes things challenging but it's still certainly doable (read: I should probably start getting up when my alarm goes off, or not just playing roadkill on my bedroom floor before bed each night). I think it's going to take a few weeks for me to find the right schedule for training and what works when. I haven't been doing the best of jobs finding balance with it all, this is now high priority.

This weekend I was reminded that I don't wear a cape. My efficiency in getting things done has been related to making myself productive as possible- instead of being productive AND taking care of myself. Saturday night I left work early and was in bed before 8PM and got out of bed twice until 10AM. I'd been working a ton, running, NOT sleeping (3 hrs a night on average according to my fitbit), and not hydrating/refueling properly. The biggest 2 things are the sleep and hydration. While I know that they are necessary, doesn't mean I am good about doing it. But I also can't spend my Saturday nights getting sick and sleeping, so obviously I will be better about this. Good news, Heather told me I am still allowed to wear a cape even if I can't be superwoman. SO THERE!

Sunday was a day of "unwinding": So hitting that 'wall' forced me to catch up on some sleep, and really unwind physically and mentally. I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time, I even laid in bed for about an hour reading after I woke up(which used to be an all the time thing). Sometimes it's as simple as sleep and 'unplugging' and allowing yourself to have 'you time'. I then caught up on some things around my apartment before getting myself ready for the day. In the afternoon I got coffee and chatted with a good friend, grateful to have her to talk to! We then saw 'The Fault in our Stars'. It was an incredibly powerful movie and I laughed just as much as I cried. One of those movies that REALLY makes you think. One of my favorite quotes of the movie was this...
Sometimes we try and escape feelings, or things that might make us uncomfortable. But those feelings will come no matter what, and they help make or break us. Every single one of us has a story, things that made us who we are today. All of those stories include some sort of struggle, pain, and obstacles that we have overcome. That pain and struggle, it reminds you that you are still here though. Life isn't easy, but sometimes we forget to look at how far we have come because we are so focused on where we want to be. Just a sentimental tangent for this post, sue me. I did get my miles in after that, and finished with a shower beer (does that make me a little more BA than the sappy emotional girl from a few hours prior? Probably not, but it sure tasted good).

I do think I have some more 'unwinding' that needs to happen soon (Let's be honest, it's been a crazy few months). Luckily I have some time off coming up, I'll probably have a bloody-Mary on that 10 AM flight of mine just to celebrate. I'm getting ahead of myself though, there are still plenty of things to be done between now and escaping the eastern time zone for 5 days. A little more than a week, so bring on the working/running/living thing...but also the sleeping/hydrating thing. :) 

What is a bad habit you need to work on? 

When was the last time you took a day to just 'unwind'?


  1. I'm really glad everything is working out well for you. You deserve all that time to relax and rest. I cannot wait to hear how your vacation is. :-)

  2. I can't remember the last time I took a day to unwind. I am bad about keeping busy so things and thoughts can't catch me. My worst habit is when stressed I don't eat drink or get enough sleep and lately stress has been awful. Glad you were able to take some time to unwind go watch a movie (one that I hope to get to see).

    1. Shelley, take some time for YOU! You work so hard taking care of everyone else!

  3. Glad you took a day to unwind Laura, so important! I took an entire week last week, and it was glorious! I feel so much better now. Looking forward to supporting you in your next segment. A bad habit for me is not stretching, but I am trying to change that :)

  4. I love that quote.
    The entire book is so full of amazing quotes.
    It was hard to keep reading and not stop to write them down.

    1. Oh I definitely got home from the movies and was googling quotes from it.... soooo many good ones!

  5. Unwinding is hard - I will spend an hour or two on nice days in the summer laying in the sun and that is about the closest I get to unwinding.
    Glad you were able to take some time!!


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