Thursday, April 9, 2015

Taper & Travel Time

Wrapping up Training
The final few weeks of training went pretty well. Some runs were better than others (as always), but finished with a solid 20 miler this past Sunday. Of course it snowed for the run (which prompted some cursing), but I was happy with hitting the first 10 at 7:52 average pace and the second half of the run at 6:57 average pace{7:25 average for the run}. Feeling strong at the end is always a good thing.

I also did my final longer tempo run yesterday morning, I ended up cutting it short and changing it a bit. I wasn't feeling 100% and right now the goal is to get to Hopkinton feeling fresh, happy and healthy- no point in risking that by pushing a workout a week and a half before start time. Eye on the prize.

My overall thoughts on this training cycle are still being formed (read: I have been staring at charts on my running ahead account for hours). The general gist of it though: quality over quantity, and consistency is key. Oh, and a giant middle finger to the never ending winter. It wasn't a perfect cycle (is there ever one) but it's been the smartest and most consistent one to date, another testament to coach and I working well together.

I can honestly say I used to HATE taper. I'd freak out, lose my mind and drive everyone around me batty in the process. Now, I mostly look forward to it. Sure there are aspects of it that are still hard, and there are times that I don't like it- but in general I welcome the taper and the extra rest with open arms.
I should just wear this for all of taper.
I do my best to focus on what I CAN control, something coach and I talk about often. I make my packing lists, race gear check, plan a bazillion outfits (for a gazillion possible weather scenarios), meal planning etc. I obsessively check the weather- not to really freak out about it (maybe a little) but more so I can PLAN what I want to do to best be prepared for it. It's safe to say at this point I put ZERO faith in weather reports though. I will be travelling to Boston with clothing/gear suitable for the Idtiarod, as well as a marathon running along the equator. Fingers crossed it's somewhere between the two.

My least part of taper is the carb deplete. I love carbs. I love refined carbs (sue me). I don't like micromanaging my diet (literally reading every label), but that's what I do during taper because I know that it works. Carb deplete has worked very well for me in the past, so no point in fixing what isn't broken. Just don't talk to me next Tuesday- Friday. There's your warning. You're welcome.

I will be spending a good chunk of taper in Virginia. Heather, Britt and I leave today for road trip shenanigans. Tomorrow we will get into VA, just in time to start Hollie's wedding weekend festivities! Luckily I'll be travelling with two other runners, so there will be no judgement on the level of my food consumption, or on the compression attire I will be donning for the 10 hour trek.

Looking forward to a weekend with the girls, celebrating Hollie & Tim, running in warmer weather, and generally just being away for a few days. Then we come home, I'll work for a few days and before we know it- I'll be back in the car heading to Boston with my Mom and Carrie! Talk about a whirlwind of a taper.

I already have my post written about race goals, but that will come closer to the race and give me a little more time to ponder. Basically, another week to stare at my training logs, and also evaluate every muscle twitch I and bound to feel between now and then. I'll try to diagnose myself with no more than 10 imaginary injuries and illnesses during this time.

Enjoy the social media bombarding for the next week and a half about road trips, weddings, coffee, taper, and Boston. #SorryNotSorry 


  1. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned and bet it will be so nice to go run in warmer weather and eat lots of yummy food. Enjoy your taper!

  2. I'm so glad you are able to come down and I really look forward to seeing you and spending the time together. I am so proud of everything you've done through this training cycle and everything you've been through.

  3. Training cycles and running and any athletic training, really, are always full of ups and downs. Life is a learning process, so it's hard to feel like you could have done something "better" but I'm glad you're feeling relatively good during this training cycle! I have seen a shift in your personality since you invested in a coach... A GREAT SHIFT, really... You just seem a lot happier, saner, and calmer about your running... As well as confident! I really hope you dominate Boston and have a great time with Hollie and all of your friends this weekend! Safe travels!!!

  4. Can't wait to see you flying out there! I feel the same way about the taper- I used to dread it but now I can fully embrace it. Just a few more days... eeek!!


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