Monday, April 7, 2014

Boston Training: That's life.

Last week was the final week before I start a semi-taper for Boston. I haven't really trained excessively this cycle due to injury so a taper isn't the most necessary thing right now. I could tell you what my workouts were but it was nothing over the top. I biked some, I used the elliptical a little, and did some core work. As for running, I had some good runs (Tuesday running with coworkers, and Wednesday had awesome hilly progression run) and some bad (i.e. Friday's run ended up being only 2 miles due to dizziness and pain in my leg), and I had some runs that were plain old necessary (Sundays hilly hungover emotional 18 miler).

I would have loved to have more work in last week(training wise), but I also had to take the time to take care of myself. Sometimes I think we focus so much on training and numbers that we forget that health and happiness still have to be a priority. Stress of life eliminated my appetite and found myself struggling with energy from not enough food. If you know me, you know I LOVE food so this is not something that happens to me often. Thankfully my appetite is coming back (slowly) and should be back to normal just in time to carb-load for Boston next week. I'll just consider this whole appetite issue an extended carb-depleting phase?

Life is complicated (I'm sure you knew that), and last week it got really messy for me. While in the long run it will be a good thing, and believe that better days are ahead- it doesn't make it any easier. I will talk about this a little more soon, I'm not trying to 'vague update' but right now just isn't the right time to go into it.

Last week wasn't all bad, it definitely had some positive things going on. Mainly I'm just really grateful for the amazing friends and family I have, and even some unexpected support from outsiders. Certainly know how to make a girl feel loved.

As for this week, technically it's my first week of 'taper' but it won't be much different from the last few. I have some workouts I would like to do and some medium long runs but nothing over the top. 2 weeks from today I will be running my first Boston Marathon, so basically I'll be spending the next 12 days trying to contain my excitement until I leave for Massachusetts.

I also don't think I'll be taking my jacket off for a long time. My friends Tom & Deb gave this to me yesterday, pretty much one of the best presents ever. Can't wait to spend a weekend in Boston with them and the rest of our friends (and a million other people). Until then I am just going to focus on the positives and keep my head up :)

Tell me something good...anything at all... what's been a highlight for you lately?


  1. Running is a great way to clear the head, whether your head is heavy with thought or heavy from wine, or maybe both. Sounds like you're going through a shit ton right now and just know that you're strong enough to get through whatever life throws at you. You have some great friends around you for support and the rest of us around the country (and Canada!) as well...we got you, girl :)

    Here's a highlight...the Bills didn't lose this weekend!

    1. Thanks Mike, and well...the Bills...that's a whole new stress in itself now that Ralph is gone!

  2. I hope you figure out whatever is going on that is making life complicated.

  3. I hope everything comes out okay in the end. I always hope when things seem like they can't get much worse, it's only up from there. The fact you qualified for Boston and are heading there this year is AMAZING in itself. And you should be proud just to be accepted into a race others would kill for whether you get to run or not. I hope your injury turns out to just be stress/energy related and it irons itself out beforehand, though! Injuries are tricky because they always come at what seems to be the "wrong" time... But, I guess, there isn't really a "right" time for them... Ever. They're never fun!

  4. I'm happy for you. I know everything will eventually come out to be where it needs too. I know you are going to make it through this time and I am so happy to be on of your best friends. You are awesome.

  5. I'm so happy that you've made it through the hardest part of training, and have entered the tapered period. I'm sure you're ready to just get to Boston and run, so you can start healing that leg once and for all. So excited for you.

    That is an awesome present from your friends!

  6. Good luck at Boston. I'm way to slow to BQ!! :-)


  7. You will do just fine at Boston. Just enjoy the run.

    Let's see..something good...Oh I had a fun jewelry party on Sunday. And I filed my taxes finally. Hooray! lol


  8. I'm sorry things are tough right now, but I admire that you're trying to see the positives. And the fact that you are about to run your first Boston Marathon is DEFINITELY a positive!

  9. Hope things end up going ok and sorry they are tough at the moment. Love your jacket and I don't blame you I would wear it all the time too! Can't wait to hear about you running the Boston Marathon! To me thinking about that marathon is like being in the olympics.

  10. LOVE that jacket! I wouldn't take it off either. Someday, when I qualify for Boston, I'm going to swathe myself head to toe in unicorns!

  11. L-O-V-E that jacket. Lots of love to you and you know I am hear if you want to talk. xoxo

  12. Something good, something good ... hmm, how about road tripping with you to visit Hollie in a few weeks? :D

    You are one of the strongest people I know. I can't wait for you to kick ass at Boston and then for you to tell me all about it. Keep your chin up, girl.

  13. Enjoy Boston lady-you deserve it! It's such an accomplishment to get there don't let the stresses wreck the experience. That jacket is awesome-I wouldnt take it off either.

    Sending love from Wisco! <3

  14. Hey Laura- sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. It sounds like you are being really strong about it. I really can't wait to meet in Boston- we need to all plan to meet somewhere in the AM BEFORE we get on the buses. Perhaps we need to exchange emails and get a group email going. I'm Let's touch base about it soon. Stay strong woman!! :)


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