Thursday, April 17, 2014

Checking In...

Oh hey there, apparently this is my blog where I write about running and life. Lately there has been running, and living but not much writing--sorry about that.

Let's see here, I already dropped the news on you last week that I moved. Well, I spent most of last week doing the many tasks required in such a thing-- you know, packing, moving things, unpacking, signing things, buying things, cleaning things, and generally NOT sleeping. Good news, that part is over. I still have some settling in to do, but the hard parts are pretty much behind me. I've been enjoying my housewarming presents from people-- most of which involve food and/or alcohol, my friends know whats' up.

Other than that I haven't been overly busy, I have been enjoying the downtime. Giving myself time to relax, go do things with friends, and generally work on feeling like myself again. On that front-- I've made a lot of progress. People who know me and talk to me regularly have seen that I'm more and more like myself as time goes on- it feels good. I haven't felt alone in all of this, which says a lot about the amazing people in my life.

Sure, life is still complicated in many ways but well...that's life. Finding the beauty in the mess is important.

I have so many awesome things going on, time with friends and family, oh and going to Boston this weekend for that little race you may have heard of? Dear God, it's finally here! I am looking forward to this weekend for many reasons that I can't even begin to explain- I'm pretty sure I will be smiling...the entire time.

As for running and working out- yeah it's been happening. My cross training time has been pretty much non-existent with the other things going on, but sometimes you just need it. Running wise, I'm feeling relatively good, some days my leg bothers me more than others but right now there isn't much I can do right now. So I am resting, and resting HARD. I'm taking taper more serious than normal because I know the healing time for my leg will pay off come Monday.

Speaking of running- Monday I had one of those runs that was just freaking insanely amazing. It was pouring rain, and I loved every second of it. Turned into a great progressive run, and left me feeling incredibly confident for some big things this fall. As much as I am excited for Boston (believe me, I AM!), I am also excited to heal and get back to 100% so I can train my ass off this summer for big running goals in the coming months. I'll save the new goals for the year until after Boston though. Boston goals will be coming at you tomorrow.

I'm aware that I have been more absent in the blog wold with social media, blog reading, etc.- know that I will get back to a normal routine, and I do promise to respond to the emails those of you have sent me ( I really do appreciate the amazing support). I didn't forget about everyone, just needed some time away :)

So....if we were catching up,
what would you have to tell me?


  1. I'd tell you I finally saw Dallas Buyers Club this week and I'm looking forward to the Good Wife tonight, after I give the cat antibiotics & take myself out for some intervals by the sea. We have a four day weekend ahead woop!
    But you & I are strangers, so maybe that's odd stuff to mention :-) I do enjoy your blog & am genuinely happy you're happy. Looking forward to hearing how Monday goes. Good luck.

  2. I'm glad you're doing well and can't wait to read your recap of Boston! I will be out of the country that week, but I will definitely read it when I return. Moving is always stressful, so I'm glad you have a lot of the signing/packing/unpacking/etc behind you!

  3. Happy you are getting settled!...can't wait to hear all about your Boston experience this year!....if I was to catch you up....I would tell you I have actually been enjoying running again lately

  4. So excited to hear how you do at Boston. So jealous you get to run it! I am sure the atmosphere will be electric!

    Moving is very stressful, and I do not blame you for taking a step back to enjoy time with friends, we have to live life after all :)

    I would tell you that I cannoy wait for my MBA to be done in a month so I can begin my next era.......and move somewhere new :)

  5. This gives me another media outlet to say how excited I am for you. I think you are going to do great at Boston. I think your life is full of changes and I'm excited to see how you do next week.

  6. I'm glad you are doing well. You've definitely been on my mind. I would have lots to tell you if we had the chance to get a cuppa

  7. I cannot wait to virtual cheer you on in Boston.
    Is there a way all your readers/fans could track you?

    1. Enter stalker status: if you go to the Boston Marathon's website, you can send a text to be updated with her stats. I'm following a couple of people this year :)

  8. I'm glad you're feeling good (in life and in running), and I'm so excited for you this weekend! Have an amazing time!

  9. So excited for you about this weekend! Can't wait to hear about everything. Stay safe and run smart!

  10. Take all the time you need. The Internet ain't going anywhere. ;)

    Have a fantastic weekend and MONDAY!!! #BostonStrong and #kickasswithyoursassypantsself

  11. Um, this happens to us every Spring. (well ok I have only been blogging for two springs, but still...) And I don't mean the bad stuff...but the lack of blogging and keeping in touch and the need for it Springtime. Sending hugs and drugs. Well, maybe just caffeine...don't ever give up on the caffeine... <3


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