Thursday, March 19, 2015

THAT Point in Training

We are a little over a month out from Boston, which means we're in the thick of the final grind until taper. Only a few more weeks of long runs and workouts, then the ever amazing thing called rest. This year is light years different than the final few weeks before Boston last year, that's for sure. I'm truly excited to head back to Massachusetts in a few weeks, and embrace all that the weekend and the race have to offer. More about that another time, for now I need to focus on getting through the rest of this cycle.

This point in training is...

When the already tough task (for me) of waking up in the morning becomes, even tougher. The struggle is real.

Where the thought of running 26.2 miles at X:XX pace makes me feel like.......

Where Tuesday night I cancel plans to do something because I am EXHAUSTED and will be in bed by 8 PM.

Where on Wednesday night (following above Tuesday) I say yes of course we can keep our plans tonight, as long as I can stretch and foam roll too. I'm such an exciting date.


This is the point in training where I need to sit back and relax for a hot minute and look at what I've done so far.

Long runs:
14 (Easy @ 7:49 average)
16 (Progression @ 7:30 average)
16 (Easy @ 7:42 average)
5 x 1 mile (6:08 average)
Tempo Run:
9 mile tempo with 2 x 3 miles (6:56 average for entire thing)
9 mile 'broken' tempo (6:51 average for entire thing)
10 Mile (6:48 average for entire thing)

Long runs: 
18 (Progression, with 7:23 average)
20 (Easy @ 7:56 average)
6 x 1 mile groove intervals (6:17 average)
5 x 1 mile w/60 seconds rest (6:07 average)
4 x 2 mile @ 15k (6:28 average)
3 x 1 mile @ V02 (5:48 average)
12 x 200m (4:46 average pace)
Tempo Run: 
50 Min. wave tempo alternating between ~goal MP and 10k pace (6:59 average for the entire thing)
8.2 mile tempo run (including a 10k PR in the middle, 6:38 average for the entire thing)
Lake Effect Half-Marathon

Long runs: 
22 (Easy @ 8:12 average)
16 (Progression, with 7:30 average)
18 (Easy @ 7:56 average)
5 x 1 mile cruise interval (6:26 average)
Tempo Run: 
14 mile tempo (6:51 average for the entire thing)
12 mile tempo (6:39 average for the entire thing)
5 mile race PR
Upcoming Half marathon this weekend

Maybe I just needed to take the time to write all of that out, stare at it and take a few things away from it all...

1. January was still a solid start to the year, even with being sick for a week.

2. Holy Speed Batman! February really worked on my turnover.

3. No wonder I'm freaking tired right now, that's a whole lotta' work...

4. Those 'average for the entire thing' include warm-up and cool down miles on tempo runs. There was a time my 'tempo pace' wasn't even as fast as I am averaging including those slow miles. Progress.

So, I may be tired and hungry and ready for taper but I've got a few more weeks of work to do. Hey Boston.....


  1. I may not be running Boston but all the hype from those running it still gives me goosebumps.I can't wait to watch my first ever Boston marathon this year (I know who am I???). I will be cheering so loudly and wearing the most ridiculous outfit, don't worry you will spot me :)

  2. This blog post couldn't have come at a better time for me. My marathon is the same weekend as Boston, and last week I reached the point where my hunger was scaring me (but then I got a stomach bug which screwed up my training this week... that's another story in itself). Its good to know I'm not alone and a good reminder that there are only a few more puke-worthy weeks left until race day! Good luck on your upcoming half!

  3. Well this is a fantastic post. gifs are the best way to describe your feelings, always :) your training is solid and I am really excited for you to race!!!!

  4. Looks like you have been working super hard this training season!! You have almost made it to taper - hang in there a bit longer!!

  5. You're a speed machine! The work that you have put in and the transformation you've made as a runner the past 18-24 months is so inspiring. Keep working hard and enjoy that taper <3

  6. Um those paces are insanity. You are going to ROCK Boston. And I am SO proud of everything you've done on your own and with Coach. Seriously -- your training since getting with him has been phenomenal and it is going to PAY OFF.

    I cannot wait to get together with you and Heather in a few short weeks and celebrate before the final showdown! Beer, Swedish Fish, and Coffee forever.

  7. Amazing work towards Boston!! Keep at it!

  8. Awesome post! You are going to ROCK Boston! :-)


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