Monday, June 16, 2014

ROC Week 2

Physically and mentally this week felt so much better than last week, that is by far the most important thing I could say. While I haven't been injured, in pain, or anything like that; I simply struggled to relax on my runs. Finally turned the corner on that this week, A-freaking-men.

3.3 miles between jobs (7:25 pace)

6.86 miles after work with a friend (7:43 pace)

Morning Track Workout 8 miles total (8:26 average for 3.75 miles of W/U, Recoveries & C/D)
(6:16 Average for 4.25 miles of intervals)
30 Minutes Strength Training (Upper Body & Core)
5.5 rainy night miles with a friend (8:42 pace)

6.37 miles between jobs (7:31 pace)
15 Minutes Core Training

4 miles between jobs (7:28 pace)

3.2 miles after work (7:32 pace)

6.1 miles in morning (3 miles w/u & c/d, 3.1 mile race)
11.08 miles at Sunset (7:22 pace)

Total Running Miles: 54.4
Running ROC Training Miles: 104.7

I shared that I was struggling to relax on my runs, and was told to just 'let it happen'. Something that is easier said than done, but definitely a fair statement. Maybe it's been the humidity leaving me gasping for air that makes it feel so forced, or that I'm just adjusting to mileage and working. The good news is, mentally I've been more 'there' this week which allowed me to stay on point and get things done.

Wednesday's track workout was hard, mentally I wanted it so bad but my body just wasn't having it; I got it done anyways (albeit not as fast as I would have liked). Finally Wednesday night I found some relaxing miles in the rain with a friend. Slow and easy miles to unwind after a solid training day, just what the doctor ordered....guess who was finally able to just 'let it happen'. I questioned if it was only because I was running slower and with someone else. Thursday's solo run between jobs was less forced though, so I assume I'm getting back to where I want to be.

I definitely had a fun weekend. Saturday started with some 'me time' at the salon, NO I didn't chop my mop off (but I did have some of you convinced for a while that I did!). Then spent the day at work, and had a ton of fun chatting with people slinging drinks around and enjoying the nice weather. I ran after I got out of work at 5 and couldn't wipe the cheesy smile off my face the whole time. The rest of the evening included baseball, beer, friends and fun- not a shabby Saturday night :) It felt wonderful to have a night off, I can't even imagine how smiley I will be next week on vacation.
Baseball, Friends, Great weather, and Junk food (no shame)
Sunday morning was one of my favorite races,it didn't go quite as I wanted but still happy to spend the morning running and enjoying time with some good friends. I didn't get to see my dad on Father's Day as he was at their cabin (I did get some good dad/daughter time with him earlier in the week!), so I spent the day being productive and getting things ready at work and home for being gone.

Sunday night I did another sunset run (third week in a row, I'm enjoying this routine) with 75% of those miles being on the marathon course for the fall. I'm truly ingraining every step of those miles into my brain. You can see some of the mile markers still spray painted from the previous years, others are gone or covered from construction on the trail. Even if it is just hitting certain sections (however long or short) over and over, it will make me feel more prepared come race day.
Training the course.

This coming week is going to be so different as I won't be working 70+ hours, and I won't even be home most of it. I don't know what to say other than.... Travel + 5 days of no work + Spending time with an awesome person + a wedding (thanks Britt for helping me find a dress!) + running with an insanely fast runner (same as said awesome person)= KICK.ASS.WEEK.

When was the last time you took a vacation?

How is training going for you?


  1. I'm really glad that your running is going in the direction you want it too. I think we have the opposite problem and I have the worst issue pushing myself during training runs. Your track workouts have been on spot, even with this nasty heat and humidity we have gotten!

  2. Glad running is moving forwards towards where you want it to be. I think humidity makes such a huge difference, as does pushing through that track workout where your body was not having it. You will remember that day, and it will make the good days happen :) Keep up the good work Laura, and like you are doing, let the path unfold before you :)

  3. Sounds like you had a good week. Short work week and a vacation sounds super fun and exciting! My last vacation was at the end of last summer 3 days. This year we are heading to colorado with the kids and my parents.. I want to find fun things to do with my hubby and kids that will keep us active and explore. My mom is so not in to that stuff and my stepdad isn't in to adventous hikes. Also would LOVE to find a 5k to do somewhere along our way never ran a race in a different state.

  4. I love that smile!! Enjoy your vacation you definitely deserve it.
    I haven't had a real vacation in years, sad I know. I really need to plan something, even if it's just a long weekend at the beach.

  5. WoW, Great Questions??? When was the last time I took a vacation you ask??? It was 4 damn years ago, a road trip to Vegas for March Madness. I can't believe that it was that long ago!!! It makes sense with finishing school, dealing w/multiple home projects and homes for that matter, & now back in a two year practitioners program. Hell, its been 6 years sense I left the country!! Can you read between the lines that someone is in need of a vaca???? Second question was training related. My training for the Lead King 25K has hit a new gear. I am truly feeling weak at 1st, building on posture, & growing stronger near the end of my workouts. This is my last week of base training & next week I add more miles, more joy, & more adventures w/The Boy Dog. Stretching, Water, & Smiling

  6. You look so happy these days, and it looks really great on you!! :)
    Your training seems to be going great, can't wait to see what you put up at that marathon!


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