Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Athletes Packing List

As I prepare for a mini-vacation I look at my packing list, I realize that more than half of it is to support my running/athlete habits. I think I would be more upset if I forgot one of these items than anything else, I know I am not the only runner or athlete who thinks about this while preparing for trips! Typical vacation stuff can be bought if forgotten, you aren't going to go buy a new Garmin, or charging cord, or some other athletic gear items, so you don't want to forget them! This is geared for a vacation and not a running specific trip like a race (yes there is a different packing list for that in my mind, most is the same but there are other considerations for races).

A few things to consider while packing for a trip you will be active on:

Clothing Considerations
Pack for the climate you are heading to (weather reports can be viewed for a day, a weekend, look at the hourly as well to plan ahead, that way you can be prepared for the entire trip!), but also pack at least one "just in case outfit", for instance I'll be heading to Florida and the weather is supposed to be over 75 the entire time, but I'll still pack a long pair of running capris or pants, as well as a long sleeve top I am comfortable running in, just in case. This eliminates the chance of you using "I wasn't prepared for that weather" excuse, when you don't get a workout in. The general rule of thumb is "pack for weather 20 degrees warmer than anticipated, and 20 degrees colder than anticipated". Another thing to make sure is to anticipate activities you might be doing on your trip, might get a bike ride or a swim in since it will be nice, be prepared for those things so you won't have to sit out on the sidelines if you don't have the right stuff packed. The other "just in case" thing I like to do is pack an extra outfit. I am planning on running 3-4 times while we are gone, but Ill pack for 5 workouts just in case, maybe one of the days will turn into a double, maybe on that last day I'll want one more run on the beach before returning to the cold snowy tundra of New York.....don't get caught unprepared, you'll kick yourself for it!

Gear Considerations
Just like clothing, your gear needs to be appropriate for the climate and environment that you are in. Whether you will be running roads or trails, running in heat or cold, well lit areas or in need of some light, best to be prepared for anything so pack smart. One big tip, Don't forget the chargers for electronics, easy thing to overlook but not as easy to replace!

My Gear for 5 Days in Florida
  • Garmin & Garmin Charger 
  • Body Glide (heat can create problems, lets limit that!)
  • Nathan Handheld water bottle (I haven't run in heat in a while, hydrating will be key)
  • I.pod, headphones and Charger
  • Swim lap counter (just in case)
  • Swim goggles
  • Spi.belt 
  • Clif Shot blocks (strawberry is my favorite!!)
  • Saucony Kinvara 3's (Duh. we all know I am OBSESSED!)
  • Biofreeze roll on
  • Running hat/visor
  • Compression Socks
  • Sport sweat/waterproof sunscreen
  • My favorite running sunglasses
  • Band-aids & Moleskin (just in case of blisters from running in the heat)
  • Swim Cap
  • Ibuprofen 
  • Hair ties/bobbi pins and headbands to keep hair tame while working out (ladies, we all know this can be a challenge!)
  • Road ID (if it's the interactive one, make sure your online profile is up to date)---[look what just came in the mail, my NEW Road ID ;) super stoaked!]

Other Considerations
Besides checking the weather and planning workouts for the trip, a good thing to do is be prepared with routes. Using sites like Dailymile and MapMyRun or RunningAhead, plan some routes out so you know where you will be going running and/or cycling in a new area. Also, if you are visiting people you know or are a member of a site which has local athletes, talk to people from the area to find out good places to run, and places you might want to avoid. You can't always tell these things from looking at a map online, you want to be prepared as possible and safe as possible running in new territory. The other side of this is that locals might know some great places off the beaten path for you to run, or some great routes that offer well maintained terrain and cool views!


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